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Nobody was asking for this though. At least not enough to justify it. Pretty much everybody I've talked to has been perfectly content with PS4 and it's performance. Nobody has been looking at games like Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, etc and saying "yeah, that looks like total doo doo. We need a better performing PS4.

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Agreed. I don't get the urgency with this at all. Why release Neo now when you could wait another year two and release a proper PS5?

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No but all these stupid Scorpio/Neo articles are going to drive me to drink.

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Unless you have a 4K TV, If you want an X1 the thing to do is get the original big one. They're selling them dirt cheap right now.

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Power does not automatically equal success. Price and games have a far greater impact on a console's success. PS4 is the more powerful console but it was also 100.00 cheaper than X1 when they both launched.

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No they havent. They have only confirmed that it exists.

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We dont know. Sony hasn't offially announced Neo yet. Thats the difference. MS has already played their hand, Sony hasn't.

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LMAO! I will take 4 teraflops and Sony's exclusives over 6 teraflops and MS' exclusives all day, every day.

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LOL! Was there anyone here honestly expecting "No Man's Doom?" Ridiculous article stating the obvious that well informed gamers already knew.

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Well, nothing for me to add to that, LOL! Bravo! Great post Jayszen.

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It wasn't bold of MS to announce Scorpio now. They had no other cards to play. They know this generation is unwinnable and their only option was to try and get a head start on next gen and appear to be the aggressor.

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Wow, no trolling in that headline.

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No it's VR only so far as I know.

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God, if there was any more fantasy in this article the Tolkien estate might have to sue!

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Don't forget about Far Point on PSVR. That game looks great.

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Been saying it's the most overlooked/underrated game at Sony's conference. The game looked fantastic.

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This game is not graphically intensive. It BETTER be 1080p/60fp on NX. Otherwise the NX hardware will be a joke.

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I would even consider God of War and Resident Evil 7 new IP's considering the radically different directions they're taking. Sure they have familiar names but they are nothing like the previous games.

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Just because you're a 'murican" doesn't change the fact that the games industry is indeed a global market. I never said it wasn't close in NA. I'm saying NA is the only market where Xbox is relevant. That's not fanboy rhetoric. That's fact.

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