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Literally just this.

2-factor auth everything you have, and you'll be fine. It was one of my most requested features from Sony, I'm glad they got around to it!

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Didn't stop Freedom Wars from being one of the best darn games on the Vita!

Though I really like the cell shaded art style (not so Borderlands, but more like Prince of Persia.. yes, the bad reboot one).

I do wish games would move away from a plain anime artstyle, esp when you games lik Valkriya Chronicles are doing such a nice mix.

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Yup, I hope it gets enough exposure. Bit worried people won't notice it, even though it's awesome.

Every souls/onimusha fan should be picking this up! Probably will be the only game I pick up this first quarter of 2017.
(Sneak edit)

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Kojima stuff ( but mainly that Sony partnership)
Upgraded consoles (switch, Pro, Scorpio)

2. Most Anticipated Game of 2017
Ni no kuni 2
Yakuza 0

3. Fail of the Year
Quantum Break
No Mans Sky
The witness

4. Indie Game of the Year

5. Game of the Year
Final Fantasy XV
Xcom 2

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1. Best Voice Acting (Character and Voice Actor)
Nathan Drake (Nolan North)

2. Best Art Direction
Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC

3. Best Story
Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC

4. Best SoundTrack
Final fantasy xv

5. Most Interesting Video Game Innovation
Pokemon Go?

I really should have played Deus Ex / Dishonored 2 this year, it sucks I can't include the...

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That's what I want.

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Store's been updated.

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you mean it's a handheld.. console? Of Course it's console, regardless whether it's a mobile or a home.

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1. Best New Video Game Character
Ignis - FFXV

2. Best Single Player Experience
Blood and Wine DLC - Witcher 3
Civilization 6

3. Best Multiplayer Experience
Civilization 6

4. Best DLC
Blood and Wine DLC - Witcher 3

5. Best Episodic Content

6. Best Handheld Game
Final Fantasy - Mobius (iOS/Andriod)

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It's up for download (pre-load) right now!

7gb for US/EU.



One last dlc left!

Got the previous two DLCs as well. Can't wait for Feb 7th! Got my preorder coming sooon~

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For this to have any value, really should have taken account into the sales numbers versus year from launch.
And, consider gamer population growth, even if you choose to exclude mobile gamers.

Would be a better representation of how the sales are stacking up against the previous gens champs.

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Thank you. I was hoping someone would straighten out the facts.

RPGs have been doing fantastic. And as much as people love knocking on the FF13 series, FF13: LR was actually a fantastic game. And more recently, we just got another great one -- Deus Ex.

And we are getting Ni No KUni 2, another Valkyria Chronicles, NI Oh. Man, this gen has been great for us RPG lovers!

Sometimes I think some people love the "idea" of an RPG, but...

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Pretty much, probably just means Razer / Nakon paid Sony for their license. I doubt Sony will be advertising these since they are just third part products.

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The alpha and beta were so much fun, I can't wait.

I think most of my souls/borne games lasted me about 40-50 during my first run. So I'm not too worried about game length!

Can't wait for this, esp since it has a lot of rpg aspects that always lengthen a game (co-op, leveling, crafting, equipment levels, etc)

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Battlefield and glitches? But they always launch all their games flawlessly on day 1 ;)

At least we won't be seeing dancing snakes... just yet.

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Right? I thought it was their way of tipping their hat to R*.

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They are more RPG than fighting games. It was a weird mix. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the game when I started Xenoverse, coming from badukai HD remaster, this was pretty disappointing in terms of combat fluidity.

I still pushed through it since I liked the scenarios etc in the game. By the mid-way point, I really started liking the game.. not as a figther, but as an RPG. I've build some pretty crazy characters (pure melee, super kamahameha spammers, spirit sword ve...

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It's great to see games still supporting split screen. Lately so many games have been missing this awesome feature. Im glad they didn't forget how many played split screen on Gears, Kodus to them. I played all three Gears1-3 with split screen, really glad I will be able to continue to do the same.

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While I do think asking for that many games is overboard, the main idea why people shouldn't be buying into this is because it encourages companies to do the same with future release (be it PS exclusive for a year or Xbox).

If it doesn't "cost" them anything to do delay a game for an year, we'll see a lot of multiplatform games being staggered releases.. which is silly. I'm sure no one will buy a PS4 if lets say AC became a one year exclusive, jus...

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