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I thought the Darksiders IP was bought up by Crytek? Regardless i'm happy if they are indeed making a new Darksiders game! #9
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The devs are laughing at this because DX12 was basically a pc announcement! DX12 and Mantle were created to practically emulate what consoles ALREADY DO!. And that is have programming closer to the metal which leads to faster draws for the CPU. You will not even get a performance gain if you arent cpu limited in the first place!

Since XB1 and PS4 already have programming close to the metal, they will not see a huge jump going to DX12 like the PC will. #1.2.7
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Age of Mythology is getting an updated steam release, I'm happy with that. Age of Empires also got an HD steam release. #2
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Wouldnt my receiver have to accept HDMI for ARC to work? Im using optical because i dont have HDMI ports on my receiver. #1.1.7
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Best news of the day! I had a blast reliving my childhood playing the hd version of the original AOE. I get to do it all over again with this game! #3
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Those features are all crap social features that I dont give 2 poops about.

Fix 5.1 audio for movies using optical cables!
Give me 3D Blu-ray support!
Show me some MP3 and DLNA love!

Those are features people REALLY want. Not more ways to be social. If i wanted to be social I wouldnt be playing video games damnit! #1.3.3
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The biggest problem i have that needs to be fixed via firmware update is a fix for 5.1 surround via optical cables.

Currently if you have your PS4 hooked up to you TV through HDMI and route an optical cable to your receiver for sound, it will not output 5.1 digital surround for movies even when you have primary sound through optical selected. It does output 5.1 for games but not movies! WHY?!?!?!

This is my biggest beef with the PS4. Also an update to play 3D... #1.1.4
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It would be cool if you could buy and trade shares of kickstarted funds, would make it like a mini stock market! #1.2.2
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Put a porn app out for it and people will buy it! #3.2
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Yeah the ps4 is more comparable to a current mid range pc than a 5 year old low end gaming pc. #2.2.2
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In the article it says that dx12 might be compatible with dx11.1 cards. If that's the case the 7970 I purchased a while back will be one of the best pc purchases iv ever made! #15.1
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I agree with you Neon. I could care less for these social streaming features.

I want an entertainment hub. Would be nice if they added at least 3d blu ray support so that i dont have to have my PS3 hooked up in the living room.

Also i would like the sound options updated, digital sound doesnt work quite right on the ps4 (with optical cables anyway). You have to pick either Dolby Digital or DTS, if you have DTS selected and the disk only supports DD sometimes... #5.4
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They made it so that if you don't have premium than you level slower and pay more. Kinda sucks. #4
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I'm not bashing Microsoft or praising Sony...

But if you want to compare Titanfalls campaign with Unreal Tournament 3 ill take the bait.

UT3 campaign was you and maybe some bots vs the bots. You could challenge yourself with different bot difficulties and bots themselves were an actual challenge.

Titanfalls campaign is the exact same as the multiplayer! Its humans and bots against other humans and bots and you cant change difficulties bec... #5.1.2
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The "campaign" in this game seems like a regular multiplayer match with the addition of cutscenes before them... Not all that impressed. Granted I only played 1 campaign mission, but it really didn't feel any different than playing a regular game of hardpoint. #5
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Your wrong about games looking worse with the tv enhancements. What gamer's don't like about these enhancements is input lag.

I keep the settings off on my 3D Samsung but not because they look bad, it just adds A LOT of input lag. In fact when all the bells and whistles are turned on games look amazing!

Its cool when you are moving fast and can still see every single detail without any blur, unfortunately it adds so much input lag that it makes most g... #3.2.1
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While i agree Spirits Within wasnt a great film, i do like the fact that they used CGI to make it. I think if done right, GCI could make some really cool game movies. #5.1.2
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I think making movies out of games is fine but....

I wish they would not have live action movies of games. In games CGI cutscenes are usually pretty amazing and i think they would make excellent movies!

Take Diablo 3, its cutscenes are gorgeous! I would love so see more CGI videogame movies. Kinda like that final fantasy movie they came out with a while back. #5
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I guess that can be good or bad though.

I loved the xmb just wished it was faster. The 360 went through multiple dashboard updates which were new and exciting at the time but also sorta frustrating to relearn. #8.1
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I'm with you on that, if they made a cheaper version of the xboxone without kinect I would probably buy it! #1.10
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