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LOL yeah I'm sure that's it. I'm sure there's tons of people waiting to spend 500.00 on a new console.

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Keep telling yourself that.

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I know opinions/tastes vary from person to person but Geez-US, I am continuously puzzled at why some gamers just continue to carry that flag for Xbox. What is it? Is Halo THAT important to you? Is Forza THAT important to you? If so, hey more power to you. However I just don't see how anyone can objectively look at the 3 current platforms available and NOT come to the conclusion that PS4 is hands down the best gaming platform right now and it's really not close.

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Thank you. I think that's the explanation I was looking for.

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Yes but narcotics are a PHYSICAL thing that you put in your body that has real chemical effects on it. Video games not physical outside of pushing a controller. Again, I'm not seeing the connection at ALL. There's absolutely nothing about videogames that would have a direct, PHYSICAL impact on your brain.

The only argument that could be made is that people who spend an inordinate amount of time playing videogames are more ignorant of ...

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Big difference between being educated and being smart! :-p

J/K! Congratulations on your award.

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No, I'm talking about something that has a direct physical impact on your brain. Like if you told me boxing causes brain damage, I get that because of the constant trauma that fighters receive to the head. However I'm not seeing the connection between sitting in front of a TV and mashing buttons and physical damage to your brain.

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They definitely are but at the same time, do that many people really care?

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Question, how does a non-physical activity cause a physical result? This makes no sense.

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The game's problem isn't lack of content. It's lack of fun. The game just isn't fun to play. It's like taking a bad game and adding more levels to it. Make the game fun! Give us REASONS to be doing what we're doing in NMS. Not just for the sake of doing it.

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I didn't see a "significant" difference between P.Cars 1 on high end PC and PS4. Why should I expect any difference here?

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Fall 2019

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"This thing released more than 3 years after the PS4 & XBone & is significantly weaker than both."


Jesus why do so many people gloss over this fact? It's a handheld device that's (slightly) more powerful than the Wii U. There's no handheld on the market more powerful. In terms of handhelds, it's extremely cutting edge.

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Nintendo needs to just go ahead and name their systems "Baby's First Console."

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"It has a better controller in every way to the ps4, I love my ps4 but that light bar is one of the worst design choices ever, I literally am ALWAYS having to rush to plug it in."

If you are referring to the 70.00 Pro Controller, you cannot count that because that is an accessory sold separately and is not a standard component that is packed in with the system. That would be like saying the Xbox one is a better console because of their 150.00 Pro controller sold ...

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Because as an X1 owner you kind of have to. You're certainly not playing anything new, LOL

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The ONLY things it does better than Xbox are serve as a handheld gaming device and exclusive. The only thing it does better than PS4 is serve as a handheld gaming device.

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Because the Xbox brand is a paper tiger that fooled a LOT of people (including fans, media, certain developers, and forecasters) last generation into thinking they were more relevant than they actually are. The PlayStation brand is the most globally recognized platform for console gaming. Xbox is a wannabe also-ran.

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Attention to ALL developers, PLEASE give us these two options on!

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