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^try using ex-fat formatted HDDs.

That's what I use for my PS4 and I have videos from my brother's engagement that are over 4gb in size. They play fine.

Of Course, if you use DLNA, file size isn't an issue. #1.1.4
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I'm thinking we've played Demon's Souls / Bloodborne together on more than one occasion :P #29.1
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AC Unity got a huge patch like that too. It revamped the whole game since it was essentially unplayable before.

Witcher 3 did too (but for good reason, they added content and revamped a lot of the game).

Destiny -- mainly adding DLC and forcing everyone to download it, regardless of ownership of the DLC.

Most free-2-play games have huge patches as well, adding content for everyone (DCUO comes to mind). #12.3
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Thank God for standby mode/background downloading! I can't imagine not having that feature. #10.1
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I recommend upgrading your HDD.

Esp around black friday, you can get a 2TB hdd pretty cheap (7200RPM too!).

You can easily have 100+ games with 20gb size on your PS4 at one time then :)

It's a good issue to have, this prevents from bluray drive failures/disc read issues. This also keeps your PS4 (relatively) quieter and cooler.

I can understand the frustration of deleting and uninstalling games though. But installing ga... #6.2
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Game installs are good for us. It protects the disc and bluray drive from dying (as all assets are saved on the HDD now).

It improves load times as well.

Large Day one patches though are not as easy to justify. I understand the devs can improve the game after the discs have been printed off using day one patches, but it can seriously be a pain in the ass to download them. Luckily we can play the game without waiting for the patch to complete. But that can be... #4
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Honestly, the horrible textures aren't a problem for me either.

It's the horrible loading times that are the worst.

And ofc the AI getting off the elevator randomly... So you have to go down and fetch them.

I agree that the core game is great, it just comes in a really bad package. I feel like Bathesda is getting lazier with each installation.

I can't not recommend fallout 4 to anyone that likes such games, but a... #10.1.1
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While the core game is great, the work on this game is extremely choppy.

Last gen era texture and animations, horrible loading times, hundreds of annoying little bugs.

How can a game with all these faults be a must own this gen? Unless we stop patronizing Bethesda for such shoddy work, we won't ever get a true next gen fallout.

People need to call out the faults and appreciate what they did right. If Bathesda thinks their fans are fine wi... #10
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I'm thankful for it not snowing over thanksgiving #167
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It's a pretty impractical 'glitch'. It'd be too much of a hassle to use this.

And it will get patched in the next update. #2.2
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Though maybe my neighborhood just has decent employees. #1.1.2
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Agreed, the game is pretty amazing. Despite it's ugliness and silly issues everywhere.

But I seriously hope this is the last time we see this aging engine. I don't think I'll be as forgiving the next time we see a game from Bethesda and it's still running on this ancient engine with it's crap load of legacy issues. #1.3
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:( almost 8 hours to go here! So jealous. #7.1
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Excellent. Keep it up Treyarch. #4
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I think fans of niche genres like Jrpgs are willin to do their own research. I've never needed an ad to tell me how badly I want xenoblade chronicles X.

With the genre being small as it is, I think most of us stay in the loop.

We know where are games are and when they are coming out :D #1.1.2
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If you explore each chalice as you go, shouldn't have too much problem with chalice dungeons.

And once you've made a certain chalice, it won't cost mats to go back in to another chalice that has been created by someone else. Just don't make a new chalice as that will consume mats again.

Also, the second last patch also added most mats to the insight store #6.1
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Did you physically kill it in the abyss?

Once you drop it, you need to go to the abyss to finish it off. Make it pay for all that damn frenzy damage.

Once you kill it there, you'll be able to buy living strong as well as getting it as a reward for killing it.
If you have done this already, do a NG+. It'll take you like 2-4 hours to get to there. And you get another blood rock too for doing so :D #5.5
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I'm thankful for having a new family member to celebrate thanksgiving with this year! #1
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This was my first thought too.
24k for 3300 games is barely 8$ per game. #4.1.1
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I'd be surprised if Zoro wasn't in all one piece games.

And if they have smoker, they'll obviously have the more popular ex-marine too!

Can't wait! #1
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