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"Peace has cost you your strength. Victory had defeated you."


Crytek is like that hot girl we all know, but her personality is just awful. #73
It SUCKS I HATE IT!!! OMG best this ever!!! Internet is dumb. #32
Ya know when the shoe is on the other foot its rather nice, back in the day when all the PS3 bashing was what was popular I was melancholy but now WEEEEEEEEE! Don't worry Xbox buddies it gets better or it doesn't I don't know. #56
Its a kind of toaster, it only toasts one side of the bread. #10.1
The concept that GTA is somehow mature or serious is beyond me. #11
The amount of freedom in the franchise allows people to fall in love with it and never ever play a single mission. I never played a mission of San Andreas my little brother did all that, but it was my favorite one thus far. Haven't played 5 enough to rank it. #10
Never before in the history of video games have so many wanted something nearly already almost made. #9
The internet is like going to that shitty all you eat buffet at the far side of town. #80
And this means what? Everyone's favorite franchise has been outsold by somebody. Sales numbers don't make the game better. #12
Oh damn looks like the Imams are going to call for another fatwa, ooooooh jesus! #38
Now when you read this you have to imagine the next phrase like it is coming from some fat dude in the opera WHO GIVES A FUCK. #34
Not a bad list very debatable. Having played Diablo I and II, Torch Light, and now with POE they are all so similar I think they should kind of knock each other out. I think Soul's and Scrolls deserve a nod. #1
I want no backwards compatibility, no used games allowed and it has to be always online. I think I speak for the the entire fandom. #53
Nope my Vektrex looks better, FACT. #88
I'd like more details, mainly cost to upgrade. But I agree this is a wise move. Still have a load of ps3 games to chew thru. #26
My new born son is Final Fantasy Tactics AU Jenkins, we are so proud of him. #4
Can some one explain mega to me. #3
The game play needs to be better I don't know how it plays on PC but on my ps3 oh boy it was bad. The world they crafted was amazing but damn. #7
I agree with the point about how much grinding some of this genre offers, when grinding feeling like grinding, grinding has failed. The usual lack of voice acting is annoying but not a big deal. As far as the length I think longer is rarely a bad thing, I like turn based when done well. The unbelievable characters bit is stupid, except for maybe train simulators aren't all games unbelievable. #6
Fish and Beer are both ass holes, at least Fish made a game though. I think video game journalism and ists take them selves way too seriously. #13
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