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If you have to be told by journalists that something is "epic", odds are it's probably not.

To quote Tywin Lannister: "Any man who must say 'i am the king' is no true king".

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Gears is getting splitscreen on PC, yet Halo doesn't have it on console.

What a world we live in.

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GG Bungie, i totally prefer this to fixing the garbage skill based match making, nothing but red bars in crucible since December.

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All of the unique ideas, characters and mechanics came from Hideo Kojima and his talented staff.

Anything Konami put out will merely be an interpretation of what they think Kojima Productions would have done, nothing more.

It's a bit like the Infinity Ward/COD4 fiasco, when the brains at the top leave, it's virtually impossible to get that magic and creativity back.

As of MGSV, Konami will never see a single penny from me again, MGS o...

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The studio HAS proven itself, it's functionally the same team that developed all of their games under Konami, this is pretty much a publisher change, not a change in unproven development staff.

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The issue isn't the specific resolution, it's that you're paying the same money, for the same game, but getting a lesser resolution.

To put the shoe on the other foot, if Uncharted 4 was 900p on PS4 but had a 1080p Xbone version, the PARITY is the issue.

No one wants to get an inferior product for equivelant cost, no matter how small the dfference.

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Wow is this argument popping up again?

It's really simple. If i'm purchasing a game and it costs the same amount of money and has an identical feature set, obviously i'm going to go to the place that runs/looks the best.

It's ridiculous to suggest if you have the option of 1080p over 900p that you would pick the latter. Remember those fun "Lens Of Truth" days last gen when a PS3 game having 3 blades of grass less than 360 was "O...

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Let's come back to this comment in a year or two's time and see how "optional" and non game effecting they are to those who chose not to buy stuff like this.

Microtransactions are bad for full retail AAA gaming PERIOD. Nip this in the bud and don't waste your money or the industry in the long run.

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This would be fine ina Free To Play but they already have up to $160 from you ,that's the main issue here, stuff like this is optional NOW, but gradually spoon feeding people basic microtransactions that have little impact puts undeserved money in publishers pockets in full price retail games and will condition consumers to get used to microtransactions, then once they get us used to little things it will start to spiral out into fundamental gameplay mechanics or items.


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A compressed YouTube video showing footage of both in the same clip can't do the real life difference you see with your own eyes justice.

720p 30fps vs 1080p 60fps, it's a no brainer.

Having said that, i think this comparison says alot about how incredible it was from a technical point of view that Santa Monica made this run on PS3 at all.

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Jellyhorn might come back, but the Mythoclast is a VoG hard mode drop so Xur won't be selling it any time soon im afraid to say.

VoG is a breeze now that everyone is near level 32 now though.

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He's probably suggesting it isn't a "real" game because it's a semi point and click/quick time event game.

Heavy Rain got that criticism too, apparently a game isn't "real" to some people if you're not in first person and shooting people in the face.

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Notice Cryengine seems to exist mainly as a "What *Insert Game* would look like" engine? Not to mention the obnoxious "Achieved With Cryengine" thing in trailers.

Seriously, it needs to stop. Crytek knocked it out of the park with Crysis, but not one single other game of note has set the world on fire from them.

Once Crytek and the Cryengine push out a game that plays as good as it looks, i'll show some genuine interest instead of fac...

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Great news!

I'm booked to go again this year after not having time to try it last year.

Been watching alot of youtubers let's plays of Oculus games, especially horror games, can't wait to try it for myself to see if VR really is viable in gaming or if it's another fad like 3D was.

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The problem being, anywhere up to 5 million people already have Kinect since it was bundled with their console.

XB1 is already lagging noticeably behind PS4, are they really going to have those 5 million with Kinect have even WORSE versions of games since they won't have this "10% GPU boost"?

Of course this won't be utilised, if I was an early adopter of the XB1 who was FORCED to have a Kinect, I'd already be pissed that the device I had...

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Yes, a game looking to closely emulate a sporting experience would benefit from including stuff not pertaining to the sport it's trying to emulate.

If that's what you want, best to look elsewhere for spin-off or parody games.

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If you don't like a sport, why even comment -_-

You can make almost anything sound stupid by over simplifying them.

Gamers just press buttons and pixels move, baseball players just hit balls with sticks, basketball players just throw a ball through a hoop etc etc.

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I heard you like comments, so i'm leaving a comment while you comment on my comment.

On a serious note... pleeeaaaaase let me win anything at all, huge TLOU fan <3

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The Division isn't going to be on PS360 so it's unlikely.

Plus after showing that amazing demo of the engine, there are zero excuses for The Division tp suffer in any way.

Obviously I understand PS4 and Xbone won't look as good as the demo which was clearly PC based, but not having the limitations of making a previous gen version makes an easier job for them.

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You appear to be missing the point.

With a console, you have the assurance that every game released will look the best the developer can get consistently on your console. There's no "hm I wonder if I'll be able to run this to standard the developer intended" scenario.

Trophies, guaranteed "max" setting equal to what everyone else get, comfy controller and getting to play wireless slumped on your couch with full surround sound.

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