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"Those two cents in your pocket, give them to me"


Corporate affairs would never do something like this as a stunt. Just by having bad press hurts Konami's stock values. #11
Are you kidding? He tried on two occasions to leave major MGS releases to a younger team (MGS3 and MGS4) they couldn't pull through so Konami forced Kojima to get deeply involved in those games so that they would actually get made.

So yeah, I would say Kojima is an integral part in these games. #2.1.2
This might end up being the last game I buy with a Konami logo on it. #28
Why should it matter if it is an all male cast for the players party? It's how the story was written it wouldn't make any difference if they swap genders the story would still be the same.

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #28
@shloobmm3 He has claimed this is the last "MGS" game the saga closes with The Phantom Pain. There's no more story to tell with any of his characters, its done, the end.

Now Konami has said they will continue making 'Metal Gear' games which could be spinoffs or a brand new saga. #3.2.2
The big argument people that people keep making is "You can't have two characters with the same voices in the same scene." Why does Hollywood then get a pass on this for any movies they made which involved clones?

I'm not saying I don't support this reason just have it make sense! You expect me to believe that Snake's voice changed that drastically after Peace Walker into Ground Zeroes within that one week timeframe?

If they wanted t... #25
I can say despite the fact I love Ed Boon both as a developer and as a person. I'm disappointed he caved into this business model for DLC and blaming another game for doing it rather then being example and showing how to do something right.

My stance alone on DLC is pretty much on par with what CD Projekt Red is doing with The Witcher 3. I would never charge anyone DLC even if it was something as grand as extending the story of the game. The audience already bought the ba... #1.6
Spring 2015 #9.1
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Its the Elegy of Emptiness; its a song you get where once you play it, it makes a statue; if I remember correctly they are mainly used for switches and hookshot targets. #10.1
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It's a game that has Tim Cain involved in it.

There's not much more that needs to be said.

Besides the point you made earlier where after the introduction of the game you are on your own I completely agree with; where when I met up with Virgil and he was talking about your fated destiny I loved how I could pretty much just tell him to F' off and go about my business as it was and be left to explore this world without worrying why the hell this Zep... #2
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We does not include everyone, if anything I think Graphics are holding games back if anything else.

Look at a modern game now in days it has at least 5 times the development team being involved in art or graphic design versus actual programming which is usually lead by 5 people.

Besides it doesn't matter if we're talking consoles if we have to include high end PC's as well which will trump for the best visual experience. #12
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DarkSydePhil seems to think those qualities are too stressful. :D #1.1.13
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I need you to write up a script for that game and send it to Konami. #10.1.2
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Is the game only taking place in Afghanistan? I thought with all the hints (especially in the artwork) we would also be taking the game to Rhodesia as well. #10
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Wow Kotaku way to be up to date on this news; it was long assumed that character was going to be in that game from the Atlus's teaser trailer on February 25, 2014 which showed his silhouette at the end. #7
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I believe the clone theory only existed with Peace Walker and then of course the unexpected happened. #1.1.1
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Its a shame they included a rerelease of SF4 and not GG Xrd. #2.1.1
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Add it to the list of, *This is why you can't have nice things*

I was really looking forward to this. #13
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I wouldn't be surprised if they have a color palette for her to resemble I-NO. #5.1
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No mention of them ruining The Legacy of Kain franchise, with that Online Multiplayer Game Nosgoth? #9
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