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"Have we started a fire?"
"Yes. And it rises"

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Naw i just get sick of these guys approving articles written by 2-year old's and rejecting ones written by people that actually have a passion for the industry and know what they are talking about. Remember that article about how nintendo needed to release a new console in 2014 to compete with microsoft and sony? Even after the wii u had already released? yeah, thats just one example

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Vita is the future of Playstaion

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Its kinda hard to outclass Nintendo titles but if the overall quality of games is higher on sony microsoft consoles due to more power and better features then Nintendo is in trouble. Its not like the Gamecube/Ps2/Xbox era were they were very similar in features. The sky is the limit now in terms of what they can add to consoles these days.

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so you guys think if nintendo brings a massive line up of AAA first party titles over the next few years it would do little to stop sony and Microsoft if their consoles are visually far superior?

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you really think wii u is obsolete compared to 360 ps3? i find that hard to believe. Its a fact that the wii u specs are better. period. Now games have not reflected this yet. And they need to. fast. wii u has shown alot of potential but at some point potential has to turn into something that we can play.

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It wasnt poorly written because its a blog. Its a collection of thoughts from a guy who doesnt pretend to be an industry professional. the only reactive garbage here are the words you wasted writing on this forum.

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If they can announce even more at E3 i would be very surprised and it would be an awesome thing

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Thats right cause software is what really matters

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Have you ever heard of Devils advocate?

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everyone who complains because they CAN find a wii u in stores is an idiot. Thats the whole point. Nintendo did a good job of keeping up with stock. Get some sense into you dummies

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Stop defending your precious videogames for one minute and see the point of the article. Games will continue to get blamed until that industry has a little more respect for itself.

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yup. and if nintendo ever left...so would i. lol

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there still hasnt been a rivalry like Nintendo x Sega in the 90's "Genesis does!!"

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Sonic racing is beast. Mario Kart has a real rival.

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i agree he is a little rough around the edges and could use some tips on professionalism. But having heart has gotta almost always win out.

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I didnt accuse everyone of failing. Just stating that some of the big guys seem pretty bought out at times

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yet he's a regular on gametrailers. lol

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yeah it just depends on how far valve is going to take it. full featured pc or a dedicated console with pc features. we will see soon i guess

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