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This is what Ninja theory was working on? oh well guess I will get this since I never played it. I just notice dante has his white hair in the trailer and you also get DM4 Special edition defiantly picking this up. #5
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How are they being over confident? where did he say oh yeah, we will out sell them for now on? He is simply simply being optimistic, which is no different from a underdog in a foot ball game. The only difference is he works for Microsoft and not Sony. #4.1
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Before any one tries to claim parity remember UC4 is also 1080p/30fps. #3
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How does a story that sony fans think gives them hope for this game that states the same facts that has been known since the game was announced get approved. But the update that clarifies that what no one know for sure which is Microsoft was publishing the game get blocked multiple times.

And Sony fans stop hoping for a game you will never get this game will come to pc after the duration is up and that's it just like Rise and DR3. This is the exact Same deal, get over it. #21
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Whep, there goes that timed BS sony fans have been trowing out there. remember sony fans, no more threats Sony payed for SFV Microsoft payed for TR #deal with it, its just business. #1
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The funny thing is you sony fans were happy when they said they were going to take down live, but now you want them dead. anyways, I do agree they need to be caught and arrested enough is enough. #31.1
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When he say "we will deliver on all 3" does he means Xbox One, 360, and PC? #24
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still looks disappointing, regardless if its uncompressed or not. If this was any other company I might have been impressed, but this is Naughty Dog. #1.1
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Okay I really have to say this, the fact that Sony is announcing the exclusive deal for Street fighter and the game doesn't come out until 2018 really tells me Sony has nothing I mean nothing for some time. Sony slogan greatness awaits couldn't be more appropriate right now. The thing is it is waiting for you Sony fans on Xbox One, and that is fact. #8
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I don't care what you Sony fans say, this game graphically looks like trash specially coming from naughty dog. This barley looks better then the last tomb raider and this game is being made for the PS4 from the ground up. Now The game play does look great which is what really is important, but you you Sony fans need to stop lying to yourselves. Stop saying this is the best looking game ever, hell it's not even in that category right now. #61
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when does psx starts? #7
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Everyone are that's saying live is down probably don't even own a Xbox one. I was on xbox live since about 5 p.m and had know idea this was going on until I came here. so it's obviously isn't everywhere. #18
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will the game awards be televised? on topic I will take this with a grain of salt geoff is always over hyping shit. #5
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I think both Microsoft and Sony should start a comic book universe like the marvel and DC universes for there franchises and try crossovers that way. It would make more since, and would be safer. even though I really would love to see a game cross over if it done the wrong way it could damage both franchises in the cross over. #8
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Oh boy, here go with the insecure sony trying to block this story. Like I said, it just tickles me that how unrealistic sony fans are being with themselves. If you had half a brain you knew that a higher priced PS4 bundle with rehashed exclusive had no chance against the Xbox one bundles. Sony fans need to stop holding on to the hope that PS4 won black friday when there has been far to many signs pointing to xbox winning... including pics of mountains of PS4s in stores. like I said the only r... #2
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The only thing historical about this are the people that actually believe this. VGchartz AND NOT SONY made this land mark announcement. Why does that seem strange? Oh wait, hell VGchartz...enogh said. #2
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I don't know where they are getting it's close from every store I have been to is either sold out of xbox ones or only have one one the shelf while therr are mountains of PS4s everywhere.

need more proof


... #2
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But but but the PS4 GTA 5 bundle was suppose to destroy the xbox this black friday LMAO!!!. If any of the idiots that made that statement had half a brain, they would have known that a PS4 bundle with a rehash last gen game, and a higher price tag against any Xbox bundle out right now would have no chance. Some people just can't be realistic with them selves and it just tickles me to death. #20
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I would do the normal jabs at sony, but I am really getting tired of these hackers right about now. True it shows the lack of security on Sony's part, but people need to find something better to do with their damn time. #1
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I find it funny that Sony fans want to sit there, and call xbox fan boys cry babies. When we have dealt with all these negative articles most of the year, and been mostly silent. Yet, they bitch about devs not making PS4 games far better then Xbox One's version, and even threaten devs and actresses lives over a exclusive deal. This is a damn good reason to speak out on this website being bias especially when they sit there and say the xbox is still not at the right price. #32
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