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Considering my 4kTV is upscaling my 360 games to 4k, this really isn't something that's ground breaking lol

Most TVs upscale automatically, otherwise how else would you view non-4k resolution content on a 4k screen.

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Yeah def. I know my friend used to make a new XBl account every time his1 month expired since he always got 1 month XBL free back on 360.

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I thought Battleborn's biggest problem was well... Battleborn.

I loved their past work (Borderlands), but wowie. This game was pretty damn forgettable.

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Pretty much, they'll get people to buy their new games just based on the fact that too many people loved (and are willing to pay for) COD4 remaster again.

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Feels that way, but once you realize you have nothing on (in terms of armor), it makes sense. Once you pick up pieces of armor, you won't get one-shot.

It's much more fair once you actually start leveling up, get skills and armor+weapons. After 30mins of dying, I was equipped well enough to finish the rest of the stage, and tackle the second stage.

You can see how forgiving even the bosses can be once suited up with average gear: 61d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment

The demo has about 4-10 hours of content depending on skill level (or if you decide to solo it). I think I have about 20 hours in the demo, I've been playing a lot of online co-op.

If someone good joins you, it doesn't take long. I run most people through the stage within 15-20mins.

There are two stages. After the first boss fight, the DLC should unlock. From the main menu, you can access the DLC by pressing Triangle IIRC.


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Indeed! Coop is pretty fun, right now I just around helping people. It's always fun when the host activates yokais and then runs away... While I'm killing his Yoaki for him haha

Game is definitely isn't a Souls clone. People have got to calling it such -- it's more like Onimusha than BB

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Really? That sucks, during my time with Bloodborne on ps4, and all three souls games on PS3 -- I've made a ton of friends with black phantoms. Some of which I still am playing with DS3 with lately. If you are luckily to be in the sweet spot of levels, you'll find a lot of nice people still chaperoning new players to the old souls games -- waay past they have finished and completed the game thoroughly.

I got a lot of GG -- regardless of if I lost or won-- when being...

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That's fair, Demons Souls did have frame rate issue.

I agree with your on the hit detection issues in DS2. It's the one souls game I didn't like (until their SOTFS release)

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I think almost every souls fans (at least the ones that I know) has called Soul games to be "fair but unforgiving". It's just that people seem to ignore the "fair" and just focus on the "unforgiving" part. And the media doesn't help either. Regardless, gamers need to make their own decisions about games, sometimes the media/general opinion doesn't get it right.

The game just doesn't hold your hand when it comes to progressing, ...

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As well as people that may have interacted with them?

That makes little sense, not my fault you let me summon someone that was hacked -- regardless of whether I wanted it or not. So worse, being summoned by someone that hacked.

You don't have control over whether the person you summoned is a hacker, literally no way to tell before actually summoning them.

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Phishing scams are too common... And it's just not for psn unf.

Only if people learn if it's too good to be true, it's not -- they could avoid so many scams

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Obviously there is no evidence yet, it's not out yet!

But it's happened before, are multiplatform titles less optimized than exclusives? Yes.
Are PC games unoptimized due to the hardware spectrum? Yes -- and they don't need to worry about it because they'll always be bigger and better hardware coming out, people will upgrade and the devs spend less time optimizing.

Now introduce TWO MORE SKUs with di...

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PS4 Neo means less optimization for the current SKU.

Which means 'want to play at stable 30 FPS? Get the new PS4' instead of an optimized version that works with the current SKU.

VR doesn't hurt anybody, but Neo does hurt existing base.

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More like a scam than a prank imo.

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Great contest!

N4G definitely wouldn't be what it is without our top contributors. Hats off to ours contributors!

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Haha, not really. Demon Wind Shuriken (Fuma Shuriken as it's called in most games) has been in FF games since FF4 back in 1991.

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It's one of my top SRPGs too!

This is a great list as well, I've played (and loved) 10 games out of the 13 mentioned.

Working through FE Fates Special Edition right now :)

Finsihed Birhtright and almost done w/ Conquest. Then Revelations and that one story DLC!

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This, when I get surrounded, I put down support station.

Die, revive, run XD

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Technically ex-apprentice now, Yen boots his ass for the major screw up.

Atleast in his dreams he was a real wizard

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