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Bringing the right genres, there goes that idea of every xbox one game going to pc. #8
Why do we pay for Xbox live and PSN? Well I know we are paying for ease of mind on Xbox live, I don't know why any one pays for PSN. #1
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You mean like that POS game that you are using for you avatar? #2.1
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I'm not trolling, get mad and report me I don't care. But I find it funny that this game and Scream Ride has had no where near the hype as the order, yet they both take longer to beat, they're both cheaper, And both scored far better. The funny thing is Sony fans kept hollering what do Xbots have for the beginning of 2015 and our indies our scoring better then their big AAA games. Whats even funnier, now that Uncharted 4 is delayed what other AAA games do Sony fans have for the re... #7
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Microsoft please don't be stupid, Buy Moon Studios. #3
this game is scoring very well I am really surprised a AA (This is not a indie) game score this high. #2
The only people trying to make this a big deal are Sony fan boys with these click bait articles. PC players never payed for online so why the hell is it a big deal all of a sudden? Seriously why is this question being ask a PS4 owners as well. #19
you mean like Sony did doing with Drive club? Oh wait KI worked day one. #3.6
It's amazing that people are so brain washed by Sony that they are disagreeing with you. #7.1
It's funny how all Sony can announce is sale numbers and their fans get full on erections, while Microsoft is constantly announcing new games and features. Something that their fans actually benefit from. Any ways, congrats to Sony, but you fans who are celebrating this need to think long and hard about what you are doing. #21
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It's crazy that this game is doing far better in reviews then the order. If it manages to out sell The Order the net will break. #2
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So if Sony doesn't deliver the free version they will have once again lied to there fans. When will you Sony fans call Sony out on there BS? #32
knowing Sony fans it will. They will buy this game just to support Sony; not realizing they are doing them selves a disservice by buying this game, and making it okay for Sony to release a game with minimum length and quality.

Seriously They only have them Selves, to plain look at the exclusives release buy sony this gen. Knack, KZ Shadowfall, Drive Club, infamous, and now the order all basically tech demos and nothing more. #6.1
I think he/she means that's his personal reason for owning both (if he/she does owns them). If they would have said unlike some people then I would agree with you, but there is no where in his comment he/she calls any one fake. #3.2.1
Wellthem going broke might have something to do with it. #4
But but the PS4 is selling well. I guess now Sony fans will stop acting like the PS4 is all Sony needs to survive. Disagree all you want but you are kidding your self if you think The PS4 alone is going to pull Sony out of this whole.

You people are in denial about Sony's financial situation, just like you were in denial about DX12 coming to Xbox one. And you are still in denial that you want ever get to play the next Tomb Raider on PS4. #3
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Do Sony fans realize they are giving Microsoft their money when they Buy this game? Yet, they claim they will never support the demon that is Microsoft... LMAO. #1
this is coming from Vgchartz so all I have to Say is BUUUULLLLLllll shit. #20
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To bad none of Sony's other divisions are making a comeback like the PS division. because compared to there biggest competitors they are separated by BILLIONS of $$$$$. #8.1
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The fact that you have to put Sony Santa Monica is making a AAA game in the headline... shows how sad Sony first party offerings are at this point. #3
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