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Dude are you really being serious? you would think that you Sony fans would be tired of all the remake Sony are throwing at you guys. #1.1.8
I guess know one is going to bitch about the music in this trailer because its not rap. #1
we all know what ever sony does, will all ways be considered good enough to their fans. #2
Sadly the answer is more then likely no, Sony will get away with a crappy game line up, with crappy customer service, and a bunch of indies.that will happen all because they are Sony, it's really sad that people are still buying into Sony lies and hype. At least the media is finally seeing Sony for what they are, but their fanboys are so blind they will make every thing Sony do the greatest thing since sliced bread. #9
#believe, LMAO the fact that you sony fans have to believe that games are coming to PS4 says a lot about Sony's line up. #10.1
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I have this on the amazon fire stick and when I watch the ESPN channel it keeps closing after 5 mins. is anyone else having this problem? #2
We know Sony needs them. #1.1
Looks like Nxtgen720 wasn't full of shit, Well the fact that this will be (if true) on BOTH PC and Xbox One proves that Microsoft and the rest of the business world see them both as Microsoft's one platform. So there goes another one of you Sony fan boys argument. #21
Look the people on here know I am Xbox proud, but saying because titan fall is on PS4 it is ruin is trash. And I'm sure no other Xbox owner feels any different. With that Said notice no Xbox gamers had the back lash Sony fans did over the ROTR announcement. #40
I see Sony fans hoping that Quatum Break will be delayed, but the thing is even if it is delayed The Xbox One has MULTIPLE games to fall back on. #1
Damn, I herd rumors that halo 5 looked better then The Order 1886 already, and if that footage they showed was real time a think its safe to say that is the case. #8
Microsoft just keeps bringing the great exclusives. Seriously Ps4 libary so far can't touch the xbox one it's just amaze me that people are buying the PS4 the way they are. #1
Bringing the right genres, there goes that idea of every xbox one game going to pc. #8
Why do we pay for Xbox live and PSN? Well I know we are paying for ease of mind on Xbox live, I don't know why any one pays for PSN. #1
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You mean like that POS game that you are using for you avatar? #2.1
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I'm not trolling, get mad and report me I don't care. But I find it funny that this game and Scream Ride has had no where near the hype as the order, yet they both take longer to beat, they're both cheaper, And both scored far better. The funny thing is Sony fans kept hollering what do Xbots have for the beginning of 2015 and our indies our scoring better then their big AAA games. Whats even funnier, now that Uncharted 4 is delayed what other AAA games do Sony fans have for the re... #7
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Microsoft please don't be stupid, Buy Moon Studios. #3
this game is scoring very well I am really surprised a AA (This is not a indie) game score this high. #2
The only people trying to make this a big deal are Sony fan boys with these click bait articles. PC players never payed for online so why the hell is it a big deal all of a sudden? Seriously why is this question being ask a PS4 owners as well. #19
you mean like Sony did doing with Drive club? Oh wait KI worked day one. #3.6
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