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I have a feeling developers will be reluctant to learn how to develop a new console when the PS3 and 360 are still going strong.

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@zeeshan Wow I think you're looking too much into it.

Who says that the next Xbox has to have a number after its name?

It's also clear that Microsoft put so much effort to make the 360 a success, including signing exclusivity deals with publishers to stop the PS3 getting many good games, launching a year earlier, and putting a massive advertising budget behind the console. I would say they were very confident in their product to give it so much finan...

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This is the first in a while where I won't be able to watch it live, unless I can stay up between 1 and 3am.

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I propose a "Play your PS3 day" on April 16th, the same day as this "boycott". Who's with me?

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The more trouble Anonymous cause to PSN, the more donations to the Japanese relief effort that could be lost as a result. It's more than just Sony and its consumers that are losing out from the hacking.

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When you own a license to use software, then you must abide to the terms of the license. Unlike most hardware where you can do almost whatever you like with it.

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I guess there is a new SKU coming soon, and so they're trying to get rid of stock. After all, compared to the other European regions, the PS3 doesn't sell so well in the UK.

Maybe it will be an "unhackable" PS3, with even more hard drive space. Would be good if they added a couple of extra USB sockets too!

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Call of Duty over 3G!

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We'll be lucky if the price is closer to the £200 mark than £300.

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I'd say that picture is an obvious fake. Firstly I don't think Sony will be using their memory sticks again, so they'll just use micro SDs. Secondly, it doesn't make much sense to use SD or Memory Sticks for games because that will just be a hand to the pirates. Instead if it does have an option for physical games, they'll probably invent another type of flash drive that only PSP2s can read, like Nintendo have done for years.

Thirdly, the Xperia Play has a...

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"Ultimately, Pachter acknowledges that he could be wrong."

Not even he has enough confidence in his own judgements, so why should we.

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I just hope he goes to jail. That'll wipe the smile off his face!

Then Sony can focus solely on adding new features rather than patching up security holes.

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I doubt Sony will reveal too much if this is at all true. I expect a proper reveal at E3 when we may see the device for the first time, have proper details on the handheld, and perhaps even have the device available to demo.

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2 years I have been waiting to play through this game again. Many times I have concluded that it's been too long of a wait to see trophies, and yet I live in hope again!

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I actually like it, although the Tiger Woods one looks terrible with all the small text.

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The fail of this video is that he is playing as Vettel!

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I'm pleased to hear about the high F1 2010 review, definitely a must buy for me!

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I have yet to find a negative review for the Move today. Sony must have big smiles on their faces!

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Yeah but don't you have to be sitting right in the middle of the TV, and not at an angle. If so good for laptops, not for the living room.

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I would rather have a dedicated YouTube player.

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