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One of my biggest complaints with PSN is why are we forced to watch game trailers in shitty little preview windows instead of full screen? How can that be any kind of an indicator to a gamer who's looking at a game for the first time, trying to determine if it's something he or she would be interested in, if they have to view it in tiny little preview windows? Sheesh, make the streams full screen or give us the option to download the videos outright! #20
Your sense of entitlement is beyond ridiculous. You're getting exactly what Sony promised. The fact that you had to wait 8 extra months to play it, while unfortunate, is not the end of the freaking world. There are worse tragedies in the world. #9.2.1
You're getting exactly what Sony promised. Yeah it's a few months late, boo hoo. Shit happens sometimes you don't plan for. #9.1.4

So where does that leave the early adopters who actually bought the game on good faith? I'm sorry but I don't get the logic of rewarding gamers for NOT buying your game. #9
Agreed 100%. I wish all makers of racing franchises would follow this business model. We don't need sequels to any one racing franchise within the same generation anymore. Just release your game and then support it for the duration of that particular generation with season passes. When a new generation starts, THAT'S the time to introduce a new version. I keep praying that Evolution Studios will announce a season 2 for Driveclub because frankly, that engine is perfect or damn near... #1.2
Tell me about it LOL! All this "cloak and dagger" crap is beyond ridiculous. I am convinced that most "gamers" spend more time on the internet talking about shit than they do actually playing games. #83.1
Who the hell cares?? Are we really this desperate to have something to bitch about? Just play your fucking games and shut up! Let the companies worry about the politics behind it all. #80
@ TheGreatGamer

Not to mention the fact that the X1 version is coming with a free copy of Fallout 3 via backwards compatibility. #1.1.20
Jesus! #1.5
Why is the draw distance so terrible with this game? It looks like stuff fades into view merely meters away from your field of view. Are we in the 32-bit generation again? #1
Would it REALLY take all that much effort? You can find PS1 and PS2 emulators on smartphones. I find it hard to believe that adapting any 1 of those emulators to PS4 would be much of a chore. #17.1.1
I can understand why the PS4 can't do native BC with PS3 titles. The PS3 hardware was way too exotic for the PS4 to properly emulate it. However the PS4 COULD play PS1 and PS2 titles through software emulation no problem!

IMO what Sony needs to do is A.) Make PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility available on PS4 via emulation and B.) Any PS3 titles that are on PS Now that people already own, make those games available for free streaming to those that can verify said owner... #17
Where do you find the time? I find it a challenge to find time to play the new stuff, let alone any old stuff. #6.1
Highs - Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4

Lows - Dreams and PS Vue #3
"why would it disappoint anyone that it wasn't given time during the press conference?"

Because it damn well deserved it that's why. More so than some of the other things they spent time on.

Dreams basically looked like Project Spark on an acid trip. I'm so sick of all this "You be the game creator" bullshit. I don't WANT to be the game creator. If I did I'd go back to school and take programming. I want to be... #3.1
So in other words…

"Ooooooh look how cool I am by not being impressed by an overwhelmingly and obviously impressive game!" #9.5
I was literally picking my chin up off the floor! #15
Agreed! They should've left out "Dreams" (I'm still trying to figure out WTF that was) and the PS Vue stuff and included footage of this, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, and Rime. #1.1
From a purely visual standpoint, I was going back and forth between Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and For Honor. To me those 3 were hands down the best looking games I've seen at E3 this year. #9.1
I have a lot of respect for Media Molecule, however that "Dreams" demonstration was my "WTF" moment of Sony's conference. It almost felt like they were trying way too hard to be esoteric and quirky. Perhaps that type of "game" just doesn't demo well at a conference but I didn't see anything about that title that made me go "oooh I gotta play that." It looked like a trippier version of Project Spark to be honest with you. I would have rat... #11.1
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