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LOL at least you're man enough to admit it. #22.1.1
I don't know what I find more annoying with X1 owners. Their Phil Spencer hero-worship or their delusional optimism that Dx12, cloud computing, dormant processors, or whatever other "hidden" power that's in the X1 is going to transcend the console into some mega-beast. Just accept the fact that the X1 is weaker than the PS4, always was weaker than the PS4, and always WILL be weaker than the PS4. The sooner you accept this reality the sooner you can just get on with your l... #17.1
I'm just going to keep saying it folks. There's no such thing as software solutions to hardware problems! Just face facts, MS gimped the performance of the X1 to accommodate a camera that nobody wanted! That's what they get for not being gaming focused on the design of their machine and instead tried to design a "jack of all trades/master of none" system. Just imagine what MS could have done to boost performance of the X1 if they'd invested the cost of the camera... #21
I love both games but I miss the cave-dwelling in The Witcher. That's the one aspect of Elder Scrolls games that I enjoy over The Witcher. #62
All parties involved should be completely embarrassed by this! #26
Looks good but quick question. Is this game ALWAYS at night or does hit have a day/night cycle? It just seems like every video I watch takes place at night. #17
And yet...

1.) We don't know the cost yet.

2.) We don't know how support will be.

3.) Sony has already explained how PM will deal with motion sickness.

4.) We don't know what kind of support it will have.

5.) Everyone who's reported experiencing PM came away impressed.

That's a HELL of a lot of assumptions you're making while stating them as fact. Why don't we wai... #1.1.19
They didn't have anything last holiday season that was considered a "must" exclusive wise and yet they still continue to expand their global lead on MS. I don't think Sony is one bit worried about it LOL!

Besides, what's considered a "must" is subjective isn't it? Godzilla is a "must" for me because I'm a huge fan. The Uncharted HD collection is a must for me because I'm a huge fan. No Mans Sky will be a huge must for m... #10.2
Or what? What do you think is going to happen if Sony doesn't show something at E3? Do you honestly think there's going to be some huge paradigm shift in the market? The only people who really pay attention to these events are the hardcore gamers and they've already chosen which side their on. E3 doesn't mean jack squat in terms of console sales. #11.1
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They don't have to release as many because they've released more throughout the year.

The Order 1886
MLB The Show 2015

Plus God of War HD Re mastered will be out in July and Until Dawn will be out in August.

So that's 5 major exclusives that Sony will have released in 2015 before the holiday season. What major exclusive has Microsoft released this year? #10.1
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I believe X1 will overtake the PS4 in N.A. by this holiday season. However world wide? No it won't happen. Globally the X1 is in an inescapable 2nd place. #37
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Not only that, the loading times aren't nearly as bad as some make it out to be. I'll GLADLY take longer loading times between deaths if it means I get no loading screens going in and out of houses. #17.1.1

Uncharted 4's delay had nothing to do with the re mastered collection. It was delayed because it wasn't going to be ready, simple as that. #1.1.13
Agreed. I was BEYOND ready to move onto the next generation when the PS4 finally came out. #5.1
Maybe it's just me but I never found the framerate to be all that bad anyway other than the cutscenes. #3

Yes this really looks bulky doesn't it?

http://image.motortrend.com... #1.1.2
See I actually believe the opposite. I believe Sony will really show off 3rd party partnerships this E3. It wouldn't surprise me to see them open the show with something like Call of Duty or Star Wars Battlefront. I also think we'll see Metal Gear Solid 5 and Assassins Creed at Sony's conference. #5.1
Huh???? #4.1.1
I realize everyone is anxious to play this. However how does Sony NOT launch this in October at the height of the Halloween season? I have never understood this with games (or movies) of this genre. You'd think people would be more apt to play games like this during that time of year. #24
Yes, Summons75 they absolutely SHOULD! Don't present your game as one thing and then put it out as something else. That is a bait and switch tactic and that is supposed to be an illegal practice.

Besides, is it really THAT unreasonable to ask developers to put "trailer does not represent final product?" I mean are we reaching for the stars here with that request? #6.1.2
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