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He has some good points though. It would benefit everyone if there was some sort of an organization that could be held accountable and actually have an organized effort to fix all of the problems that Gamer Gate wanted to address in the first place.

At this point it would be better just to drop Gamer Gate and create a new rallying cry. It doesn't help anyone if the name is being associated with abuse. Otherwise it gives everyone an easy out, even if the movement is supp...

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What system do you have it for? I was nervous about buying it for PS3

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I agree with you in terms of it not being a good investment, but I'm sure 10-20 years down the line this will be worth something big to a collector.

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I don't see it to this extent.

I don't see people getting SWAT teams sent to someone's house because of a bad COD match. You don't hear about any sort of death threats to this magnitude. You are correct, sports does have a similar problem, but gaming has taken it further.

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That's disgusting. I can't believe that people seriously wonder why gaming isn't taken that seriously in terms of art/sport/entertainment

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Thanks, I'll be sure to check them out

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Interesting, thanks for the back story!

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Is it really that good? I have always wanted to get into the series, but I always had problems finding the games ever since I got my 3DS

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You didn't miss anything, and sounds like you had the perfect stopping point, right before everything went bad.

A3 didn't add anything of significance to the story, and if it did, I have already forgotten it.

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The site visit count thought is the worst feeling I get when I see the multiple pages haha.

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I really wish that they would get back on with the story. The story of 1 & 2 are what really drew me in, I used to buy it until revelations, where I really saw a decline in the story value. I still haven't played black flag, buy judging from reviews, it doesn't do anything to really bring back the mystery that was originally created from the cliff hanger in 1 and 2.

It's a shame, it really seemed like it could be a promising franchise.

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It certainly can't get any worse...right?

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I never understood why people got so upset and bothered by the pre-order sales pitch. Just politely say no, and just end the conversation. It's really not that hard.

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I agree, it's really not that hard.

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I wish the author at least tried to come up with some valid points as to why the series is dead?

The only point he comes up with is the skimpier outfits. I never played X-2 but I loved FFX.

I generally don't care to much for Sex in a video game, but the author's argument is pretty bad . FF XIII didn't bomb horribly, because a lot of people bought it and they made a second one.

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I spent like 60 hours with it with the PS3 version. Besides a few hiccups that are to be expected I never had a problem with any game breaking glitch.

If you are worried, I would just keep multiple saves. Maybe one save before you enter a cave and then another when you leave. Just so you can't get stuck at any one point. Or if you do get stuck you only have to go back maybe an hour at most. But this never happened to me.

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"Alright, I’m going to just come right out and say it: All these year-to-year sports games are just a huge cash grab."

Lol no shit.. Why would EA or any other company stray away from generating huge profits and minimum to decent effort?

The author doesn't even try and justify any of the points. There is just an assumption that it takes a flip of the switch. I'm no Dev, but there has to be more to it then just flipping a switch.

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I think that it is a huge risk to try and bridge the gap to make an all in one device.

While I would love this, I certainly wouldn't buy a $499 device when I have a perfectly good cable box and a PS3 that I can switch to in a matter of seconds.

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So true

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