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I have been to multiple stores this morning doing last minute gift shopping, and have seen plenty of both consoles on shelves. I really think both companies are paying the media to say they are sold out. there is no way there would be that many consoles on shelves and continuously get reported sold out if they weren't. I will post pics soon for proof maybe tomorrow for now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my christmas I counted a total of 87 PS4's and 93 xbox ones from 7 different...

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remember that comment when reports of broken PS4's start coming in, because I will be holding you to it.

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Stop it, seriously that's the bs I'm talking about there you sony fan boys sit their and claim like the PS4 is doing so much better when it's not(and the numbers will show it). And who the hell is it hurting if they are both doing good? You Son fan boys (I said fan boys) are truly the most disgusting and pitiful gamer on gods green earth. It's ridiculous you people just can't wish all consoles do good. What do you think the industry would be like if Sony was the only Conso...

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I think sony fans are just trying to keep posting Bs about the xbox one to hurt it's sells, and it's just pitiful. They keeping posting all this crap but then block any thing negative about the PS4. If you are so confident the PS4 well kill the xbox why keep posting BS. To top this off this is posted as RUMOR meaning no evidence. Now I guarantee if this was for PS4 it would've been blocked. I have posted stories of bad PS4 problems, and they often get reported as duplicate. Howeve...

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If that is a new ip it has the worst name I ever heard. How the helll do I get a disagree in less then 10 seconds? I did approve this story, so obviously I think it's good news, but doesn't change the fact that the name is bad.

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That's BS, there is no way in hell they played threw this game and only give it a 2.5. I mean it's no 5/5 but 2.5 get real. I garuntee if this was a PS4 exclusive it would've scored higher. Anyways, it is a 7 on metacritic; which is where I think it should be or maybe a 7.5.

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and what are you getting for that? It seems sony fans are desperately trying to make the PS4 look like it is doing so much better then xboxone when it's not. When the numbers are released it will be another close month. The PS4 will be ahead slightly, and sony fans will jump all over it like it isn't the cheapest console with all the hype and not being torn apart by fan boys of the other console with negative and false reports.

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NOW that's a opinion!

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this evidence is pointing to how I'm epecting the consooe war to go, which is the PS4 "SLIGHTLY" out selling the Xbox one which isn't saying much given the cheaper price, good press, and hype.

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when has the Ps4 out sold the Xbox One by a wide Margin. That is very unrealistic considering the PS4 is in what 32 territories compared to 13 and for xbox one and it's 100 bucks cheaper and had way more hype and good press the Xbox One. However it barely outsold xbox one by a 100 thousand, that's hardly any thing to brag about.

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You sound really butt hurt. The fact is micro soft ha announced all these game from only and only a hand full are from there in house studios. most of the studios microsoft own oare mutiple teams with miltiple projects like press play, 343, Black Tusk, Rare, and Lion Head. not to mentioned they still have a bunch of studios that haven't even released or annouced there first game yet like Playful Learning, Kids and Lifestyle Entertainmen Microsoft Studios Osaka and Lift London. I would say...

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this is a great game so far, I would love to see press play do a big budget AAA game soon in the future (Banjo Maybe).

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It's funny you sony fans keep hollering that crap, but there has never been a xbox live hack... well at least not as big as a PSN hack. I have been telling people from the off the reason you pay for live is for security and the proof is in the putting.

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whith the Ps4 only outselling xbox one by a 100 thousand being a $100 cheaper, a week head start and being available in 32 countries (19 more countries the Microsoft) I would say that it seems that people are indeed switching. Switching from being a brainwashed sheep to one company and buying both consoles which is good for the entire industry. I hope sales between the 2 stay close the entire gen just like last gen. But I guess that would hurt if you are a Sony fan right?

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My thing is people keep saying that Xbox ones are in stock, but there are no articles from real game sites making this claim like there were when the PS3 was first launced. All these claims come from some no name sites that are more then likely run by fan boys. Not only that, there has been no pics to back these claims. If you are going to spit out these types of rumors then you need proof. hell I could easily create a site, and claim I did research and made phone calls to retailers that sai...

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you mean like You called all kinect for E3? you sony fans need to quit the all Microsoft has is kinect games crap. they are hardly plugging kinect as a gaming device this gen, but you fan boys want to holler every title they release is kinect. Well I'm calling it now every game Sony announces at VGX is Indie. See how that works?

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they must got a broken link because I'm looking at some for purchase now.

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because it will eventually be open to the public, haven't you heard that every Xbox One is a DEV kit?

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got proof

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That's how sad sony fans are they were blaming the problems of the PS4 (which are real problems) on xbox fans, but there were over 300 Verified Purchase that where one star reviews. It's funny how none of these are verified purchases. so who really are the most brained washed fanboys? it Seems with out a doubt it's sony fans. not only are they trying to make the xbox look bad on amazon they are already trying to block articles about high demand for Xbox One.

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