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Finally some footage thats not in that awful chase view!

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I HATE that chase view!

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Ha! I never said hello to that POS.

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Congratulations to the developers! Cuphead is truly a special game! Too bad it's on the wrong console. ;-P

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MK XL is the only thing of note.

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Do you know why X1 had better pereived launch games? Because MS dropped support of X360 and moved on to X1 much earlier than Sony did with PS3. PS3 got great games the same year, or just prior, to when PS4 launched. Same thing with PS2 when PS3 launched, and the same will happen again with PS4 when PS5 launches. Only this time it will all be forward compatible.

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BOTW is a good game but I do think it's a tad overrated. There's absolutely nothing that BOTW does that other RPG's didn't already do a long time ago. You change the name of Zelda BOTW to something like Joe's Adventure and the scores would drop.

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Yeah Driveclub looks better at half the framerate. Did you realistically expect GT to look better while pushing double the frames per second? Why do so many seem to not understand this? When you double the frames that are being pushed per second, sacrifices have to be made somewhere. Plus I never said GT Sport has the best graphics of any racer. However to say that it looks like a PS3 game is BS.

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I'm really enjoying the demo. My biggest complaint is no dynamic weather or day/night transition. I'm really hoping Polyphony is secretly working on that to be added later. However the handling, the UI, the car models, the lighting, the 7.1 surround sound, etc are all first class!

Graphically, those of you saying it's ugly or that it looks like a PS3 re master, get bent! Enough with the pure bullshit hyperbole! Look we get it. You think Forza 7 is better...

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LOL it's like saying "The Corvette beats the Ferrari in every way except going fast.

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Youre exactly right. The X1X is MS' admission that they lost. Without saying it with words, the X1X is MS attempt to re set the chess board early because they know the current gen is a lost cause.

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PS Plus subscribers can PRE download it now. Non Plus subscribers will have to wait until tomorrow.

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To each their own boodi but I've always preferred gt's graphics over Forza's. To me it's like comparing a gorgeously rendered CGI cartoon to actual film footage. GT's graphical style has always taken on a more understated, realistic look whereas Forza is more bold, more colorful, shinier, etc. That's where the "plastic" comments come from. I think it mainly has to do with how each game handles lighting and reflections. It's more pronounced in Forza w...

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Elegance is a good word for it. I've always said that there's a certain "zen" quality to GT games not found in any other racing title. The handling of the cars is so perfect. Plus there's always something about GT's graphical presentation that is so satisfying. Nobody does lighting like Polyphony. It's so natural and "understated." Plus the meticulous car detail is unmatched. I also always love the mellow Jazzy menu music. It's so soothing ...

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150 of the most exquisitely detailed cars ever put in a racing game (only the original CAD files are more accurate) with more to come. I'll gladly take fewer, higher detailed cars over 1000 cars that contain inconsistent quality, boring off the lot economy cars, and needless clones that serve no other purpose other than to pad the numbers. 150 is just fine to start with. Stop trying to turn this into a pissing contest.

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60fps ain't happening with these old ass CPU's.

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Is this coming to the states?

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Agreed 100%. Could go away tomorrow and I wouldnt miss them at all.

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I agree. UBIsoft games are always pretty to look at but to me feel soulless. Like theyre put together by committee in "assembly line" fashion. They are "McGaming" at its finest.

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