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Look at what you sony fans are celebrating this holiday season, Res facking Res. keep counting them pixels because that's all you Sony fans can do is count numbers. The Ps4 is over hyped, and that is fact. It has less features and most importantly way less quality games. There is no way in hell you people are realistically telling me you are really satisfied with PS4, you spent 400$ on a console and are only getting mediocre retail exclusives and indie games. There is no way in hell I wol...

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Is this suppose to be there big holiday bundle? if so this just speaks volumes about the # of AAA games on PS4 right now.

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LMAO this would have been more realistic if it was written about PS4, that is the console so far that can't deliver nothing more then a tech demo. Notice these type of article started popping up once again after the bad Driveclub reviews.

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you mean like everyone made a big deal about it last gen when PS3 couldn't do 720p? who wait, no one gave a damn back then.

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You have just exposed your self, and the rest of the brain washed Sony fan boys. You freely admitted that you can't see the different in res with the naked eye. I can't wait to see you try and lie when the next xbox one/PS4 res article comes out.

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This just shows that Evolution can't hold a candle to play ground games, this game has been in development far longer, and has even been delayed to make it better. Yet, it still is trash when compared to a open world game being made by a basically new studio.

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So on rail QTE confirmed.

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This is why I never give my personal info to these game companies.

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Nah, more like you Sony fans are getting more and more pitiful. Why ion the hell can't something bad happen to Sony with out you idiots trying to bring Microsoft into it? You people are saying these guys are virgins and losers, but it's a known fact that no group of gamers have a more extreme reaction for there company of choice then Sony fan boys.

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So I just know you will feel that way if the next silent hill will be exclusive to PS4? or what about all those indies Sony is publishing, or what about that kick starter game that Sony bought the rights to that was once coming to Wiiu and Xbox one? I know for a fact you are not buying that, because it's going against your very statement. There is so much more going on in the world for you people to sit here and bitch about a company doing business, most of you people are not 5 years old....

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Remember those rumors about Sony Supposedly getting a lot of 3rd party exclusive support? I wonder did the insider really know that it was Microsoft to be the one to really get all t he support. but was just afraid to say it because of the backlash of a few brain washed extremest idiots. Seriously look at all the 3rd party exclusive things Microsoft have been getting lately. the crew only on 360 for last gen, tomb raider the division DLC, the witcher 3 extras for collectors edition and the li...

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the fact that a article like this is even been wrote shows the bias of the net.

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You Sony fans are not entitled this or any other 3rd party game, and you need to stop acting like you are. You idiots were just patting each other on the back a few days ago about a rumor of Sony getting a lot of 3rd party exclusive support, but want to bitch when one favors Microsoft. This just shows the ignorance and selfishness of Sony fan boys.

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at least some one gave it a realistic review unlike the other BS article claiming know surprises.

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Look, what you Sony fans are doing is truly making the PS4 the wait station. every time Xbox gets a exclusive you idiots holla I will WAIT and see if it comes to PS4 in a year or so. well keep waiting why we Xbox owners are getting the games we want now.

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Notice this game is also coming to 360? Why it's no halo or gears, it really says a lot that Microsoft is still supporting the 360 after nearly 10 years. People always say Microsoft abandon there consoles early well this begs the differ.

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The Xbox One just keeps getting better and better.

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if you are at a movie and you boo because of a game commercial for the competition of your preferred system then you are taking this game thing to serious. when you are at the theater you are normally with your girl, so why the hell are you even thinking about a console war at that point and time. I mean seriously, some people just need to get a life.

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that's the biggest load of shit I have heard TRUE 3rd parties exclusives are dead, and if anyone thinks other wise they are kidding them selves. I mean seriously the PS4 barley has 10 million consoles out why the hell would any company go exclusives this early?

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This just proves that the net is run by Sony fans and try to do any thing they can to hurt Microsoft or make them look bad. But I also notice they start posting negative news for Xbox always around the time of big events. Even if they lost money people are acting like they are the only company in the world that has lost money to launch a new product. sony did the same so why the hell wasn't this blown all out of proportion?

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