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I agree with Game God
I thought I saw this in the failed category too. Why it's not there anymore I'll never know. But the fact that gaming god saw it too at least tells me I'm not crazy lol #1.13
Of course it's still going to be needed
First of all, how well did TV sets with built in VHS and built in DVD sell? Not that well.

Wanna know why, when on part broke, BOTH parts stopped working.

And people buy a ps3 for games AND movies #7
Even though that's kinda mean lol #15.1
"where is your proof of that 20% increase...
or are we suppose to blindly agree with you?

Edit@ Looks to me like thats a 12% increase and just this week...blu-ray has been 8-12% since its win over hd-dvd...weekly increases dont mean nothing when your dealing with one dvd movie outselling every blu-ray movie combined."

DVD had an even smaller percentage when they were stuggling against VHS in the same time frame. So what point are you trying to make he... #18.5
@ogwilson, you are comical
Look at you, attacking people that read your self-made news article. Then you have the nerve to call people illiterate. I think what's bothering you is the fact that people read EXACTLY what you wrote and are responding accordingly. You're sitting here trying to attack anyone that pretty much saw your self-made article for what it was.

Young man, this is the internet. Grow up, man up, and stop attacking people just because they saw your article for what it was. #23
"i think the point omega is trying to make is that when the 360 stomps a mudhole in the ps3 by software sales Sony fanboys all ways like to spout about the install base. See where im going with that."

Install base or not, and old game is an OLD game. And install base doesn't matter if the game is too old. Why don't you take a peek at unreal tournament 3 for the 360 for proof of that in the U.S since you have a monster install base there. And 360 only stomps a "mudh... #32.16
@Gaming God
you get a bubble for putting the fanboy in his place #32.13
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Game is Sub- par
End of story.

Now can we please stop with these stories on the game already

@ person below

Did I SAY, I was law?. All I did was humbly ASK. If I was "law" I'd DEMAND.

Pay attention to what you read before you respond next time child #6
"Uh Oh" what?
Like this is anything new. It's no different from any time MS gets sued. And this isn't even the first time someone tried to press a lawsuit against Blu Ray. #12.1
Ok the bottom line is this
Who outsold who in the July numbers?

Vgchartz show the 360 outselling the ps3 by a huge margin

But when the NPD numbers came out (you know, the official numbers Sony, Ms, Nintendo, and anyone with credibility go by) it showed Sony outsold the 360.

Vgchartz still hasn't corrected their error. And it's not the first or second time either. They do this on a daily basis

So yeah, you can have faith in Vgchartz if you want. It's not propaganda tha... #61.1
Quoting vgchartz??
Instant Failure.

The ps3 has been outselling the 360 in all major territories this year (U.S. Europe Japan) yet vgchartz shows an increase in the 360's lead. Vgchartz doesn't even correct their numbers after the NPD proves them wrong.

So yeah, keep trusting Vgchartz faulty numbers if you want to #60
And it should fail
Since Sony game division has begun getting profit from the ps3 #12.1
But sony just recorded a profit for the quarter
Yeah it was a small profit. But it was a profit nonetheless. #3
Wait a minute
They are having "shortages" yet they're about to cut the price 30%???

Yeah, lower the price on an item you have "shortages" on. That's REAL smart

First off, I don't believe this "shortage" nonsense. Almost from the day the 360 hit Japan stores have been stocked and even having a hard time selling the system. Now all of a sudden because of Tales of Vesperia they're "sold out"???

I have a feeling they're going to kee... #14
You're the FIRST one to always call out someone trolling 360 articles. Yet look at what YOU do.

This is why you have no business complaining and whining about someone else being a troll #10.7
Last Remnant is coming to the ps3 as well
Just later #5.3
I guess I'm a "soft" core gamer too
Considering I have GTA 4 for the 360 and will not be buying that dlc. The game was dull enough as it is to the point that I still haven't beaten it. No way in hell I'm paying extra for dlc for that game #2.2
You're one to talk about multiple accounts and trolling.

But then again, I guess you would know when to call someone out since you do the same sh!t yourself. #23.3
That's a little worrisome
This game seemed to bore many people at E3 as well (myself included) Graphics were great in all. But graphics alone don't make a good game. During the game play I was quite bored with what I saw at that time.

I'm not sure what they saw at PAX, but if it was anything like the E3 showing, then I can understand why people would turn away from this game. #3
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