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It doesn't need to have all the multi-platform games to be a current generation console. It simply needs to be released in the same timeframe as the competing consoles.

There is no "current generation standard" by which game consoles have to adhere, rendering your multiplatform game theory completely pointless. Many exclusive Wii games are far superior in terms of fun and review scores to exclusive PS3/360 games - does that mean the PS3/360 are not current gener...

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The Playstation Vita has a 960 x 544 resolution screen, not a 1920 x 1080 (1080p) screen. It is actually only slightly more than 1/4 of 1080p. It looks fantastic, but it is not even close to 1080p.

I'm not sure how you managed to get 3 people to agree with you or how no-one other than me had disagreed or thought to correct you.

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It is amazing to see the number of people who don't know what the term "next gen" actually means in the video game world.

Each round of consoles that gets released is a "generation". The current consoles - Wii, 360, PS3 - are the Seventh Generation of game consoles.

Their successors - the Wii U is the only official one so far - are the Eighth Generation.

The "power" of the console never comes into it. Relea...

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Before the PS3/360 fanboy "my console beat your console because of a single sentence in the article" arguments come in, let me just quote a few lines from the whole article and not just the conclusion:

"For Resident Evil 6, Capcom has taken a different approach, which sees the gap in performance diminish dramatically, to the point where both versions are almost equal in almost all scenarios."

"What is so surprising is just how close b...

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Thank you! I might just have to buy another game off the PS Store to try this out :D

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That is not true actually. Here is what it says in the contract, and I quote:

"(b) As described in the Native Release Plan, Destiny Game #1 ..... shall be initially developed by Licensor to operate on and be compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console ("Xbox 360") and the next successor console platform released by Microsoft..... The parties also currently contemplate the development and commercial release of Destiny Ga...

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While I don't care about Trophies, the fact that PS Mobile launched without them points to Sony not really learning their lesson with the not every PS3 game having trophies debacle.

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While I see what you're saying, counting previous generation portable and 3 whole generations ago console games as games for a new portable doesn't really help your cause.

When you buy a new console you want to play new games for that console, not 15 year old games with quite frankly terrible graphics and archaic controls (since 99% were made for a D-Pad only).

Also, how many of those 60 retail games are almost straight ports of P...

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"Remember they said 1080p wasn't required for anything under 40". Cellphones now have 1080p screens"

You are missing the rest of the argument though. From a normal viewing distance for a TV, your eyes have been scientifically proven to not be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on anything under about a 46" television. Mobile phones are vastly different, since you generally view them from about a foot from your ...

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The PS3 sells pretty well in the USA, but it is in no way close to the Xbox 360 in lifetime sales.

Last I read there was about a 15 million console sales gap between the 2 consoles in the USA. 15 million is a big number whichever way you look at it. In fact, that's a bigger lead than the PS3 has over the Xbox 360 in Japan - so yes, the PS3 is "last" in the USA.

On the topic, those are some serious price drops.

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Firstly, I didn't read the article as I am quite frankly over reading article after article of lists on ways to save x console/x ways console y is better than console z.

For the inevitable re-design I think they need to actually make the "handles" on it a bit bulkier, and make the rear touch pad smaller.

I have decent sized hands and I find that I am virtually unable to hold my Vita without having at least 2 fingers on each hand touching the r...

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All I know is that for me everything i buy on the Xbox Live Marketplace on either my Xbox 360, my Windows Phone 7, or my PC is now 2% cheaper than it was a few days ago.

Can someone please tell me how that is something to complain about? Would you rather not have the 2% discount? You would prefer to pay more for something?

Also I have read here on N4G a few times since I joined about people complaining about only being able to buy 400ms points or more at a ti...

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"But the new MyAchievements program is barely worth it for anyone involved"

How can something that doesn't require you to do anything be "barely worth it"? It's quite simple - if you buy anything from any Xbox Marketplace, be it on Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Xbox, you get 1% or 2% of the cost back. You don't have to fill out any forms, you don't have to pay a yearly fee - you just get a discount because you have got achievements adding up...

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I'm sorry but this article is one of the biggest over reactions that I've seen on the Internet.

No one is going to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on games so they can save 2%. People aren't that stupid.

In my case, I signed up and straight away I have 2% rebate. Don't need to spend a cent.

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I is right, but the main reason was so they had a universal price for content.

They release a game or piece of content and simply have 1 price attached to it, say 400MS. Sony have to release a game and then say "ok it will be US$5, but 3.5£, 6 Deutschmark, etc". Then you get people from different regions complaining saying "it's cheaper in region x than it is here".

Microsoft have one price for all, it's just th...

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I just enabled it for my account, unlocked the "Legend" level so 2% discount for me :). While 2% is not much at all it is better than nothing, so I'm happy.

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Sony would need to deliver a markedly better console than the next Xbox and Wii U if they were to launch anything more than 18 months after those consoles or it would be pointless releasing in the first place.

The problem then would be third party developers. The closer all the consoles are spec-wise in a generation the happier Third Party Developers are. It makes porting easy, as well as concurrent development as its only a matter of making things work on the different archi...

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I hope not, but I hope that the way this generation played out makes them re-think their strategy and decisions.

When this generation started Sony didn't think that Online was going to be as big as it was. There was no universal friends list, no in-game messaging or private chat. You couldn't even bring up the XMB while in a game. Their next console will be built around online.

Sony also thought that people would pay an absurd price on launch just bec...

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This game shows what having a fantastic set of developers working solely on one console can do, and the results that they can deliver over a multi-console release.

Sony have been the best at it in the past, their developers like Naughty Dog and Santa Monica are able to get blood from a stone. Looks like Microsoft have finally gotten a dev team to rival them in the graphical department.

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That certainly would be a good middle ground!

Having said that, if they were a "gamer" they'd probably own the console as well, in which case I would prefer to have our own screen each and play over Live co-op in the same room.

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