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2 less games I guess #1
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Correction you got over 20 disagrees, and you are a idiot for wishing something like that. You are one person that apparently got screwed by them. So, to get even you are basically wishing thousands of people lose there jobs; which is where all the disagrees come in. #2.8
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So, Tv is a good thing when sony is doing it, but a mortal sin when Microsoft does it... OK sheep. #24.1
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I really find it funny when sony announce they will turn the PS4 into a cable box it's WOW! sony is the best. But, when Microsoft announces tv FEATURES it's Microsoft is forcing features on us and TV TV TV. This is truly why I hate the Sony fan boys attitude, they are the most blindly loyal sheep of the gaming industry. #25
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It's only weak if it's the complete list. a bunch of games we already seen with one new announcement; where have I seen that before? Oh yea, Sony's E3 press conference. Yet, according to 80% of the net; Sony won E3 wit such a weak list of games. #1.1
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The typical ignorant sony fan boy response. I guess Sony just came up wit all their features from the ground up. According to you idiots Sony created the rumble, motion control, online gaming and the analog, but in reality every feature sony has on it console was borrowed from Nintendo or Microsoft. And what the fuc are they copying from sony? what sony is the only company that listen to fan feed back. You sir are a true idiot. If your head wasn't so far up sony's ass you would know t... #17.1.1
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with no DRM, a head set included with every console, 1 billion invested in their studios and now to option to completely turn off the kinect, Sony fanboys can no longer say Microsoft isn't listening to their customers. #17
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Dude, get a life. #1.4.2
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Do you people really comprehend what they are doing? what is so stupid about what they are doing? #1.2
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Got dam, do you sony Ponies (coin phrase words of youtuber nextgen720) ever do anything but troll fucking articles that isn't about your all mighty savior Sony? Let the Nintendo fans enjoy there bit of good news you brainwashed fanboy. Seriously, you act like everything is just perfect in sony, land, but every time the PS4 is being demoed it crashes but where are your negative comments about that. and before you say you are not a fan boy I already read threw your comment history and anly... #3.4
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Hey, facts are facts. Microsoft has always had better tech support. However, you are right people are starting to compare some of the dumbest shit now. #1.5.2
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Well then, That's how I will buy 80% of my games. #13
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this is so true Microsoft hands down has the best tech support when compared to sony. and whether sony fans want to admit it or not they also give the better warranties. #1
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You are right, you are confused. #1.10.1
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there are rumors about them upgrading the ram. So, I think it's funny that when he mentioned what's inside the console he said a 500 gig HDD and 8 core processor, but nothing about the RAM. Umm wonder why, maybe there is 12 to be announced at Gamescon instead of the already announced 8. #1.2.5
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Dam you Sony fans are brain washed. How is Microsoft coping Sony when they where the first console makers to include a head set? You Sony fan boys give them credit way to unnecessarily. All of the decisions Microsoft made of late have been because of the gamers... not Sony. #3.1.10
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One console company makes you pay to share, and the other will restrict what you can share. In the end, both are fucking you over. #1
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Maybe because ryse doesn't look boring. So, you would have to actually get your hands on it to see for your self is it good or not. As for knack, it looked simple and plain from the videos, and was just being over hyped as a AAA PS4 exclusive by Sony fans just so their list could match Microsoft's number of AAA exclusives. To be honest neither console as a true AAA title at launch, but Microsoft does has the best line up no questions asked. #19.1
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how do I get reported for trolling by stating my opinion? I simply said xboxwon... how the fuck is that trolling? This just shows this site is run by immature sony worshiping fan boys and proves if your opinion doesn't favor Sony you might as well look forward to an upcoming band. Need proof? look at the biggest Sony fan boys on this site. they are loaded with bubbles while the biggest xbox fans only have one or 2 bubbles. Hell, some Xbox fans like @greenzpower have even been band from co... #17
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There is no comparison, XboxWON #14
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