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Very nice, quoting Calling to the Night even though Portable Ops was considered non Cannonish...

Don't mean it in a bad way, I fucking loved Portable Ops! It controlled so well on the PSP and was pissed off when Miller said this in Peace Walker, "Finally, we can leave all that crap in San Hieronymo behind..."

I actually loved the song so much when MGO 2 was ending that would be the only song I played when I got the song selection for the map...

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Ehh I'd still say IGA's name is slightly bigger for the Castlevania world, Kojima was just an adviser on Lords of Shadows. He had no involvement in Mirrors of Fate or Lords of Shadows 2 (both of which were kinda lackluster).

As I'm sure you know for yourself in Japanese business they still have a slight mentality that Company Name alone is what sells the game not the people involved. Compared to Western development world where people pay a lot more attention to ...

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I think they be better off just selling the IP's let someone else deal with them while making some money doing it. Considering they've grown so much malice over the recent years which is intensifying with less games being released and more pachinko machines coming out. I mean Silent Hill they haven't done an in house Silent Hill game since 3 after Team Silent disbanded (which was their call according to a Silent Hill Homecoming artist, Konami wanted them disbanded cause they wante...

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The three movies from 2012 to 2013 was a remake / another retelling of the Golden Age Arc one of the key differences being the third movie continues on with the Manga and shows what happens after the Eclipse (where the original anime intended to do that however they ran out on their budget).

The new anime that's out actually steps away from the Golden Age Arc and goes straight into the Blackswordsman Arc.

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Only except its not dead, its put on pause for now because they want to adhere to Kickstarter's policy by having a fully presentable demo/prototype. The creation for the demo will take longer than the campaign itself, which is only a month.

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I don't know if you saw the screenshots from the Famitsu article but this game is going Golden Age Arc, Blackswordsman Arc (to tie along with the new anime), and Millennium Falcon Arc. I'm just amazed at how much of the story they are going to tell.

Plus its a Berserk game! Last one we got was on PS2 and it never reached the west which was a such a shame.

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He is doing new chapters as well as overseeing production of this game.

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So we got Golden Age Arc, Blackswordsman Arc (as confirmed that it will be tied along with the new anime coming out), all the way to the Millennium Falcon Arc.

Man we've got a lot of ground to cover with this game, bare in mind that the only games that came out was Berserk: Guts Rage on Dreamcast which was its own story separate from the source material and a PS2 game (which still holds up to this day) which only covered the Millennium Falcon Arc. A bonus is the father ...

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Eiji Aonuma has already confirmed the new Zelda will break the OoT mold.

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The patent for the NX details it indeed does not have any form of an Optical Drive.

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There's no need to even use ROM's any more its just Flash Chips. This isn't really the first time we heard this either. It's even detailed in the patent for the NX there is no Optical Drive. The real benefit for them going this route is that the game developers can make their own hardware for their games for post processing.

Think any Sunsoft game on the NES with their music.

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The closest I ever got to that was during Shattered Dimensions playing as Spiderman Noir (that Spiderman is voiced by the same guy from the 90's cartoon).

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Do I dare to dream of Persona 5 duel language? It would be honestly be a shame to not get the Japan VA since its such a stellar voice acting line up.

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Well they brought that guy who was doing the fan remake of Shenmue 1 onto the Shenmue 3 team.

Not too bad for something he did by himself not to mention what he did by himself looks almost exactly wha...

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Tentative release date from KS was indeed 2017, though Kickstarter doesn't allow creators to change the delivery date.

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Talk to Sega, they still retain all rights to the Shenmue 1 + 2 license. They are only allowing Yu Suzuki and YS Net to use a partial of the Shenmue IP to make Shenmue 3. Its a very weird situation.

Especially since the most recent thing Sega has ever done with the Shenmue IP was have Ryo as a DLC character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. I look at it the same way as Capcom owning the Viewtiful Joe and God Hand licenses and doing nothing with them even though Hid...

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They just never really did anything with it.

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But Solid is an actual partial clone of Big Boss, with both having similar origin's and ethnic backgrounds (Both grew up in America and both were heavy smokers). So on paper yeah they should sound pretty damn similar.

Plus what people don't seem to realize is with them saying having a young Solid Snake and Big Boss in a scene together talking wouldn't make sense or just wouldn't work here is what we were given. We have a scene in MGS:V at the beginning where w...

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Yeah CD Projekt with Witcher 3, Obsidian with Pillars of Eternity, and Atlus with Persona 5 all did delays to make sure their games are the best they can possibly be.

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@never4get if you saw the Famitsu interview with Katsura Hashino, he said everything about the core game is done. They just wanted to make this game the best Persona game that we expect it to be. It's the same reason CD Projekt Red delayed The Witcher 3 and we saw how that game turned out.

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