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I agree with all those games but I want to also add the Grandia & Wild Arms series the author forgot about them & they definitely deserve to be on this list, I had a great time with all those games & I really miss them all but most of all I would like to see a Suikoden, Breath of Fire & Legend of Dragoon sequels I miss those the most but if I ever hear a remake/sequel for any of those games I will be very glad & happy :)

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I finish this game back in PS1 era it was fun but nothing special you control just 1 char & the battle system is real time/action the game was like a dungeon crawler for the most part, the best part as I remember was the music amazing soundtrack it stuck to my head till this day :)

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Everything they put after FFVII other than Mario is a joke, all those games above FFVII? they can't be serious...

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When Sakaguchi left Square Final Fantasy turn to shit, when Mikami left CAPCOM Resident Evil turn to garbage, when Team Silent disband Silent Hill sequels was average at best & nothing like the previous games, when Blizzard North disband & this fcktard Wilson an ex-WoW dev become lead dev for Diablo 3 the game become a casual, kiddy, boring, uninspiring, cartoonish disgusting piece of shit, when Takashi Tokita the creator (director, writer) of Parasite Eve let others do the sequels th...

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For me KONAMI was all about Suikoden, Silent Hill & MGS, as we all know there is no Suikoden & Silent Hill anymore & if Kojima leave after MGS V then I won't care what KONAMI does anymore, it will be like they don't exist at all.

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Yep I pre-order Xenoblade CE back when it was released I got it day1 here what it have inside & I buy a used Wii just to play this game the reason I spent so much money just to play 1 game is because the creator of Xenoblade Tetsuya Takahashi create my favorite game of all time Xenogears :) so I had no doubt that anything he create will be worth every penny...

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FFXV can't even dream to have the depth Xenoblade X is going to have so don't go & compare this 2 games there is no doubt that Xenoblade is going to be the better game & the superior experience, FFXV will be just a mindless FF-goes-Skyrim-ala-hack-n-slas h , after watching the 2 big presentation videos for XCX I'm now more than ever convinced that this game is going to be a truly unforgettable experience, I'm jealous now of those who already have or can buy a Wii U any...

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FFVIII was bad but SE release much more worst FF's the past years than VIII & compare to those other SE-FF FFVIII looks like a MASTERPIECE lol...

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FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE in next gen consoles, from the moment they can't create any good game by themselves & every new FF is worst than the previous give the fans what they ask for almost a decade now & stop wasting time creating more crap FF we had enough of them & no one want them anyway...

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Me want Suikoden VI & Xenosaga HD remaster!!! give me that plx! I can't w8 to hear more info about the new Suikoden game best JRPG series along with Squaresoft FF.

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If that's true then that's even worst did u say that like it was good news lol? I already mention that I hate FFXII because of this r3tarded gambit battle system it have, I still cry the money I spent buying this garbage day1 it was one the biggest mistakes I ever did buying a game, but that mistake open my eyes & made me understand that SE is nothing like Squaresoft & to never trust them anymore to that extent like buying a game from them at relea...

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Me the only FF I enjoy was FFVII & FFX & guess what both was made from Squaresoft any FF SE did was crap & some worst than crap completely garbage, & btw about FFXV no matter how many years SE spent polishing the graphics at this point I feel it won't help much the dmg has been already done, we know more or less what can we expect from this game & me personally I'm not hyped at all because first of all what I see here is a real-time FF-GTA kind of game with action ...

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Do u think I didn't know that? but who cares how many times they restart that? it's their own fault if they were faster this would have been released in PS3 4 years ago SE suck they have so many people working on this & still can't finish a game & after almost a decade they still work on the same game they announce back in 2006!!! any other studio would have made 3 or even 4 games during that time & SE didn't even finish 1 they r beyond ridiculous, the PS3 life-cyc...

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It's so disappointing to hear all the time from those in charge of this game a game that is more than 8 years in development "this is not ready yet" or "this still need a lot of work" & other similar lines there is still so much they need to do towns is incomplete, magic still needs a lot of work, there is just 1 area as they said that is near finished & that's why they keep on showing all the battles there, all in all this doesn't look at all like a ga...

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As long you don't pull something retarded like when u let this monkey on to the stage just to announce a port of a port of FFVII & ruin the whole event completely...

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They obviously choose this specific mini-game because it's the only one that includes fighting but my favorite & the best mini-game on FFVII imo it's by far the snowboard they could do something amazing for smartphones/tablets from this mini game & it would be much more fan that this for sure.

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Most people play only the first & never touch the sequels & those who play the sequels have them already anyway so what's the point of this trilogy? my question also who the fck is going to buy FFXIII trilogy? but SE never made sense anyway in their decisions why every one keep on saying that they are completely out of touch? don't try to understand them it's a waste of time we will never get how they think fck them not worth care for anything they do anymore.

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I love so much this game is in my TOP 3 favorite game of all time JRPG fans don't miss this change go get it ASAP u won't regret it this game is a MASTERPIECE!

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I have play & finish UC 1 & 2 & I enjoy the experience very much although I find something that annoy me through out both of those games, there was too much shooting to the point it was ridiculous I mean why we must kill 30+ enemies in every battle? enemies coming at u non stop I feel like playing StarCraft with toss & I'm against zerg yep that's how it feels kind off, also I didn't like that it was so easy to climb & find the right way to move forward, so for ...

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That's exactly how I feel also & guess what my 2 all time favorites games is Square games but both was made back in the 90's the golden age of JRPGs for me.

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