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That is an astonishing drop, but you have to remember that the quarter that it is being compared to in 2011 had Gears of War 3 release, which sold over 3 million copies in its first week. That alone accounts for a lot of that income drop for this years corresponding quarter.

They still ran at a profit even with all the spending on Win 8/Win Phone 8/Xbox Music/R&D for the next Xbox/etc and no blockbuster releases on the Xbox, so while they wouldn't be ecstatic I would ...

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ah OK thanks cee773, I completely forgot about that.

Although if you have that, surely you would keep the original PS/PS2 memory cards, meaning you still have a 6 year old backup at least?

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I see you have a MOH:W avatar. I guess that explains why you are getting so defensive.

Nothing really changed from the BF3 beta to the retail version either.

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Forgive me if I'm missing something here, but how exactly has he lost "nearly two decades worth of save data"? The PS3 has only been out since 2006, and as far as I know doesn't feature any way of transferring PS or PS2 save files over to its HDD. Correct? So he has only lost save data for PS/PS2 games that he has started from scratch again on his PS3.

So in reality he has lost 6 years at most worth of game saves, not "nearly two decades" worth.

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Since you tried to attack my intelligence, how about I give you a bit of your own?

The Beta ran from October 5 to 15.

The full retail game released on October 23.

How much do you think they're going to change in 8 days, seeing as though the game has already gone gold, and was being manufactured for sale before the beta even began?

Do you think that they're going to delay the game a mere 6 days out from release and com...

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I played the Medal of Honour Warfighter Beta on the 360 a few days back, and based purely on that it is most definitely not going to be the best FPS game of 2012.

It was multiplayer only, and it was terrible quite frankly. The ability to see people on the other team through walls just because they were shooting at someone else on your team is a joke. Sometimes you seem to die from a single bullet to the foot, other times you're a giant bullet sponge. The levels have poor...

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"By removing the RRP, Sony have effectively removed a decipherable price point which makes it very difficult for both Microsoft and Nintendo to align their pricing"

Can you please provide a source that states that Sony have not set an RRP for the new PS3? I know that they didn't in the UK, but from my understanding it is in fact illegal for companies to set an RRP on domestic electronical goods in the UK.


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Looks fantastic, but the length of the game combined with the price means I won't be buying it for a while unfortunately, probably not until it is on sale.

I have nothing against short games, I grew up playing Master System/NES/etc games that could be completed in 2 hours and I had a blast, but there are about 4-5 retail games that I'm definitely buying over the next month alone, and I still have about 3-4 games that I have barely scratched the surface of.

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Looks like it has been leaked, or this guy is a reviewer, as he has Halo 4 in his recent games played and has achievements for it:

The game comes out in 3 weeks, many games have been leaked much earlier.

Over on Neogaf people have been permanently banned off Xbox Live for even messaging the people with Halo 4 in their recently ...

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Are you talking about their 2012 range of Smart TVs? These ones? http://www.televisioninfo.c...

They are even closer to the 360/Windows 7/8 UI than this new PS Store is:

Sony Smart TV UI:

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Wow, looks like I really offended some Playstation supporters with my comment.

It wasn't meant in a negative way, just pointing out that it bares more than a passing resemblance. The fonts, the design, the new unified page for each game like how the 360 has done it since release, even down to the image for the "Top Rated Games" having the covers of the games lined up slightly offset like the previous Xbox 360 UI.

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Is it just me or is it almost a direct copy of the Xbox 360 "Metro" store design?

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I don't need to google the razor/blade model, I'm well aware of how it works.

You seem to be forgetting something though - Sony want to be in the console hardware business. If they didn't they would just be a multi-platform software company like Sega now is. Following your logic, that would be the best thing for them as it completely eliminates any loss on hardware and provides them with the maximum possible audience for sales.

Making hardware doe...

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If Sony are to stream their entire PS1/2/3 catalogue of games to PC then what reason is there to buy a Playstation console? I can't see it happening for that fact alone.

I think it will be used for demos along with replacing the "Cross Buy" initiative - you buy a PHYSICAL copy of a game and have it in your PS3 that is connected to the internet, and you can then stream that game to a Vita/PC. This way Sony get around any of the "Cross Buy" situations wh...

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It makes no sense because why would anyone buy the PS4 if their PS3 can play PS4 games?

If you have good enough internet speeds then you would not need to ever buy a PS4, so allowing PS4 games to stream to the PS3 would be a terrible business decision.

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"Er, no, the tech is virtually identical. "

I'm sorry but that is just showing your ignorance on the technology present in both the PSEye and Kinect.

The PSEye is a regular webcam. The Kinect is a regular webcam combined with an infrared projector and camera. Kinect uses the infrared and second camera to form 3D images which are then used to track movement in 3 dimensions. This combined with the 2D webcam allows Kinect to &...

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It is most likely PC with a Xbox controller footage.

The "X" that comes up is not a Playstation X as it is the action button, which is square on the PS3 IIRC.

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Bigger screens would count as an improvement to a lot of people.

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Technically it still is though, as if you bought one but never updated it you could still be running the OtherOS on it.

The "slim" and "super slim" have no way whatsoever of running OtherOS.

Now I agree with you that listing it is a bit of a stretch as it would mean you haven't been able to play many games over the last 2 years, but it IS technically true that it is OtherOS compatible.

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If I remember correctly it actually would have been at some stage, had you not updated the firmware to the revision that removed the OtherOS feature.

The 160gb "fat" PS3 was released in October/November of 2008, whereas the firmware revision that removed OtherOS (3.20) was not released until April 2010 - meaning that it very much was Linux compatible to begin with (and still would be if you didn't update its firmware).

Remember, there was a &quo...

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