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Rocksteady should do what they want. #4
They're rebuilding the game. #9.1
It's Lara. #1.5.1
These "journalists" need to stop dictating what industry vets should or shouldn't do #2
I really liked it at first you sit down and think it'll be okay. Then you start playing and you forget everything and lose yourself in the game. #3.1.3
They had twelve games in the booth you wouldn't get to pick. Among those games there were The Kitchen a terrifying horror game, the London Heist, and the new Playroom game.

I got to play HyperCube I think it's called it was a puzzler where you had to rotate different shaped cubes and make them fit through the hole.

They also had 6 player multiplayer booth for Rigs. #3.1
Meant to agree...sorry #10.1
Some where on the.....Horizon... #3.2
That's a GTAOnline issue not PSN. #10.1
How is it at all ironic? #1.1
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Again Harley is a separate character done as a preorder incentive. It was never part of the main game. They make these things on the side to help the game sell. How is it affecting your gameplay as batman if you can't play Harley?

Edit typo #1.3.2
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So because developers do something you don't agree with they deserve to have their work stolen? Nice logic.

Edit: Please explain how any of that is you being robbed?

Evolve they're shitty skins that are there for people who want them. Does Starbucks rob you when they sell overpriced coffee?

MKX: the microtranscations have nothing to do with the actual gameplay. It's there for people who don't want to input the full fatality c... #1.3
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He's not modeled after him, this website pulled it out of their ass. #9.2
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Shaheen is a male word. In Arabic there is male and female words. Shaheen is male, the female version would ne Shaheena. Pakistan and India are NOT Arabic countries, if they do name that for girls they're naming them with male names. #4.2.3
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Yeah I gave like a paragraph of feedback. I just found it funny this website said it's based on that guy. #1.1.1
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Where the hell are you from? It's a man's name. #4.2
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Actually it's seems more like you've only seen one Arab man and just put the two together. In the gulf this guy looks like almost every young man and that's what he's supposed to represent. #1
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A guy who picks a username "Pornflakes" loses the ability to criticise anything. #13.1
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If everyone shared his patience there would be no games next year. #30.2.1
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Or you'll do what? #6.1
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