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If true then just take it. You can have it. #36
Just great. Been wanting to get this but I don' import so finally I'll be able to try it :D #6
Agreed. I don't see much wrong with it except that it's a pretty simple shooter but it's still fun so I have no problem with that. #1.3
It's GTA. It will sell. #22
They should bring in Robert Englund's Freddie and Jason. c: #1.1
Hopefully sooner. I'd be ecstatic when it's officially announced. #10
Great, just when I was looking at Witcher 3 footage last night. I must see the gameplay D:

E3 sounds like it's gonna be awesome. #8
Yeah, I'll just continue turning it off by going to Adjust Devices. Seems faster that way to me. #16
I'm hoping this will differentiate from the last games. Especially if it'll be on next gen systems. #1.1
Idc that much for MP, as long as SP is great. Thst's all that matters to me. #11
Yeah same here, after reading that comment, I had to go check to see if I purchased the right one lol. #2.1.2
Wonder what PS4's cutscene models will look like, unless it looks the same as the in-game models which would be no problem. #16
Awesome. Can't wait. Been missing the series. #24
US. #29
Great choice c: Can't really think of anyone better for the role. #10
Awesome. #5
It looks really interesting but I sgree, I'm still more hyped for Second Son, 1886, and what will come in the near future. #1.8
Same here. I just saw gameplay for this a couple days ago for the first time and been looking forward to it since then. #6.1
And I'll have no problem doing so. #14
It looks truly amazing. It's crazy how I thought games back then looked so amazing then you compare em to these type of games.
Gotta love next gen. #23
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