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"Kill 4 Fun"


If your looking for fair and honest news your in the wrong place...

But sadly this is still the best place to get gaming news, you just have to be very skilled at weeding out the BS from the facts! #3.3
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The only thing that really sucks about the gear vr is that it will be limited to android apps. It actually has a better resolution than both occulus and morpheus but considering its $245 USD and that doesnt even include the (probably very expensive) tablet it will die a gimmicks death unless they can make it run on a pc as well... #1.2
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Yup, i have seen some of the articles and i still have no f-ing clue what is going on or why i should care, it seems stupid... Just seems like people with an agenda stirring the pot. #1.3.1
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What a waste to have such talent working on tablet/phone games... #3
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Try some of the odd ball stores nobody thinks of to buy games. I checked everywhere 2 walmarts, 2 bestbuys, 2 gamestops and a target untill it dawned on me...

Hastings sells games and low and behold they had a copy! #9.2
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Game seems awesome but im afraid that it may be short like heavenly sword was... they say they are producing it as a AAA indi game whatever that means. They are also going to sell it cheaper than a normal AAA game which also makes me think it will be short. #7
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In the pc version you can use the mystic to change any item to look like any other item that you have already found. #1.1
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Its been said a thousand times...

The pc sees these large gains because they are not currently using a low level API.

The XB1 already has a low level API meaning you will not see the giant leap in performance that the pc is getting. You may still get a slight increase because of better optimization to the API but nothing close to 73%, maybe 10% if your really lucky.

Its not the optimizations in dx12 that are bringing large performance increas... #3.7.3
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I tend to get COD every other year as not to get burnt out on it. Plus i havent been a big fan of the ones infinity ward has been making, seems they are running out of ideas. I love the COD's treyarch have been making and the zombie mode they introduced.

Im buying the new one because its a new developer and im willing to give them a shot and see what innovative things they bring to the table. #3.1
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Halo 4 sold less because the multiplayer sucked compared to the rest of the Halo games, not because Halo has too many sequels.

The second they got rid of weapons on the map and added a perk system my boner for halo shriveled up.

Thankfully iv heard that Halo 5 will at least have a mode that brings back weapons on the map and has it where everyone will start with the same weapon, so i'm still hopeful they will get it right! But they better have FFA at laun... #1.2.3
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Sorry to break it to you but you arent going to be getting ps now at $10-$12 a month. That's just not enough money for them to turn a profit.

I bet if they do come out with a subscription type service it will be much more expensive than what people are expecting. I'm thinking something around $20 a month or $200 a year (giving a slight discount for paying more upfront). Gamefly's subscription goes for $16-$23 depending on if you get the 1 game or 2 game offer. I e... #1.2
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Great games will always come back!

The best game on xbox one (halo 2) will be re-released in the next few months and that game is 2 generations old!

I bought the last of us remastered and im thinking of buying an xbox one just for some old school Halo action! #1.15
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I think its really cool of them to be offering BOTH options. This makes everyone happy, the FPS whores and the graphics whores! #3.2
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Something that is a little different about this generation is that the new consoles seem to be embracing indie games more, and thats a good thing!

Indie devs are going to be the ones that take risks and bring us the new and innovative experiences we all crave. The big companies pushing AAA games are just going to go for the biggest money grab and recycle the same ip's over and over.

AndrewLB above is right about the gaming industry turning stale much like... #2.2.3
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Guess this would be cool if climbing Mt Everest was on your bucket list. I imagine it may be hard to use a controller wearing gloves though? #3
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yup #14.1
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Halo 4 didnt feel like halo because the weapons where not scattered across the map. This took away a key element of halo game play, MAP CONTROL.

That weapon drop system in halo 4 sucks! Its basically a halo version of COD kill streaks. #22.1.2
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Apparently "old school mechanics" (aka mechanics that challenge the player, and don't hold your hand) aren't suitable for today's gamers.... SMFH #8.5
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Those nuclear explosions in the multiplayer.... so awesome! #5
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My samsung tv can convert any 2d source to 3d as well. Red Dead Redemption was a great game in converted 3d! #5.2.2
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