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Ah and here I was trying to believe Black Flag would be offered :( Haven't played it since last gen but a damn good game it is.
Maybe next time. #14
Well luckily I am not buying the game for it's box art. #9
Still excited, but would be more excited for a current gen only Fallout. #19
It's kinda sad how many different pre order bonuses there are. :/ #8
This is some awesome news. Haven't played bloodborne for a while and was thinking about going back to it. Just great. #53
Lol this has to be satire..... #40
Having the same thing happen to me -_- #4.1
Can't wait to see if the game lives up to it's trailer. #17
I'll believe it when I see it. #21
Sounds like some of the guys would enjoy discovering the game lol. #3
It's Official: This whole situation sucks! #21
Such a real shame. The one game that seems to get horror just right now won't be made :( #20
I'm not buying anything till I see gameplay. #8
No space battle is a shame but least we got air battles. #19
This is Star can you not include space battles? WTF. #20
K you do that. #6
Or how about releasing em all at the same time so everyone can enjoy it? #29
When did they stop? O.o #22
Definitely. And just first to come. #34
If I had bought the system with just Bloodborne alone, I'd be pretty satisfied with my purchase. #8
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