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I thought u were being sarcastic, then i realized u jus sound like a broken record.. U checked how much live is?

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Do u even read wat Folezicle's trying 2 say, he wasn't sayin neither 1 was betta than the other, he was usin example, he never said he prefered Blu-ray.. re-read wat he said again before u make ur self look stupid by doing exactly wat he said.. Fukin 12 year olds how do they work?

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Dunt worry Cueil its the typical "SonySoldier", forgets that there is competition, and tht the PS3 isn't alien technology.. Don't bother trying to speak ne sense to these fools.. Also ChronoJoe, u watch da casual market by Kinect... I think PS3 Move will not sell as well

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You are soo damn right T9X69

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I aint no fan-boy of any, I play PC.. regardles you can't call a game bad, when you haven't tried it... I've read reviews giving this game an all right score... I stick to PC anyway to get out of this stupid Console Wars, both types are just brainwashed by the other.. Heck I owned a gamecub and a nintendo 64, and I've played Halo and Uncharteds 2, and they can't capture the atmosphere the old games have...

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Damn u just got shut down trounbyfire... And trounbyfire PC games can look better, and often play better (since a lot of the development is on the PC) if you pay the money, or know how t omod the computer (which is cheaper than a console. PC Gaming won't die out, unfortunately the consoles have to go through cycles

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This would solve it, and would quite well with it

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There is technology that the millitary have developed which can focus sound waves on certain area.. Last time I saw it there was plans to put them in shops so it didn't sound like multiple Tvs going at once.. Ill see if i can find a link on it

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