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i dnt see why not bundled it with the wiiu

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if nintendo because anything like sony they would lose next generation...sony is not innovative and all they focus on is power nothing unique, evident of why psvita is disastrous and why ps3 was in last place and why ps4 will be in last place....nintendo's wiiu can and will win next generation if they can get the games out and quick....

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well first off sony cannot and will not win next generation..they offer nothing but the same old, nothing unique....they need to be looking at wiiu completely winning next generation as soon as nintendo get the4 games out

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of course its better on wiiu, most games that takes advantage of wiiu and its gamepad will be better on wiiu then any other systems

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lets bring all the good games to wiiu.....wiiu is ahead to stay if nintendo can get the games out

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nintendo doesnt need to do anything to improve the wiiu as the wiiu is a fantastic system, they just need to release the games for the wiiu and fix the advertisement issues , especially before the machines from the competitors are released

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this should be his concern for sony and microsoft as they will be fighting for last place in this next generation, wiiu will be shooting for first place....and with the disastrous psvita and if ps4 is fighting for last , sony will be the one that becomes a game making company...and since when did the gears of war team know what they are talking about...they been releasing same version of that game for years now.....wiiu is too unique for them to get it.....wiiu to me is ahead to stay once the...

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if all you look for during e3 is shinier pixels of old games then sony and ms will probably win e3 base on your taste...if actually games with some uniqueness to them, real next generation gamees...then nintendo and steam will be the winner....and i go withe the wiiu uniquenes

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after seeing the ps4....wiiu is alive more then ever and will most likely win this next generation , the only other system that will compete with wiiu is steam as both systems will go for innovation and uniqueness.....with sony and ms, its the same old systems with updated graphics...wiiu on the other hand is actually different from the wii

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lol power over substance and uniqueness..= spells + place

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lol and thats where sonmy failed instead of a unique system with unique gamers...they are too worried about how close to a pc ps4 comes...they learn nothing from ps3 coming in last or the problems of psvita.....just how much shinier killzone can look and they will end up losing again

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lol they can forget about fanboys and actually show something unique which to me sony fail to do and reason they will once again come last next generation

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lol ok sony calls for war...after the disastrous vita....if ps4 comes in last as i feel they will since they offered nothing really unique, they will be out of videogame business after this upcoming generation

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lol microsoft better bring something unique cause to me sony did not behind that whole love customer thing sounding like a miiverse rip-off....i expect sony and microsoft to fight for last place this next generation, watch and remember i said it...nintendo has a unique system just need games and im sure steam will have to be unique too...so between wiiu vs steam for winner of next generation..

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nintendo has built a fantastic unique system in the wiiu, they just need to get those games out quick....i dnt see what new that sony actually offered, of course fanboys will go crazy cause its sony....winner of next generation will be between wiiu and steam....and asymmetrical gameplay and assisted gameplay like implemented in need for speed is great and unique

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wiiu remains only truly unique system heading into next generation and once the top games out its ahead to stay...point is nintendo delivered a fantastic system

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wiiu is a fantastic system ans most unique console going into next generation and this game looks great....haters will hate, all i saw from sony was an attempt to copy miiverse and nothing new....i truly feel that either wiiu or steam will win next generation...they will be the only two unique system

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lol yes it shows the industry are not focus on innovation especially sony and microsoft on bringing the same systems out with better graphics card cause thats all their fanboys and haters cry for....hate nintendo but they go in the right direction...and i have a feeling steam will be unique also...thats why whether you disagree or not wiiu or steam will be the winner of this next generation...mark my words and this posting...that either wiiu or steam will win this next generation

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lol...sounds like max is missing out on a great system...and the most unique system going forward next generation

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patcher one of the biggest clowns in videogame today and i guess a haters wet dream...especially nintendo haters still upset over wii winning last generation.....mark my words the winner this next generation will be between wiiu and steam.....and once nintendo's games comes out and wiiu takes off for good, thats the battle that will play while sony and microsoft battle for last place...with most likely sony going out of business in videogames after this next generation

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