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Dude that is the most fanboy bs I have ever heard, you are the epiphany of a brain washed fanboy. Good guy Sony; get the phuck out of here, is Sony not trying to shove a new console on you after 2 years? On the other hand Nintendo stuck to it's gun and will ride out a traditional 5 year console cycle.

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Bro cut the crap, You know just like I do is all you Sony fans were bragging about was power and those damn indies. Now all of sudden it's the games that matter. Let's say that you were bragging about better 3rd party deals and better performance. Is that not what 360 owners were bragging about last gen hence the flip flop on both sides. Bottom line, if the specs are true Microsoft will have the better console interns of powe,r features, w online and games. So what will you Sony fans...

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it's about time some one at Microsoft called out the bias media.

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I think that would be a better question if it was geared towards Sony.

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There is no reason to sell your Xbox One, When I say jump ship I mean I will no longer be a blind Xbox fan boy. Xbox one still has better and more exclusives even with out fable legends. with them talking about making the Xbox up gradable is enough for me believe they don't plan on going any where anytime soon. I think it's ridiculous to sell your console when you still have games like QB, Scale bond, recore, Gears 4, crack down etc yet to be released. now if they start cancelling the...

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Okay, I think's it's time to jump this ship. Microsoft is not giving their fans any reason to believe they will be focusing on console gaming. I don't know what the hell phil is doing but he needs to get gone ASAP.

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you can pretty much say the same thing about sony exclusive not having the name uncharted this gen, seeing how they haven't had a major hit yet this gen.

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what is flame in the flood? never heard of this game.

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is that why it still soldf more on xbox one?

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You know I really don't see why people are bitching avout the way they are putting this on PC. They are giving you the PC version for free if you buy the xbox one version so why complain. on the other hand I do understand why some people will be upset if they put every single first party title on PC because their is nothing making the Xbox unique.

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People are flipping over this game going to pc when you have to have a $650 graphics card at the minimum to play it. Some people just need to chill.

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But did you miss the part were he said it's free if you get the X one version during the preorder window. He also said it's something they are testing meaning more titles will follow. if you will basically be gatting 2 copies of the game for the price of one I don't see what the big fuss is over it going to PC.

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sony doing what they do best, and that is telling their fans what they want.

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Do this question really needs to be asked? It's the brainwashed sony fanboys and the bias media that's hurting the xbox. I mean look at what ign had to say about Microsoft new commercial they felt that they were bragging; what in the hell?

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Killer instinc is hands down the best figter out.

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Think about what you just said, and now say it again.

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