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There's no way Nintendo will even SHIP that many Switches in the first year LMAO!

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Titanfall 2 is awesome! Criminally underplayed and I honestly like it more than I do Battlefield 1.

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3rd party support for Switch will be similar to 3DS. Lots of unique Japanese titles along with a bunch of indie support. Gamers who think the Switch is going to get lots of Western and Euro support are setting themselves up for disappointment.

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Me too. Except the virtual console. It was way better on Wii.

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WTF!?!? If anything they deserve it more!

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Wii and GameCube architecture were nearly identical though. The Switch architecture is very different from Wii U. I can see how that would be quite a daunting task.

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Nier, Horizon, Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2, damn! PlayStation is about to go into beast mode!

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I roughly expected Xbox One levels. X1 launched over 3 years ago and was already considered outdated tech then. Considering how rapidly tech moves I really didnt think it was that farfetched to expect similar performance levels in a tablet casing in 2017.

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Welcome to 2005 Nintendo! Jesus!

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Based on the trailer that was shown, I thought the English voice over was quite good.

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You don't have to click to see the headlines.

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I feel as more time goes by, Nintendo is going to regret the decision to market this thing first and foremost as a home console. I think they would be much better off marketing the Switch as a powerful successor to the 3DS, putting all the focus on the mobility of the machine and downplay the home-docking functionality as just an added bonus. Otherwise, every single time Digital Foundry posts a video comparison of any multi-console title, the Switch version is going to get embarrassed. Percep...

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See I knew this kind of shit would start once multiplats on the Switch started rolling out. Nintendo should have never promoted this as a home console. It's simply not powerful enough to compare to the competition. It's a slightly beefier Wii U that's portable.

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"-A game that was delayed so many times they just said screw it we'll wait for our next console to release (Zelda)."

Yeah OK. What does that have to do with the fact that it's going to be an awesome game? What you quoted doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the title.

"A Wii U port with a new game mode? (MK8)"

Full game + all DLC, 5 new characters, new battle mode, new battle arenas, full 1080...

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Well, I want it and I'm a consumer. My 6 year old son REALLY wants it and he' a consumer.

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Ahhh but now you can play in the crapper!

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That commercial was 100% better than their entire presentation.

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Am I the only one sick of hearing from this guy?

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