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or Landstalker, or Shinobi 1 and 2, or Outrun, or Afterburner, or Hang On, or Gunstar Heroes, or Earthworm Jim, or Aladdin, World Series Baseball, Sports Talk Football, etc. It's missing a TON of games that made the Genesis library great.

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That's a horrible games list though. Where's Outrun, Landstalker, Phantasy Star, Afterburner, Hang On, Aladdin, Earth Worm Jim, Dynamite Heady, Gunstar Heroes, Shinobi 1 and 2, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Virtua Racing, etc?

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I wonder, what if the game starts you out on a planet with an extremely hostile environment and you just die over and over before you can upgrade/modify your suit? At that point you're just kind of screwed aren't you unless you re start your game on a different planet.

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IMO, companies moneyhatting games to keep them off of competing consoles is the cancer to gaming. Screw Square/Enix. Hope it was worth it for them because they wont see a dime from me for this game. I'll get it used.

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Buying it used. Why should I support this game when Square/Enix didnt see fit to support us PS4 owners a year ago when they took MS' moneyhat.

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Uh, no it wasnt. Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast was great! I also enjoyed Sonic Colors on WII U quite a bit. 3D isnt inherently why Sonic went downhill. It was a lot of terrible game design.

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It has a fishbowl effect

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That is a shame because it's missing some essentials from that generation. How do you not include Blades of Steel, Double Dribble, Baseball Stars, Batman, Ducktales, Metal Gear, and Contra?

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Great list! I agree pretty much with all of those. I would also add the movie licensed Batman game. Also I would add Double Dribble and Baseball Stars. Both of those sports games were arguably the best in each of their sports for that generation.

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Ah but it hasn't been confirmed yet whether or not we'll be able to play these on NX (I'm sure we will but again, it's not official yet.)

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I'd rather just have these available on the Nintendo eShop to play on my NX.

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What are you some of y'all smoking? That thing is fugly as hell. Worst themed console since the PS4 Black Ops 3.

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The pompous cork-sniffery is strong with this article. Why in 2016 can't things like narrative, writing, character development, etc be just as important in gaming as gameplay? For me, great stories are why I still game at my age. If I
had to play some of the things at my age now that I played back when I was a kid, I'd quit gaming.

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I'm sure that's what "Xbots" tell themselves in light of the fact that they're not getting many true new games.

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People who are crying over the lack of game play this gen sound like disgruntled Nintendo fans. Keep carrying that torch people. Your beloved company will be developing games for PlayStation and Xbox soon enough.

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I hope that Hello Games is already sending out review copies to media outlets so reviewers will have plenty of time to "digest" what this game is and what you can do in it. I can just see IGN's "review in progress" lasting for like 2 weeks post-launch otherwise.

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Want some cheese with that whine?

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Well, it depends on the end goal for MS is. If it's to move consoles, then I don't think this is the best strategy because by putting your exclusives on Windows, it just means that fewer PC gamers will see the need to own an Xbox. If it's to sell more games, then obviously it's a win win for MS. However if the goal is to sell software, then what's the point of being a platform provider? Why not just become a 3rd party publisher and put your games on everything?

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Does Nintendo get royalties from this game or is it just the Pokémon company?

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