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LOL dude, Sony SAID they were focusing on 4 key titles for their show and that's exactly what they did. I mean, you can't criticize them for not having any surprises when they told everybody ahead of time exactly what they were going to do. I actually thought "Control" was a nice surprise as it's Remedy's first game on PS4 and it looked cool.

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Watching Phil Spencer tell the Xbox faithful that they were committed to making Xbox the best place to play was kind of like watching someone tell a starving person "hey, don't worry! The seeds are in the soil! You'll have food soon!"

Xbox's presentation on the surface seemed great...until you started peeling the layers back and realized that there was also a lot of "smoke and mirrors." Other than the studio acquisitions announcement, (two...

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Because Nintendo fans are perpetual 9 year olds who refuse to grow up and play mature games.

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WTH is with that game? I feel like it's been in development for 5 years.

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Those who care more about content than presentation. After all, we don't play presentation. We play games and the games are what made Sony stand out.

Besides, the negative backlash over Sony's conference is so overblown. Yes the intermission after The Last of Us Part 2 was awkward and killed momentum. However after that, it was just like last year's presentation. Very little talking and game after game. At the end of the day...

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Mod Nation Racers 2!

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"Its more of the same..."

You could say that about literally EVERY video game in existence.

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And way less monologuing. Spencer spent way too much time talking IMO. Just let the games speak for themselves. You don't have to constantly be saying "we're committed, we're committed."

Also, for the love of God, please stop with the obnoxious "WORLD...PREMIERE," "WORLD...EXCLUSIVE," "CONSOLE LAUNCH ON A FULL MOON EXCLUSIVE."

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What I don't understand with PS Now is Sony's screwy subscription models for it. You can subscribe for 9.99 for the "first month", you can pay for a 3 month block at 19.99 or a 12 month block for 99.99.

First of all, that is so convoluted
and unnecessary. Why is it only for the "first month" you can pay 9.99? Why don't they just go to a standard 9.99 per month model like Game Pass? Second, it makes no damn sense to offer a 1...

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Amazing! It's like you didnt even read my post. E3 is the largest consumer electronics event of the year. It's the one time when not only gamers and gaming media, but mainstream media outlets actually pay attention to gaming "nerd" culture. Its absolutely insane to pretend that it doesn't matter, or that nobody cares about it. That is horseshit rationalization for Nintendo having a poor showing. And yes I do realize Nintendo has Directs throughout the year. That...

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The difference with Sony is they get the lions share of 3rd party support to fill the gaps between their exclusive releases. Red Dead 2 ain't coming to Switch. Assassins Creed Odyssey ain't coming to Switch. Battlefield V ain't coming to Switch. Kingdom Hearts 3 aint coming to Switch. Hell Nintendo couldn't even get Madden on Switch. This is why IMO Nintendo has to try harder to have an impressive showing when all eyes are on them. Spen...

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Agreed. I dont get the strategy of having a lackluster showing at the largest consumer electronics event of the year, where gamers and virtually all major media outlets are paying attention, only to have game announcements through dedicated directs weeks later where only hardcore Nintendo fans pay attention. Their "IV Drip" approach to releasing information is infuriating.

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Agreed. Ghost of Tsushima looked next gen almost.

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Certainly not good enough to practically carry your entire E3. No it's not! Nintendo should have had more. Just accept it.

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I would swear this was a next gen game. That's how good it looks to me!

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no subtitles?

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They can say that until they're blue in the face but what does it matter if it doesn't translate to what were seeing on screen? New engine or not, it looks like a slightly upgraded Wii U port. I guess that's a testament to how weak the Switch hardware really is.

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It's the optics of SSBU that's the issue Neonridr. It just doesn't LOOK new. It looks like a slightly upgraded port of the Wii U version. Yes I know Nintendo is saying it's an all new engine but it just doesn't translate when looking at it, just like Splatoon 2. IMO Nintendo was insane in thinking this should've been the focal point of their whole show. They should've had more, period end of sentence! Where was Yoshi? Where was Bayonetta 3? Where was Metro...

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when did Rob Zombie start making videogames?

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Hey you stole my line! ;-)

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