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and yet none of those are coming this year.

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Microsoft easily won this, there is no way you people will try to sit their and count timed exclusives and multiplat and try to give E3 to Sony. Not to mentioned Sony announced nothing NOTHING for the rest of the year nor did they have any megaton announcements that wont also be on Xbox (FF7 Shemu 3).

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FF7 first on Playstaion means Soon on Xbox One. They never said exclusive just like the tomb raider deal right?

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where can i watch Microsoft's E3 conference?

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That's shocking, especially since every one claims Xbox had no game for the beginning of the year. Can't wait until E3 to see what they have to actually push consoles. This is great momentum for them to go into E3 with.

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All those indies Sony fan boys was claiming as exclusives are now coming to Xbox One. Whep, another arguing point lost for them I suppose.

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and how many games does PS4 has in 60 fps you idiot? Fps is where your console struggles the most not Xbox One.

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I bet most of the people on this petition are sony fans. They are the only group that continue to beg for games, because PS4 has jack shiot.

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You people do realize this is statistics right, and not actual numbers? Do you people really believe the xbox One has only sold 70 thousand consoles in a country with a billion people?

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"GWG wont sell consoles" is the person that wrote this being serious?

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You act like like you can't hook a laptop to a 55 inch HDTV or bigger. Seriously, you sony fans just can't give Microsoft credit for shit. Youcare complaining about the size of a laptop scree, yet you people were bragging about remote play on a little ass vita screen.

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I am surprise Microsoft has been getting a lot of hype and good news the last 2 days. Normally around E3 is when the media try to release all the lies and over saturate every thing Microsoft does into bad press.

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Did HD kill SD broadcasting? My point is it can go either way.

On topic, is hololens really that impressive? There has been nothing but praise for this thing; I hope it lives up to the hype. And no I don't think it will end consoles.

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Notice how they say shipped 14.8 million but manage to say Sold 22 million? Something seems fishy here.

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Maybe because they said one is a AAA budget game.

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I see Microsoft are really starting to promote games as exclusives. I never seen them announce a game as Xbox one exclusive at the end of a trailer. oh yea, it seem like every time I see something for this game I just get more and more hype. They really know how to advertise this game.

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what now Sony fan boys? Xbox fans have been telling you Microsoft has plenty of new games in development and were using 3rd party to fill the void. On the other hand, Sony are giving their fans 3rd party because they have nothing because they have no games.

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You mean another holiday with lack luster 1st party awaits if you are a sony fan. That's why they are promoting this game, because they don't have any thing to give their fans this holiday. The funny thing about this is Sony will promote a game that their fans will have to wait a week to play after Xbox One owners. I think it's time Sony fans man up, and write a letter of concern to Sony about their first party line up.

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Well Guess I wont be picking this up. It looks like Sony will be advertising this has their big holiday game, if I was a Sony fan I would start worrying. There is no way you can spin 3 holidays in a row with a trash first party line up into a positive. Hell at least Microsoft did give us a wash and repeat cycle last gen, but Sony aren't given their fans crap but indies and 3rd party.

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Why the hell are you idiots reporting every version of this trailer as a duplicate? let one of the damn things get approved.

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