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The dumbest thing about this article is he says the game launched at the end of the month but wonder why it didn't push more consoles. Ask that question again. We all know the media is desperate to find something bad on halo and are grasping at straws.

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it's only overhyped because it's a feature PS4 will never have.

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I'm pretty sure there saving that for the quatum break launch. or even possibly a remake who knows.

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See the typical Sony fan boy You are trying to throw this on Xbox fans when I clearly said that this guy doesn't represent sony fans. that's the difference between xbox and Sony fans we have more class.

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get flagged for what? this is a legit story with the video to prove it. The only people who will flagged this are insecure Sony fan boys who think this will give xbox fans fuel for the console war. But in reality this doesn't represent them so why block it?

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Dude I make it no secret that I prefer Xbox, but I do own bot PS4 and Xbox. See that's the difference between Xbox fans and Sony fans we don't act like it will kill us to buy the competition of our preferred console as well. A lot You Sony fans just have a strong dislike for microsoft for no reason, and it's just as pathetic as the guy in this vid. and yes I meant what I said it's better you all then us. Xbox fans already get enough trash talk coming our way. But like I said o...

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This is the funniest thing I ever Saw a fan boy do. This has nothing to do with the console war no matter how fanboys see it. As much as I would like to clown Sony fans for this one perverted idiot doesn't represents a entire fanbase. But I still think it's better them (Sony fan boys) then us ( Xbox fan boys).

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Everyone doesn't have to release numbers to prove they are doing good, your concerned about numbers is because Sony made the decision for you whether or not EA access comes to PS4. If membership was bad it would at least be on PC, but it remains Xbox exclusive.

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We all no that if the answer is no because 60fps is something the PS4 can't pull off locked.

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Only a uninformed fanboy will make such a dumb ass statement. everyone knows the halo is really bigger then the online portion of the game.

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then why did you But a PS4? There is jack shit on there worth buying. And don't bring up all those indies.

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dude that was the dumbest statement ever. Microsoft the owners of Xbox bought a physics company for gaming and cloud, get over it.

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It's funny how Sony is selling all those console, yet Microsoft is the one spending all the money on improving their gaming tech and 1st party studios.

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if I have to pay for games I already own neither. Seriously, what would be the point?

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Dude do you really think you are going to stick a PS2 disc in the ps4 and play it? You will be paying to play a game you already own just like you are already doing with PS Now.

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i guess i will pick this game up tomorrow.

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You don't know how they can top this years E3? this is all I have to say

You really can't be serious.

That video should be the theme song for you Sony fanboys. Because that is the reaction I have to a lot of the stupid comments you people write.

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100% yes,if Sony fan boys can start a no parity movement over res which really has nothing to do with innovating games there should damn well be one for this.

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That is literally the only thing you Sony fanboys can say about the Xbox one, and that is even a weak argument seeing how Microsoft still is the only company with a 1080p 60 fps first party game.

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the fact that Sony fanboys are bringing up DX12 and the cloud on a game that has nothing to do with either show are scared and desperate they are of them both.

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