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It's all going the way of digital streaming anyway. At least isn't that what MS tried to convince everybody of after Blu Ray won the format war last gen and HD-DVD failed? ;-)

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Depends on the cost of patching them I guess. There are three games I'm telling you right now I'd pay a fee for PS Pro improvement, Driveclub, Ratchet and Clank, and The Witcher 3. I'd pay for all of those updates just to get them at 60fps.

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Damn I wish Sony wouldn't have closed them down! I love DriveClub and I was anticipating a new Motorstorm for PS4 at some point!

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My opinion on Star Fox Zero is, Nintendo had no business releasing an aerial combat game in 2016 that's still on a predetermined path and no online multiplayer dogfighting. It's about as ridiculous as releasing an FPS in 2016 that doesn't allow you to jump or look up and down. Clinging to those archaic mechanics and developing the game with "Zero" ambition makes it a bad game.

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5 Most underrated games on Wii U IMO

Zombie U
Lego Cities
Fast Racing Neo
Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker
Hyrule Warriors

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They should delay the game to Q1 2017. Launching it between Battlefield1 and Call of Duty is commercial suicide.

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And Sony closed them down! What a bunch of dumbasses!

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As good as Horizon looked in "feau-K" I honestly don't care. Much like the way the difference between 900p and 1080p is practically indistinguishable, I don't see native and fake 4K being any different.

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The Witcher 3
Ratchet and Clank
Until Dawn
Project Cars
MLB The Show 16
The Division
SW Battlefront

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Clearly you didn't play the Left Behind DLC.

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Oh would you look at that! Another poorly reviewed Xbox exclusive.

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That's PART of it but another factor is that Sony wants to push their digital streaming services. Kind of ironic considering the PS3 was the first gaming console to include blu ray, while MS was still using DVD. All the while MS was touting digital distribution as the "future" and that Blu Ray wasn't practical.

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This and denying EA Access to PS4 owners are real head scratchers

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"by keeping the cost down they're setting themselves up for a smack down by scorpio."


LOL yeah we'll certainly look forward to that in a year and a half when Scorpio finally comes out. In the meantime, gamers can enjoy games with high graphic fidelity in 4K THIS year, along with a nice VR experience.

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I wouldn't exactly call it great. I like Killer Instinct, Ori, and Forza. However beyond those nothing in the X1 library blows me away. I'm not a Halo fan. Quantum Break was meh. Re core looks OK. Gears looks OK. Nothing I would consider must own.

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I hope more/better exclusives are in those plans.

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And the Pro version will look "quite a lot better" when you have it running in your living room on your own 4K TV. You can't really judge these images properly on a PC monitor.

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By showing us The Last of Us 2 running on it and looking incredible.

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LOL I was just going to say, the title says absolutely nothing.

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"you forget that Uncharted 4 was announced before and released after Quantum Break.._"

LOL yeah and the difference in quality between both games is evident. One is a Metacritic darling and on all gaming publication's Game Of The Year lists while the other is...Well...Quantam Break.

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