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Looks sick.

Now if only they had an OctoCamo PS4. #5
I really hope they don't mess this game up. Pretty excited to see what has been developed. #22
It's not flawless but overall, it is fun. I personally feel it would be an 8 or a 9, mainly since I'm a fan of the series and there is finally a good DBZ game of recent gen. #9
Hope this works. Ever since I got my 6th dragonball after already obtaining 7, I can't seem to get the last one :c #3
Oh em gee........the hype that was already there has went up quite a bit. #17
MGS2, MGS3, and MGS4. Some of my favorite games of all time. Hope to add this to the list.

And page not found? :c also I thought it was a piece of shrapnel. #5
If I pre order, do I get a box?

Aha can't wait though. Sounds fun and hope it's as good as MGS4. #4
Opinion is just opinion. There is no "right score". #19
From what I've played of it, the gameplay isn't much interesting nor compelling and the game seems really heavy on graphics.
I'm not judging the story, but eh guess it's not my type of game. #6
I'm really hoping there is more to DLC 3 than what appears. I mean Jaco and Master Roshi's costume doesn't seem worth the $10. #4
True. But without them, people wouldn't have to perceive 7 as a low score.
I just feel like a simple system would be better. Just list some pros and cons of a game based on their opinion of it but overall, wrap it up with whether the reviewer would recommend or not. #8.1.2
Hmm maybe I'll only watch a little bit of it but not gonna spoil myself.

I must wait. #26
I like it simple like that. Scores just pose problems sometimes. I mean some people even consider a 7 a low score -.- but there are many games that have been rated a 7 that I have fully enjoyed. All that matters to me is if it's fun or not. #8
@dcj I haven't played BF2 but I did enjoy BC2 the most out of the Battlefield games I have played(which would be BF3, BF4, and Hardline's beta).

Destruction was awesome. I also loved the map designs. #14.1.3
The hype is real.

Can't wait for this and Xenoverse. Hope it lives to expectations ^.^ #18
I hope they would just go back to the BC series. I really enjoyed BC2's MP.

Beta was alright though. Nothing really impressive from what I've seen so far IMO. #14
Yeah, you must have not played Dead Island then....cause that game was broken. Had to do a certain technique just to save my game -.-
I've been playing on PS4 and haven't had much issues with it. #31
Definitely a welcomed type of game for current gen. Can't wait to try Co-op with some friends :D #4
If true then just take it. You can have it. #36
Just great. Been wanting to get this but I don' import so finally I'll be able to try it :D #6
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