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you mean like You called all kinect for E3? you sony fans need to quit the all Microsoft has is kinect games crap. they are hardly plugging kinect as a gaming device this gen, but you fan boys want to holler every title they release is kinect. Well I'm calling it now every game Sony announces at VGX is Indie. See how that works? #1.2
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they must got a broken link because I'm looking at some for purchase now. #4
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because it will eventually be open to the public, haven't you heard that every Xbox One is a DEV kit? #1.1.1
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got proof #5.1
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That's how sad sony fans are they were blaming the problems of the PS4 (which are real problems) on xbox fans, but there were over 300 Verified Purchase that where one star reviews. It's funny how none of these are verified purchases. so who really are the most brained washed fanboys? it Seems with out a doubt it's sony fans. not only are they trying to make the xbox look bad on amazon they are already trying to block articles about high demand for Xbox One. #3
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How do a article about the Xbox One gets reported as fake or lame and not having proof when this article http://n4g.com/news/1399332... is basically reporting the same thing? You sony fans are sad, Hell they even said on the radio show the breakfast club that it was sold out everywhere this morning. Dam do you sony fan boys think only sonty can have a success... #2
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I don't think the faulty consoles are a mall incident, because if they were there wolud be any reason for sony to ask amazone not to allow sale until they can figure out whats goin on. #4
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Not trolling, but I'm sure that number is a lot higher now with all the faulty PS4 bricking on people. #3
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where does the console looks smashed? #1.1
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I think this is just some sony fan boy posting this to but the blame for faulty consoles on someone other then the company responsible which is sony. #2
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Just show anybody can make a mistake. #1
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You know the funny thing, I have been reading the comments on all these faults with PS4 on multiple sites, and there have been very little gloating from xbox fans. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of sony fan boys are blaming xbox fans for the faulty PS4's and hoping for a disastrous Microsoft launch. That really is sad, and you would think they would wake up and smell the beans. All this bad press of late, is just Karma coming back and biting you people in the ass for jumping on al... #24
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Looks like this isn't a isolated incident. This console must really have been rushed. You would think both companies would've learned from the whole RROD situation that rushing a product out to be first is not a good thing. I hope Xbox One's problems wont be this bad seeing how I'm one of the early adopters. If microsoft ships this many faulty consoles then this truly will be the WORST console launch in history. I was going to buy The PS4 day one at first, but bought a view so... #24
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Dat # 4

Not trying to troll, but wasn't there a rumor that Sony was not going to call this play station the PS4 because in japanese the number four means bad luck? Because if that's the case, a lot of people have been having bad luck and getting faulty PS4's. And after all that good press sony has been getting now there is nothing but bad news. Anyways, I really am not trolling, but I honest to god had a gut felling that the effect of the unprofessional jabs sony... #2
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Wait #11
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people said the PS4 wasn' t rushed, but it does seem like it with the amount of problems going on with it. Anyways, like I said earlier please xbox fan boys no gloating because Karma goes both ways. and if their are problems come xbox one launch sony fan boys remember to keep your pie holes shut. all this nit picking at each other is childish and getting old. #21
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I will say this, I really saw this coming. It is simply karma for all the bs negative reports sony fan boys were butting out on microsoft ans all the nit picking at the simplest shit . With that said, to the xbox fan boys remember karma goes both ways, so no gloating or it will just be a wash and repeat cycle over and over. #46
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Ok I'm honest to god not trying to troll, but what was the shocking announcement? I mean it couldn't been Uncharted, because we all knew that was coming. I was thinking that it was Gears or something, but there was nothing shocking although there were some great announcements. #6
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you are a idiot #20.1
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that's for one store dumb ass. hell if you are going by that article the xbox One is also outselling the PS4. See, doesn't make since does it? #1.1.1
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