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Lol #15.1
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I wish the author at least tried to come up with some valid points as to why the series is dead?

The only point he comes up with is the skimpier outfits. I never played X-2 but I loved FFX.

I generally don't care to much for Sex in a video game, but the author's argument is pretty bad . FF XIII didn't bomb horribly, because a lot of people bought it and they made a second one. #18
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I spent like 60 hours with it with the PS3 version. Besides a few hiccups that are to be expected I never had a problem with any game breaking glitch.

If you are worried, I would just keep multiple saves. Maybe one save before you enter a cave and then another when you leave. Just so you can't get stuck at any one point. Or if you do get stuck you only have to go back maybe an hour at most. But this never happened to me. #1.2
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"Alright, I’m going to just come right out and say it: All these year-to-year sports games are just a huge cash grab."

Lol no shit.. Why would EA or any other company stray away from generating huge profits and minimum to decent effort?

The author doesn't even try and justify any of the points. There is just an assumption that it takes a flip of the switch. I'm no Dev, but there has to be more to it then just flipping a switch.
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I think that it is a huge risk to try and bridge the gap to make an all in one device.

While I would love this, I certainly wouldn't buy a $499 device when I have a perfectly good cable box and a PS3 that I can switch to in a matter of seconds. #13
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So true #1.1
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NCAA is easily better then Madden. I always feel so connected to my custom school. Replacing a Sun Belt team and being invited to the ACC, was amazing. Not to mention the first time you break the top 25.

I bought Madden because I thought it would be fun to see my players go to the next level, but I really didn't care about my franchise, and it just seemed so boring. #2
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@Donnieboi I don't understand where in the article it says that there is an option for you to have to be dependent on these micro-transactions?

It just sounds like these micro-transactions help give the player an edge, not something that would be considered game breaking because the player can't get past a section.

That may be what happens in mobile gaming, but that doesn't appear to be the case in console gaming. #10.1.3
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I wish more people read the article like you. Then they would realize how this really won't effect them. #10.1.1
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The Co-Op sounds great. It sounds like they are going to do it like Dead Space Extraction, where you can play the Single Player mode and it is just the same as if you have a partner.

I thought that Co-Op mode was created nicely because I could have the option of actually being alone, or I could play with a buddy if they were there.

Nothing was forced on me, and nothing was taken away from either side of the experience. It sounds like the Co-op in DS3 is the... #5
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I wish they would release a demo for consoles as my shitty laptop can't handle it :(

I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time #5
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No, they will just go the conservative route. No unique titles, just improvements on things that work.

Why should I create a new franchise I have to develop/market/pray that sells when I can release Assassin's creed 4? Where I just have to develop, some minor marketing buy no praying and a huge ROI. #6.1.2
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You aren't missing much by skipping Brotherhood. I am sure they will probably have a recap in ACIII So you basically save the $20 Brotherhood costs now. #8.3
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Hahaha that was amazing #2.5
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This guy is crazy if he thinks that Madden is actually better then NCAA. Madden limped to the barn with "Realistic grass" and Game flow, which basically add minor graphics, and an advanced ask madden. NCAA last year added the coach carousel and actually improved the recruiting structure. Both which actually had an impact on the gameplay. NCAA has issues too, but it looks like they actually add a major feature that actually makes the game better. Instead of Madden, where they add a f... #1
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How do you have only 2 bubbles? Easily the smartest thing I have read on here in a while. #1.1
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I agree, it's great wishful thinking but there is no way it will come out at that price point. If it does, I may be worried about the quality of the system. It seems to good to be true. #5.1
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Even if this was true, people would STILL buy video games. It's sad that people do not vote with their wallet more often. #35
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I really need to get into this business, I am sure I can fling enough Sh*t so something gets stuck to the wall!

I love how number 3 was far-fetched when the founder of Rockstar Studios's birthday was even worse then number 3 #41
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LOL what a worthless article. I really need to get into gaming journalism because all I need to write an article is to state the obvious. #5
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