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Why? Do you need Mario's mustache to look more realistic? #2.3
I've only tried it with Driveclub so far and for me it took about 10 seconds from power up to when I was racing again. #12
Great review. FINALLY the Playstation is getting back to being Playstation! #25
Considering Sony's financial situation, I thought they managed to produce a pretty darn good console. However MS' console design is a mess and if they hadn't allocated so much of their development budget on that damn Kinect camera, they could've produced a console that would have blown the PS4 out of the water. #12.1
Game development is all about allocation of resources. 1080p/60fps is achievable on ANY game. It's just a matter of how much the developers would be willing to sacrifice to achieve it. It seems that most developers would rather sacrifice 60fps to maximize the visual fidelity of their games. They know that visual impact sells games more than frame rate because you can't see 60fps in a screenshot. Also, the vast majority of gamers watch game videos on You Tube, which we all know for... #11
I would add sports games to that as well. #2.1
Just release battle mode for MK8 and be done with it. Wii-U doesn't need another Mario Kart. #14
I'm sticking with my prediction that it will be a unified Console/handheld hybrid.

I want a powerful hand held that also communicates with my TV (i'm thinking maybe through an HDMI connected docking station that also charges the unit)that allows me to play my games on the big screen or on the go. The packaging should include 1 unit, 1 docking station, 1 AC adaptor, 1 HDMI cable, and 1 separate controller.

Performance wise I'm thinking something betw... #1
Jesus Iwata-san, ya' think?? #27
What I HOPE Nintendo does is produce a product that fuses their handheld and console markets together. I'd love to have a powerful hand held that also can communicate with my TV to allow me to play my games at home. That would eliminate the need to buy 2 separate products and all the in-house support from Nintendo could be poured into one console. That means games could be cranked out much faster, considering that Nintendo devs are spread out trying to support both Wii-U and 3DS. #3
Why? Does it honestly affect your enjoyment of the game? If so then you're doing it wrong. #2.5.2
Oh really, so self-referential remarks like "PC master race" aren't considered smart-mouthed? Come on man don't be a hypocrite. Consoles have their fair share of fanboys but don't even pretend lke PC doesn't either. #14.1.2
Jesus, who cares?? #2
Why do PC gamers always have to get so smart-mouthy and brag about their 1000+ dollar investment as if it somehow adds inches to their dicks? What do they get out of that? Some ridiculous feeling of superiority? OK, fine. You win. PC is better. Feel better now? #14.1
The differences aren't as great as the PC fans would lead you to believe. PC looks better...as it SHOULD. But comments like "PC version blows PS4 out of the water" and "It looks 100x better" is just nonsensical hyperbole.

I'm glad PC gamers are happy with their investment but it's time to put your feet back on the ground here and get some perspective. PC looks better, yes. Only a blind person would suggest otherwise. However the way some PC... #3.2
Again, an ignorant post from someone who clearly doesn't own and play Driveclub. #14.1.3

Oh I understand it perfectly. Do you not understand that the OP said...

"DC is nothing more than a stripped down ARCADE racer with no depth."

I understand perfectly well that DC is an arcade racer. However for him to say it has no depth shows me that he clearly doesn't play it. #13.1.4
A story would have had to exist in the first place in order for Bungie to create a BETTER one. How about they just create one first, then we'll decide if it needs to be improved. #11.1
Another thing I would add would be private matches. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I just wanted to set up our own private PVP matches. Even if they didn't affect anything in terms of leveling up or acquiring items, I'd still like to have the ability to do it. I don't always want to play competitively with random strangers. #5
11.) The ability to either ghost the HUD or get rid of it completely! I game on plasma and the HUD in Destiny damn near caused a permanent image of the HUD in the lower left corner of my TV! #4
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