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People are flipping over this game going to pc when you have to have a $650 graphics card at the minimum to play it. Some people just need to chill. #3
But did you miss the part were he said it's free if you get the X one version during the preorder window. He also said it's something they are testing meaning more titles will follow. if you will basically be gatting 2 copies of the game for the price of one I don't see what the big fuss is over it going to PC. #1.1
sony doing what they do best, and that is telling their fans what they want. #42
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Do this question really needs to be asked? It's the brainwashed sony fanboys and the bias media that's hurting the xbox. I mean look at what ign had to say about Microsoft new commercial they felt that they were bragging; what in the hell? #18
Killer instinc is hands down the best figter out. #4
Think about what you just said, and now say it again. #13.1.2
There is no secret that I am one of the biggest Xbox fans on this site, but I never really got in to KI until they releases the first Season for games with gold. Now I can say I am in love with this game it is hands down the best fighter out. Street fighter and MK may be bigger iconic games because of being more generation of consoles, and having longevity, but KI deserves to be up there with them. Maybe Nintendo buying Rare is what cause this game to fall of the radar for nearly 20 years but... #13
do you not understand what the hell a Beta is? #1.8
For you Sony fans jumping up and down was Sunset overdrive not rated for PC? Is it on there? didn't think so. #13
nice try, but he clearly says it's 1080p 30fps on xbox one. #2.6
Do you not understand Activision/blizzard stock? Meaning stock in both companies #1.1.1
To bad Sony can't afford to. If any consomanufacturer would of bought this stock it's Microsoft. #1.2
I think the better question would be which game on PS4 doesn't have frame issues. #65.1
It's funny how Sony fan boys are jumping all over this when the PS4 version hasn't even been showed yet. Do you idiots not think there's a reason for that? #63
Then you Sony fans must never enjoy your games seeing how must games on PS4 has peformance issues. #3.1.2
and a over hyped console with no games (PS4) is still a over hyped console with no games. #2.2.1
Stop lying, Sony confirms it's down but Some how it works for you. Can you say in denial? #2.1
nah, it's just that trash online service Sony is making their fans pay for. #1.11
what the hell does that have to do with anything? I swear, you pathetic Sony fan boys. It's funny how Microsoft made a mistake with a vision they had, but more then made up for it with the amount of things they have given to their fans. Yet, you people want to hold a grudge. Don't get mad because Sony sold you a console on lies and hype with no games. like Sony say, greatness awaits and waits and waits and waits and keep on waiting. #1.7.1
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you Sony fans are sad, There is no way you go from the titles Sony but out last gen and look at the crap they have giving you people and will give you (minus UC4) and be satisfied. #2.7.1
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