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Most people play only the first & never touch the sequels & those who play the sequels have them already anyway so what's the point of this trilogy? my question also who the fck is going to buy FFXIII trilogy? but SE never made sense anyway in their decisions why every one keep on saying that they are completely out of touch? don't try to understand them it's a waste of time we will never get how they think fck them not worth care for anything they do anymore. #28
I love so much this game is in my TOP 3 favorite game of all time JRPG fans don't miss this change go get it ASAP u won't regret it this game is a MASTERPIECE! #6
I have play & finish UC 1 & 2 & I enjoy the experience very much although I find something that annoy me through out both of those games, there was too much shooting to the point it was ridiculous I mean why we must kill 30+ enemies in every battle? enemies coming at u non stop I feel like playing StarCraft with toss & I'm against zerg yep that's how it feels kind off, also I didn't like that it was so easy to climb & find the right way to move forward, so for... #28
That's exactly how I feel also & guess what my 2 all time favorites games is Square games but both was made back in the 90's the golden age of JRPGs for me. #5.1.1
The time SE go bankrupt will be the day millions of fans will applause with excitement & enthusiasm & for the first time after over a decade we will be looking forward to something, because if this not happen & some other company not buy those lost souls the disappointment year after year will have no end, so the best I can wish for them is to go bankrupt already I'm sure after that all will change for the better. #5
There is various reasons why they don't do it here some that I can think my self right now:

1.SE afraid they won't be able to satisfy the fans & this would be catastrophic for them as they can't afford to get any more negative criticism as they probably have more haters than fans for the past many years now if they did something that will piss the entire FFVII fanbase this would be literally GAME OVER for them no brain people would never buy a game from them e... #18

I usually agree with u but not this time, random battles have a unique charm & surprise element u can't find anymore on games were enemies is visible to u, there is so much u can do with random battles from a dev stand point, like put in a specific area lot's of different monster some weak & some super strong & leave it either to luck which one the player is gonna fight or make it that the place you stand when the fight take place decide for the... #1.1.5
FFVII & Xenogears those 3 games is for me the best there is I have so many great memories playing those games back in the golden age of JRPGs the PSX era, I love everything on those games story, characters, soundtrack, gameplay/battle system, exploration, it's the best example of how a classic masterpiece JRPG must be, if only SE could replicate this recipe... #6.1.1
One of the best JRPGs of all time finally coming to PS3 classics "DON'T MISS THIS GAME" guys! I play JRPGs for more than 17 years & this is one of my 3 all time favorite JRPGs I love it immensely get it when it's out don't even think about it! #6
Let them say that again when the PC version comes out & if the graphics sucks again like on consoles then this subject will never close & DS fans r going to rage on NAMCO hard!

On PC we must see huge improvement I want to play the game like NAMCO show it to us on all this shiny trailers let's hope we won't experience the game again on this embarrassing state -> http://i.minus.com/i3i2R2WW... #4
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The only online shooter I'm interested to try right now is "The Division" & the main reason I want to play this one so much is 1st because it's like an MMORPGs & 2nd because it's not FPS but TPS (I hate first person view on games) & also one other reason I'm especially interested about Division is because it have survival elements u need to scavenge for food/water/supplies in order to survive & all that in a post apocalyptic New York that it looks fck... #43
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With the pace XSEED translate "Legend of Heroes" games we might see this in 2025 in English, the prob is that by then we will all be in Aincrad playing SAO on full VR mode & we would have reach 50+ floor already :P #6
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yeah like kids will stop watching if they see the adult tag on it lol... :P #9.1
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What bullshit seriously what's so hard about review a game that is already praised by every1 critics & fans from the time of it's release back in 2002 all the way to now, fans never stop saying how gr8 FFX is & that this was the last gr8 "real" FF we get from Square no1 change his mind about that so what this dude is going to rate it make no difference at all, FFX is the 2nd most successful FF of all time sales-wise & one of the most well loved for sure, so if th... #7
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D3 is garbage & nothing can change that, the skill system is garbage, no stats points, no skill points, no skill tree, cartoony shity graphics, dark-Gothic atmosphere nowhere to be found, real-money auction house where u can buy everything for a few bucks so no reason to even trade anymore... the list goes on & on, this game is not Diablo & for any1 who call it like that it's a disgrace to the original Diablo games & the talented team who created the "original" D... #3
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@Inception "Yes, you can control / give individual commands to your party member if you don't like the A.I. That's why I ALREADY SAID: you can swap to other party members in the middle of the battle. It's faster this way rather than to wait every turn like classic turn-based."

And how exactly u can do that when the battles is so fast-paced? can u pause the battle in order to think? I doubt that.. so if u swap party members to give them commands the battl... #11.2.4
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This is how Type-0 battles is:


I check it already & I repeat I don't like this battle system for many reasons, first there is no tactic to win whatsoever u just spam your best/stronger skill/spell again & again & again & that's it, second u control just 1 character & that's because guess what the battles is in "real-time&qu... #11.2.1
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I hear that the story is good but this battle system it's not to my tastes, it's literally a non-stop skill spam-fest exactly how FFXV is going to be, ofc there is a lot of people who is going to like that (those who don't like to think) but before u get your self hyped better check some gameplay videos first with battles & be sure that u r interested to play a game with this battle system, the battle system as I read is similar to some other garbage game SE did 3rd Birthday. #11
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There is a much better way for them to make profit "real" profit, to release a Japanese audio DLC, this one wont just make them a few bucks but a few millions because this will help to boost the sales of the game I'm speaking for a lot of thousands of copies, & for those people who don't believe that this is going to increase the sales so much, I dare u to go check how bad Atelier Ayesha sold when the fans learn it wont have the Japanese voices for the first time in the... #1.2
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that's what I hate in every FF game after FFX* #1.4.1
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