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Thats fine. You keep bitching about Destiny. I'll keep playing it. #11
Don't use your own personal opinion of the game to pretend to be some kind of predictor of the future. I love the game and there are plenty others who do as well. #12.1
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Criminally underrated game IMO. Especially considering it was a launch title. It's still one of the most gorgeous looking games on PS4 and GG has done a good job of improving it and adding to it since launch. I LOVE using the "OWL" in this game and I wish we could use our "Ghost" in Destiny in much the same way. #1
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No it wasn't. But you have to remember that the console market is very different from the PC market. There is a fine line that companies like Sony, MS, and Nintendo have to walk when designing a gaming console. Of course they want their consoles to be powerful but they also need to be sold at a mass market price AND be profitable. All things considered, I think the PS4 is a very well balanced machine that provide great looking games at an affordable price. #1.19
I thought this game sucked on PS3. I wish they'd do another Mod Nation Racers. That game kicked ass. #3
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over playing all the awesome console exclusives! #90
For those who are concerned with the 30fps, do like I do. Enable your TV's motion smoothing to "high" or "strong" (depending on your TV) and it will literally turn a 30fps game into a 60fps game. I have done this with several games on my PS4 and Xbox One and it works great! #14
MP3/custom soundtrack support.
DLNA video & music streaming
External hard drive support
UI customization/customized folders
Suspend/resume download feature
Dynamic backgrounds & themes/ability to change background color
HBO Go app
ESPN app #10
-- Reported by the community --
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I just want MP3/CD/DLNA support. #17

What concerns me about what EA is doing is that it's going to establish a precedent with other developers to follow suit. Pretty soon you have 5 or 6 companies doing the same damn thing and before you know it gamers will be 5.00 to death for services that I don't feel provide much of a value. Also I'm afraid companies are going to use things like exclusive DLC as leverage to get people to sign up. I pay for PS Plus and Live Gold. That's enough!... #1.1.6
God, this is so typical Microsoft. Instead of trying to develop a streaming system internally to compete with PS Now, Microsoft moneyhats EA and outsources the whole thing. #58
Yeah 8.5 seems a little low for this particular game. #2
Damn I must have missed the window! It's not available now! #18
Yes because heaven forbid he make choices that are right for the film instead of being nepotistic and casting a "buddy" who is completely not right for it. I'm sorry but Bruce Campbell is soft! Joel is tough as nails and a hard ass. Like others have said, Hugh Jackman would have been the logical choice. As for Ellie, well Ellen Page would have made sense maybe 10 years ago but she's too old now. I would have picked someone like Alison Gold...

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Terrible casting choice of Bruce Campbell! Look Sam, I know you and Bruce are buddies and all but damn, do you HAVE to cast him in every movie you make??? Maisie Williams is a very good actress but I'm not so sure that she looks the part. #24
Well when they start making 2000.00 consoles maybe they will be able to compete. #1.1.14
The best way I can describe the game is that it's deceptively addictive. At first glance, there's really no one thing about the game that wows you and it's not like the game breaks completely new ground on anything in particular. It's just that what it does, it does extremely well and even in beta form is a highly polished experience.

One thing is for sure, the game has the "Halo" fingerprints all over it. It looks like a Bungie game, it plays like... #2.4
Outlast, No Mans Sky, Alien Isolation, Elder Scrolls, Destiny. #11
Look, Sony has tried to support the Vita but unfortunately the market has spoken. You can't expect Sony or any company to continue supporting a product that the market clearly doesn't want. The Vita will now serve as a PS4 peripheral and a home to indie titles. Will this new strategy work? Who knows but you can't criticize Sony for doing what they're doing if they can't sell the damn things. #3.2.1
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