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"Kill 4 Fun"


Hots is not a clone of LOL or Dota. I hate LOL and Dota but LOVE heroes of the storm. The removal of last hitting and shared team exp is what makes the game unique and the different maps keep the game from getting too repetitive.

Overwatch on the other hand just seems like a clone of any FPS MMO team PVP. #3.1
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Dynasty warriors in VR would be awesome! #5
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I wish they would add the split screen drag racing back to NFS. It was very fun to drag race friends back in the day. #2
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An HD remaster of all of them would be awesome! However, id just be happy if they ran properly on newer operating systems. Tried reinstalling Diablo 2 the other day and the only way i could get it running was in windowed mode and for some reason the frame rate was horrible even though my computer is beast. #6
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There used to be a time when people would play video games together...

I guess it may seem dated to the people who have no friends/social life though... #2.8.1
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They have not given a legitimate reason to leave out split screen, all they gave was a generic lame excuse.

"Many of our ambitious goals for Halo 5 would be compromised in a split-screen setting and the time spent optimizing and addressing split-screen-specific issues would take focus from building other parts of the game," he said. "Game development is a balancing act of resources, time, and technology, and in this case we made the tough decision to sacrifice... #2.7.1
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Well it is what got me started playing halo back in the day. It was THE game to play WITH friends.

Now its just another game to play alone...

I'm sure the game will be great but the reason I bought halo was so that me a my friends could play together. #2.1.1
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343 has proven that they cannot make a good all around Halo game.

-Halo 4 good single player story, bad multiplayer.

-Halo MCC Broken multiplayer for almost a year before being playable

-Halo 5 looks to have good single player and good multiplayer but they killed off the most important aspect of halo SPLIT SCREEN.

No split screen = No buy for me (and i have bought EVERY Halo) #2
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You mean that in a good way right? They are the best COD developers now IMO. #2.1
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Graphics and physics aren't everything. I could care less if my falls don't collide correctly so long as the game controls well. I have a feeling it may be surprisingly good if your a fan of the older series and can stand some minor graphical glitches.

IDK maybe the gameplay is just too old school for todays market, or maybe I'm just getting old lol. #6
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I wouldn't get too excited...

Little known fact is that the PS3 had native keyboard and mouse support but we never got any good pc games or RTS games because of it.

I think during the entire generation only like 3 games used it.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
DUST 514
Unreal Tournament 3 #12
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343 makes a good Halo campaign and thats about all they do well for the fanchise...They have failed time and time again with the multiplayer.

Look at halo 4 loadout system, look at the MCC that was unplayable for half a freaking year! Now they are removing split screen from Halo 5?!? WTF are they thinking!?! #1.1.14
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Hell, the PS3 had mouse and keyboard support. #5.1.3
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Iv tried LOL, HON, and DOTA 2 and i simply did not enjoy them because of the huge learning curve required to play them and the annoyingly long games. I did not like having hundreds of items to look though and learn when i could be out killing people instead! I hated the last hit mechanic and the fact that one person could carry a whole team.

HOTS is about action! There is no "shopping" in game. Go MURDER!

I like the fact that you level with your tea... #1
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This is the worst milking i have ever seen...

One game a year is bad but AC Unity and AC Rouge were both released last year, within about a month of each other! #6.7
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I bet she's playing Tetris, even non gamers like Tetris for some reason.

I remember my Mom borrowing my old school gameboy for Tetris all the time and she never played any other videogames except maybe the occasional Dr. Robotnics Mean Bean Machine on my sega genesis! #8
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Cant wait to try this out, best survival game by far and a shining example of what early access gaming should be like!

Go play this game, NOW!

Would be nice if the article showed some before and after pics though. #1
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Its basically the same thing as rendering 3D which sony has already done on previous gen hardware. Really graphically demanding games will be slightly downgraded when switched to VR mode much like they are when a game is switched to 3D mode on the PS3.

Its a fair trade to sacrifice some graphics for the unique experience. #3.5.2
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Doesnt have to be a solo experience as we can play together online!

Its not like adding a controller.I dont think the ps4 has the horsepower to utilize 2 VR devices at the same time on one console. #3.3.1
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But seriously, Diablo 2. I would be an all powerful necromancer, cursing demons and slaying them with poison spells and summons. #40
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