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I'm trying to get in a game right now and can't findfind one.... Been stuck at searching for 10 min. #1.2.1
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Halo pioneered online matchmaking, for MCC to be this screwed up is a massive failure! #4.2
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90% of the games i join start with uneven teams...

Its funny i bet the Halo 5 BETA works better than this full release game... #3.2
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The only thing i dont really like about Halo since 343i took over is the lack of attention to FFA playlists. Bungie always gave us great FFA playlists, but for some reason 343i seem to favor team oriented playlists.

Halo 4 didnt even have a real FFA for many months when it came out which kinda pissed me off (regicide sucked). Also the MCC only has halo 2 anniversary with FFA and that is only like 5 maps!

343i always gives the lame excuse that too many playlis... #1.2
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I tell people how to get a cheap xbox one and i get nothing but disagrees?

Its almost like if you say anything even slightly positive about the xbox you get disagrees...

Maybe i should of added that i have had a PS4 since launch and i still prefer it to the xboxone but as a gamer i couldnt pass up such a great deal! #7.2.1
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It is possible to get an xbox one with a $150 price drop and 2 free games...

At a Microsoft store i got an Xbox One Assassins Creed bundle (comes with Black Flags and Unity) for $250!!!

How you might ask? Well Microsoft stores are currently giving $100 credit if you trade in a working 360 or ps3. This $100 off is stackable with the current $50 off promotion making the xbox one just $250 with 2 free games! #7.2
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Halo is still having issues thats for sure...

Sometimes you can get in a game, other times you sit there forever watching the game look for players. Background emblems are not showing up and lots of other bugs some even in the campaigns. Go to the halo forums and see the uprising for yourself.

Let me put it this way i got so frustrated with Halo that i turned it off and played some Unity which to my surprise was not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.... #1.1.3
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With 50k draw calls and dx11 only able to handle 10k reliably this is one game that should have had the Mantle API as an option for AMD users. The Mantle API was designed for this type of game and is capable of 100k draw calls. Too bad they partnered with nvidia... #28
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I HOPE THIS DOES NOT interfere or prevent the game from getting awesome GTA mods...... #5
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Also the parity of AC:Unity on consoles to "avoid the resolution controversy" Thus causing an internet shit storm! #15.1
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I guess i'm alone here... I liked the old Battlefront games but Battlefield with a Star Wars theme actually sounds awesome!

Still hoping you can switch between 3rd and 1st person viewpoints though. #8.1
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I see what you mean and i dont think COD deserves the amount of hate it gets either... BUT people do not say that about the other games you listed because those games (God of War, Uncharted, Halo) dont have a new release EVERY YEAR like Call of Duty does. #13.1
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Yeah iv heard that argument before!

Seems to be 343's go to excuse for not having certain playlists, funny Bungie never had this problem...

If it was another game maybe i would understand this argument, but Halo is such a popular franchise i sincerely doubt that we would have any problems finding games. Hell i'm sure there are a lot of people out there just like me that only like playing FFA. #4.1.1
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Id like to see more FFA modes. I am glad to see halo 2 FFA Rumble as that was the mode i was most interested in but i would like the option to play more than just Halo 2 in FFA as well. #4
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Starhawk was ok but Warhawk is the real gem and needs a sequel!

Also Mod Nation Racers was one of the coolest kart racers EVER! The amount of customization in that game was INSANE! Custom character? check! Custom Kart? Check! Custom tracks? Check!

I made an evil looking kart with a driver that was a green devil with a halo over his head and a bullet hole going through his head with blood dripping from the holes!

If the PS4 could get rid of th... #1.10
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The new Gauntlet game that just came out for PC a few days ago should come to consoles, Gauntlet games are made for couch coop! #10
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This article should be titled top 5 multiplatform games to look forward to on next gen consoles, as every single game on the list are multiplatform!

If your going to specifically mention the PS4 in the title it may not hurt to have at least 1 or 2 PS4 exclusives in the list... #11
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If your looking for fair and honest news your in the wrong place...

But sadly this is still the best place to get gaming news, you just have to be very skilled at weeding out the BS from the facts! #3.3
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The only thing that really sucks about the gear vr is that it will be limited to android apps. It actually has a better resolution than both occulus and morpheus but considering its $245 USD and that doesnt even include the (probably very expensive) tablet it will die a gimmicks death unless they can make it run on a pc as well... #1.2
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