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Saw the video, I see your point. Typically when I switch weapons in a game, it was to continue a combo in a certain direction (like I need to pull an enemy up so I can kill him while enemies on the floor charge attack). So when they forced this color match, it kinda miffed me, maybe a lil' too unreasonably.

I have wanted to try DmC DE edition (since I hear they fixed my biggest issues with the game), but I ended up getting DMC4 DE edition instead.


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My main issue w/ DmC was the dumb design centered around blue goes with blue, and red goes with red (Or was it vice versa?)

Regardless, that ruined the flow of the game. A franchise that touted flexibility -- play with any weapon and against anything -- was ruined when it was like... or gotta hold R1 noooww.

Sure they fixed that in the DE, but that killed the game for me. I enjoyed DMC4 more than this because of it.

Plus, other games ...

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Hey, that's my wallpaper! I haven't changed it since '07 XD

I've actually been replaying DMC1 lately. Think I'm at ch10ish right now, camera was messier than I remember.

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But my 4K TV upscales games to 4K too..... Upscaling really isn't a big deal.
Mentioning the 4k Bluray player on the other is.

I'm not trying to downplay xbox S, but just saying upscaling most TVs already do in this day and age. Having a 4k native bluray player is pretty neat (since there is no upscaling required!)

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This shows you the sites which were causing the issue:

We typically ban them as soon as we find out about it. Though with high throughput, you can imagine it's not easy screening 1000s of sites on a daily basis.

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Haha, I was waiting for someone else to say Destiny!

Yeah, definitely Destiny for me as well. And then Division.

Friends would drag to you play a game you really don't wanna... so you end up raking in too many hours grudgingly.

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Yeah, SS had pretty good motion controls.

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Funny enough all those improvements came with the remaster. First release was 30FPS and had Rock Paper Scissors gameplay (anything but fluid).

The crappy combo system is what killed the game for me, all weapons only had 3 combos.

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Smart Move, moving low performing assets and using them in favor of pushing their new tech. Though I could hardly call super star dust HD low performing, that was one of my fav games on PS3!

Good use of drive club, all those PS+ Starter pack and delays hurt the game quite a bit, no matter how much they fixed the game now. I hope the game gets some fresh attention with this, it wasn't a bad game honestly.

Racing games seem like the perfect venue for P...

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So much love for this game from the devs.

It was indeed a fantastic game too. I need to pick up the dlc soon!

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Makes sense, I know people that hold off buying a game if they think it will hit PS+ eventually. (Even if the rumors are false).

The keu word is definitely "Rumors" here. If it doesn't arrive on PS+, and people keep holding off on the game thinking it eventually might, it will definitely hurt smallers developers like these guys

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DAMMN, about time. The Wifi on PS4 was worse than the PS3 one. I had to hook it up w/ a powerline adapter to get around the wifi issue.

This is quite a welcome upgrade, 5GHz with hopefully more than 100mbps capability.

edit: it seems it's been confirmed already! Slim does B/G/N/AC wifi. FINALLY

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Definitely my fav AC game, I've played them all and BF was such a refreshing game... not because you were an assassin or how you handled being an assassin... but because you were a pirate XD

All I did was sail around singing pirate songs...

what do you do with a drunken sailor? EARLLIIEEE IN DAA MOORNNING

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They need to put Yakuza 3 on sale.

Yak 4 n 5 have been on PS+, now Just want to own that one digitally. Though I've played them all, sooo goood <3

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Hehe, I just did a stealth, no kill, blink only run on Dishonored 1 recently. I enjoyed every minute of it, looking forward to D2!

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Same! The game was sooo smooth.

Sure I played it after all the optimization patches, but that game ran like a champ. Awesome frame rate, and beautiful graphics.

Guns felt super nice, and the game was pretty damn fun.

Only complaint I had about the game was how abruptly it ended. So many fun and unique tools/weapons.

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What do I do if my story wasn't approved (and thus failed) the first time I submitted it?

What is the best way to contact staff? (hint: Ticket system!)

When a review is too old for n4g?

How do I embed videos that don't have an embed code button?

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Lol, I don't care if my race is "represented" in video games.

I just want a fun game to play.

I bet elves, dwarves, and witchers feel the same way.

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Tempting price, may pick this up but I feel like it's gonna drop more with Gar2 hitting soon

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Sega had a survey linked to the game, i hope people are filling them out. Some fo the questions were related to porting them PSp games to PS4 as HD remasters :D

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