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Nah, the media just needs to stop riding Sony's d*$k. Sony is charging their customers for back compact, continuously giving them remasters, flooding the industry with indies and has not put out no more then 3 AAA 1st party games the entire gen. Yet people flock to it like white on rice. The PS4 is the worst Sony Console ever interns of quality games, and people buying buying it the way they are will only hurt the industry.

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funny how you can only name one great PS4 exclusive, I wonder why.

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Microsoft is not Sony bro know game since forza has been don graded on xbox one Deal with it.

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You act like there isn't a bias going on in the media towards Xbox. We know for fact there has been far more quality games on xbox. But hey we know Sony can release a game about being sliced bread and that is considered quality.

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So you admit PS4 has no exclusives?

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You know what? let Sony continue to win, because the more they win the more Microsoft will give us what we want. While Sony on the other hand, will continue to push multiplats, indies, and remasers And they will continue to charge their fans for games from 10 years ago, hell look what they just did with digital sales..

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the only reason Sony fans are bringing up PC is because of that lack luster lame ass list of remasters and indies they have coming to PS4.

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I swear, it seems like every since the announcement about the details for PS2 emulation on PS4 Sony has been on a downward spiral. They just had that lame ass conference, and now one of there biggest games that there fans have been hyped for is episodic.

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What AAA exclusive? seriously what 1st party exclusive besides unchharted is coming from Sony next year?

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Dude Sony skip Gamescon for this, and you fans was hyping this event as their bread and butter. I remember a lot of you were posting list of studios with unannounced games that were supposed to be here, and it was a complete let down. I would Microsoft not give me a event then miss one and have me hyped for a trash event like this year PSX.

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yea a lot more indies as usual.

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Whep, this is the last event Sony will be at this year and still no AAA games. I think it's safe to say Microsoft, and not Sony is for the gamer.

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Really? then name one big AAA exclusive on PS4 this holiday.

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How does Sony winning one store equals winning black friday? Where is the article for over all sales?

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Sony need to do something to fix those bad ass frame rates on most of their games.

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And we fill sorry for you people, buying a console off of hyped and no games. Seriously sales is all you Sony fans have to talk about this holiday. while Xbox owners have Halo 5, TR, Forza, a new controller, Back compact, and a new UI. Yet you somehow manage to fill sorry for us.

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what games?

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in My opinion a idiot who doesn't believe in god is the lowest scum on earth. every man is responsible for his own action and will have to answer to god when the day comes. And if a man follows a group of people he is not following god. You don't even have to go to church to follow god meaning you only follow him.

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I will say just one more thing, for all of you Sony fans who are hoping it didn't move consoles you are contradicting your selves. We know that it didn't move many consoles in October but, but still manged over 400 million. So, either way this game is a major success and got most of it's money from software. Now go and try and spin that.

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Have what? that you are a desperate fanboy who is going out his way to find bad news about halo. You know this article doesn't make since when it is talking about a game moving consoles for three days out of a 31 day month.

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