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Eiji Aonuma has already confirmed the new Zelda will break the OoT mold.

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The patent for the NX details it indeed does not have any form of an Optical Drive.

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There's no need to even use ROM's any more its just Flash Chips. This isn't really the first time we heard this either. It's even detailed in the patent for the NX there is no Optical Drive. The real benefit for them going this route is that the game developers can make their own hardware for their games for post processing.

Think any Sunsoft game on the NES with their music.

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The closest I ever got to that was during Shattered Dimensions playing as Spiderman Noir (that Spiderman is voiced by the same guy from the 90's cartoon).

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Do I dare to dream of Persona 5 duel language? It would be honestly be a shame to not get the Japan VA since its such a stellar voice acting line up.

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Well they brought that guy who was doing the fan remake of Shenmue 1 onto the Shenmue 3 team.

Not too bad for something he did by himself not to mention what he did by himself looks almost exactly wha...

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Tentative release date from KS was indeed 2017, though Kickstarter doesn't allow creators to change the delivery date.

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Talk to Sega, they still retain all rights to the Shenmue 1 + 2 license. They are only allowing Yu Suzuki and YS Net to use a partial of the Shenmue IP to make Shenmue 3. Its a very weird situation.

Especially since the most recent thing Sega has ever done with the Shenmue IP was have Ryo as a DLC character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. I look at it the same way as Capcom owning the Viewtiful Joe and God Hand licenses and doing nothing with them even though Hid...

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They just never really did anything with it.

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But Solid is an actual partial clone of Big Boss, with both having similar origin's and ethnic backgrounds (Both grew up in America and both were heavy smokers). So on paper yeah they should sound pretty damn similar.

Plus what people don't seem to realize is with them saying having a young Solid Snake and Big Boss in a scene together talking wouldn't make sense or just wouldn't work here is what we were given. We have a scene in MGS:V at the beginning where w...

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Yeah CD Projekt with Witcher 3, Obsidian with Pillars of Eternity, and Atlus with Persona 5 all did delays to make sure their games are the best they can possibly be.

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@never4get if you saw the Famitsu interview with Katsura Hashino, he said everything about the core game is done. They just wanted to make this game the best Persona game that we expect it to be. It's the same reason CD Projekt Red delayed The Witcher 3 and we saw how that game turned out.

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She's come a long way from her debut in a DS game.

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It is if you buy this game as it shows at the end, you get a little voucher with Hyrule Warrior Legends which can have you download the characters on to the Wii U version.

It hasn't been stated yet if they will sell the content as standalone DLC. Though it will be moronic if they don't.

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Yeah seriously, they couldn't have one of the main producers like Ken-ichiro Imaizumi accept them?

You know versus PR people which have next to nothing to do with the development of the product?

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Opinions people!

Kamiya is not the de facto when listing Worlds famous games. He's just throwing his two cents in, how you interrupt what he says is your own problem.

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I personally think we have come to a good point regarding graphics in games. I believe its time we start putting a little more effort into the gameplay. :)

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Theirs certain groups of Fallout fans.

There is the fans of the new games, there's the fans of the first two games maybe Brotherhood of Steel as well (they are currently getting their fill with Wasteland 2), and then there are the fans that like all of them.

I find myself in the last category Wasteland 2 is awesome btw.

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Because the guy (Akira Toriyama) who does the artwork for Dragon Quest is the creator of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z.

He also did the art design for Chrono Trigger as well.

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Here's a funny thing about the whole Solid Snake and Big Boss sounding the same even though they are clones.

Why is that notion outlandish when we were given Ahab and Ishmael who are two different people that sound exactly the same? Doesn't that make even less sense?

Plus we still don't know how BB's voice changed so drastically from PW to GZ where the time frame is only a week.

Also got to say Troy Baker as Revolver Ocelot, I...

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