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I'm so ready for this! I have been looking forward to this game for 2 years! #10

Oh well, uh, this is awkward LOL! I guess if anyone has the right to use that description its you.

You may be right regarding the 360's "dude bro" influence. However I think there's more to it than that. If you look at Japanese developers as a whole last generation, many of them struggled with game development and design. I think many sort of lost their identity and were clinging to old ideas instead trying to move forward,... #25.1.3
Dude,I'm sure you mean no offense by it but "Jap dev" is not exactly the most flattering description. Just sayin'. #25.1.1

LOL evidently not. Seriously, even with all the benefits of online, namely convenience, having your own screen to play from, etc. I have never had as much fun online gaming as I did playing 4 player split screen Goldeneye or the original Halo, or the countless Street Fighter, Tekken, and Virtua Fighter tournaments my friends and I would have at each other's houses. Multiplayer in of itself is not what makes gaming fun. It's the opportunity to hang ou... #17.1.2
I'm not a huge fan of JRPG's, but I am so glad to see this genre getting more support on Playstation this generation. I'm not sure what happened last generation and why JRPG's by and large disappeared from the gaming landscape, however I've been gaming long enough to recognize that when the Playstation brand is at it's best, it's when it has a copious line up of JRPG's in it's library. I'm glad to see this happening again, not only for the platform but... #25
Well just take your ball and go home then! :-D #7.1
Does the new patch let you adjust the opacity of the HUD or remove it? Until then I am no longer supporting this game. The bright white HUD in this game damn near caused permanent burn in on my plasma TV. #4
Uh no #19.1.2
Good Lord. If the MOVIE trailer didn't break the internet, a freaking video game trailer certainly isn't. #19
Something must be wrong. After I fill everything out and type in the security word at the bottom, I click "Complete Beta Application" and nothing happens. I figured it would at least give me a confirmation that my application for the bet has been submitted or something but it doesn't. The screen just sits there. #12.2
See my post above. I said the exact same thing. #17.1
I'd rather play this than control waify androgynous protagonists with spiky hair and annoying high-pitched voices while wielding gun swords 8 times bigger than they are. #17.2
That's what I was thinking. If this is the PC version, why aren't they showing it at 60fps instead of 30fps? #8.1
Music to my ears! With VERY few exceptions, I hate online multiplayer.

Now how about companies start implementing multiplayer modes that encourage more togetherness, as in...you're in the SAME ROOM with your buddies playing together again! Online is great and all, but it doesn't even come close to playing games that allow family and friends to be amongst each others physical presence while playing! #15
Yeah, see here's the problem I have with your post. Metal Gear is pretty much the only recognized, high selling franchise that Konami has left. They've managed to screw up all of their other franchises and now they have ran off the ONE guy in their studio with any creativity. Is it Kojima's fault that Konami can't seem to produce any other successful franchises? No. Maybe if Konami hadn't turned their other beloved IP's to shit, they could subsidize the cost of Met... #47.1
What does being open world have to do with graphic fidelity? I don't understand why so many of you are willing to give FH2 a free pass in the graphics department just because of that. Burnout Paradise City was open world and it's graphics were fantastic (for that generation). Skyrim was open world and I consider it one of the best looking games last generation. So was GTAV. Just because it's open world doesn't mean a damn thing.

As far as metacritic goes,... #9.8.2
"The app support is actually based on the company not Sony or MS"

Which makes no damn sense to me since There are roughly twice as many PS4's out in the wild as Xbox One's. If MS isn't money hatting these network apps, why are they not available on PS4?? #12.1.1
1.) Custom folders

2.) Uncompressed audio format support(FLAC, WAV, etc)

3.) Volume leveler added to the audio player

4.) More network app support (SYFY, A&E, USA, ESPN, etc)

5.) External HDD support (as in being able to run programs from the external HDD, not just for storage).

6.) DLNA support.

7.) Custom Wallpaper

8.) Friends Online/Offline notification

We're talking about PS4, not XB1. #10.1
100% agreed. In terms of graphics, challenge, fun factor, etc I think Driveclub absolutely smokes FH2. #9.1.1
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