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It is pretty sweet, but I doubt it'll ever come to the US.

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There's no point in being against them branching out; they're obviously very capable creatively.

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I wonder if PC users will get boned again?

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I think that's a fair assertion. It could be.

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And all the similarities between Shadow Tower and the Souls series. And the fact that Shadow Tower and King's Field were the primary two influences for Demon's Souls. And the fact that FROM probably wants to release an IP that differentiates itself from the Souls series more than DeS2 would.

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It's doubtful that it will be, especially considering the screenshots and the high regard people have for Souls combat.

I think, personally, that it's a smart move by FROM. It will likely be similar enough to Dark/Demon's Souls to feel familiar, but will differentiate itself enough to be a unique experience, as opposed to a carbon-copy of DkS.

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Good article. I tend to agree with your assertions. Roguelikes offer a unique sense of accomplishment.

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I bought Hunted at launch. :(

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Melvin: It's highly doubtful that the 800 series is going to improve performance over the 700 line to the point where 8888×5000 is viable at playable frame rates. The most significant boost on the horizon is when Nvidia launches Pascal processor platform architecture in 2016.

A new numbered series normally only brings a marginal increase in performance over the past series, which is why the GTX770 is only slightly better than the GTX680, etc.

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Bandai Namco has confirmed to MCV that the physical release of Dark Souls 2 has been pushed back to May 2, but the digital version remains on track for April 25.

"This is only affecting the UK on the boxed release of the game," Namco told the site. "It will be delayed unfortunately and we apologise to UK customers. This is due to a manufacturing issue with packaging. To confirm this will only affect the UK boxed launch."

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If you're waiting all the way until the PC release to get Dark Souls 2 then you're doing it wrong.

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Wh... why is the Mad Max game on this list at all?

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Unreal01: First off, YoungKingDoran was quoting Christian Bale's character Patrick Bateman from the movie American Psycho.

Secondly, nobody needs your childish, immature, homophobic, bigoted comments, so take that crap somewhere else.

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I didn't know Rambo was a Colonial Marine...

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Out of his butt. ;)

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I completely agree. The only key component to a successful game is fun, no matter how that fun factor is achieved.

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I've been really, really excited about the South Park game, but all these delays have me a bit worried. I hope it's good.

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Last night wasn't contribution enough? Pfft. See if I put out again...

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What were they thinking with that title, though? *facepalm*

Let the Deliverance jokes begin. Hell, the word "come" is in the title too. What were they thinking? Someone's gonna squeal like an orc over this one.

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I absolutely adored The Last of Us, but I can respect someone's opinion if they didn't care for it. However, after reading this review, I honestly do feel like this guy is just trying too hard to be contrary and counterculture. It's a hipster review, with some really (in my opinion) invalid points. No matter how you shake it, though, The Last of Us was WELL above average.

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