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idiots like u go buy 360s itll break in 1 day

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theyre fanboys though cnt trust em i bought mine and it broke day 1

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fukin stupid cunt the 360 breaks down all the time i dnt thnk the ps3 is breakable

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all fps games on 360 suk

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Go sell ur 360 anf get a PS3, It's not the fan-boys that ruin the gaming, its the 360s, stupid pieces of rubbish

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how can u expect to voice your own opinion if u like xbox, since we all know tht u wld be obviously b dumb and wack and brainwashed goo away bloody Xbot ur console sux, normal pple know tht.

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Yes I say dis coz majority of em dnt go on gaming sites, all they do is go on COD, despite the stereotypes, this is true, u can tell coz of their achievements.. And I play COD, and although i got a large gamerscore, other peeps just got gamerscore only in the 100s, yet they're on 10th prestige, also despite tht the 360 aint dead, its sales are decreasin as majority of core gamers alredy own one, this stuff applies to evry1 in my skool, a lot of them had a 360 b4 a PS3, same applies 4 the...

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tha game looks awsum, lol at the peeps disagreeing on the comments coz its a 360 exclusive

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How bout stop wining bout somethin u dnt own

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Damn shouldda sold mine

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Sad Kid

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Soo true

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I think mistwalker sells well coz microsoft put money into the marketing they shld really advertise more jrpg.

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meh Iphone 4 came out this tyear this will probs not do wel sales wise

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Sorry thats what i was meant to say there are better exclusives on other consoles.. Really, I just found the story for Alan Wake and how it was presented brilliant.. Maybe it's because I love story driven games

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You played Alan Wake mate?

That is probably the best exclusive out there

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You got to play it really with co-op, I loved the first one, and the second is kind of more of asn expansion. It's nice idea to add zombies though my driving skill in the 1st was the only thing that I didn't get leveled up, however in the 2nd it's a lot easier to run-over the zombies

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Dats true it has little hardcore games but when did Microsoft state it wld be for the core, newayz child of eden looks dope

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Dude regardless of the fact Folezicle stuffed up the console u actually read up to line 5 in his comment, ur doin exactly wat he said ur doin Fukin listen 2 ur self, u need 2 improve ur readin buddy, either that or put a meanin 2 the words! Also wat ur doin right there is tellin peeps to get a PS3, sayin its way betta

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