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If SCUF would've thought to include a longer lasting battery in their PS4 controllers, I'd gladly pay the extra $$$ for one. However it uses the same battery as a standard DS4. Might as well just stick with the official controller.

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I do think it's sad that all you hear these days is "4K 4K 4K" as if that makes any game good or fun to play. Meanwhile Zelda BOTW is the highest rated game this year and Super Mario Odyssey outclassed pretty much everything at E3. I just keep saying, game design >>>>raw power every single time.

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Jesus does this guy ever stop talking?

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My top 6...

Horizon Zero Dawn
Ratchet and Clank
Until Dawn
Uncharted 4
The Last of Us: Re Mastered

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In other news, water contains a high degree of moisture.

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In case anyone hasn't noticed, not only is Sony supporting the 10.00 to 20.00 indie games, they are also starting to build quite the library of strong "AA" games at 39.99 with games like Ratchet and Clank, Wipeout Omega, Crash N Sane Trilogy, Hellblade, Knack 2, etc. Anyone who doesn't think PS4 has by far the best, most diverse game library is simply choosing to ignore facts at this point.

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If you're an Xbot why do you even care about PC2? Odds are you're playing Forza anyway.

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Is this author serious? Because a small % of the populace have 4K TV's he thinks 1080p should just be cast aside?? Honestly it should be the other way around. If developers really want to please MOST gamers, they would focus the extra raw power of the PS4 Pro and X1X on things like supersampling, frame rate, higher graphic fidelity, etc instead of just 4K resolution.

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The game looks gorgeous and fun to play! I cannot wait.

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With N64/PS1 era, you weren't shit if you weren't running through an S-Video cable!

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Because I really don't think X1X IS an iterative console. The specs are beefy enough for it to be considered, maybe not a whole new generation but certainly a "do over" console. I feel like X1X is MS' apology to Xbox diehards who had to deal with having the inferior hardware for 4 years and hearing it from fans of the competition. Of course Sony could come out next year and announce PS5 that outspecs the X1X, and round and round the carousel goes. In the end it's all...

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Some companies just want to operate independently. Doesn't mean Sony hasn't tried. For years people have been asking the same question about Insomniac.

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Because they did all the right things in the very beginning of this generation and set the wheels in motion for the PS4 to be a success. Now the PS4 is rolling the like an 18 wheeler going full speed down a steep mountain. Nothing is going to stop it.

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I agree. I don't think this generation needed 4K solutions for PS4 and X1. That's what next gen is for. They could've ridden with the standard PS4 and X1 through 2018 and announced new hardware in 2019 with full BC with the previous generation. That's a solid 6 year cycle.

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I don't mind when companies announce games 2 years away as long as they have plenty of other games to play now, which in Sony's case they certainly do. We know what we have and are getting in the near future on PS4, so I don't mind being shown what's on the horizon. It's when a company announces games years away and have little to nothing to play in the present that it becomes a problem.

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I do find it funny how often Phil manages to grab headlines by being "misquoted," "misunderstood," "taken out of context," etc. Ever stop to think maybe Phil needs to work on improving his communication skills or less?

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Personally I don't see what's so wrong with having two consoles with very different strengths. PlayStation has built a reputation of being the go to console for single player, character-driven, cinematic gaming. Xbox through Live has built a reputation of being the go to console for multiplayer experiences and services. Of course each console provides both but each obviously caters to one more than the other. At least that's a way to differentiate Xbox and PlayStation instead...

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Sony doesn't need a "Trump card.". They have already won. Besides, I have complete trust in Insomniac. They always deliver and I have no doubt they will again with Spider Man.

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I'm not generalizing. Like I said in my original post, I've looked at enough Digital Foundry side by sides of games on PS4 Pro and high end PC and the differences are so minimal, only the most OCD person would even care to notice. I'm not just pulling that out of my ass. I've seen example after example after example with my own eyes. The main advantage the high end PC has over the Pro are higher frame rates, which as we already know, won...

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