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I think but I never used it.

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who come up with stuff like this?

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but now Move isn't needed because DS4 is basically a Move controller within a standard controller design.

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Yes but that will be in the next quarter Oct,Nov,Dec which is going to be even bigger if Sony can meet demand for the holidays. which could add somewhere around 5 million to the 12 million. expect PS4 to have somewhere around 17 million sold after Christmas. if Nintendo & MS can't change things around we might be looking at another PS2 vs Xbox/Gamecube situation.

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they was at 9 million last quarter with around 2.5 million PS4s sold & this quarter will be bigger because of The Last Of Us ,Destiny ,Madden , Fifa ,Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Diablo III & so on so , July, Aug & Sept will bring at least 3 Million PS4s to add to the 9 million that it was at last quarter.

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it's still funny somehow maybe it's the fact they linked to Sony.

so this really was just a trolling outburst lol

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Source: MisterxMedia LOL. who would approve this?

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SMH that is all lol.

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@TheKayle1 I know a lot more than you & @KingDadXVI the latency is 60ms not 20ms stop with the lies. SMH

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@KingDadXVI the Kinect camera is only 512 x 424 the RGB camera is 1080P but that's not for motion tracking. & 30FPS is one of the reasons why you don't see any dancing games being controlled by Kinect because 30FPS is too slow for tracking fast movements then filtering & smoothing the controls to use to control a avatar.

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I'll tell you why because it's too slow & not accurate enough this would be more accurate & you would be able to control the game with your moves instead of the game controlling you.

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hopefully it will come to the PS4 also.

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I posted the AMD APU story by it's self because the PS4 News is deserve it's on story & shouldn't be hidden in the AMD APU story that says nothing about it in the title. so now it's 2 stories.

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it's pretty big news

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SMH @ people disagreeing with the fact that it's 176GB/s

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I thought it was 176GB/s I think the dev mixed the old number 192 with the new number 176 & said 172 by mistake.

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I said Consoles not Consoles & handhelds, Sony is in the lead when it come to Home Console sells

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