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"Kill 4 Fun"


I think its really cool of them to be offering BOTH options. This makes everyone happy, the FPS whores and the graphics whores! #3.2
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Something that is a little different about this generation is that the new consoles seem to be embracing indie games more, and thats a good thing!

Indie devs are going to be the ones that take risks and bring us the new and innovative experiences we all crave. The big companies pushing AAA games are just going to go for the biggest money grab and recycle the same ip's over and over.

AndrewLB above is right about the gaming industry turning stale much like... #2.2.3
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Guess this would be cool if climbing Mt Everest was on your bucket list. I imagine it may be hard to use a controller wearing gloves though? #3
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yup #14.1
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Halo 4 didnt feel like halo because the weapons where not scattered across the map. This took away a key element of halo game play, MAP CONTROL.

That weapon drop system in halo 4 sucks! Its basically a halo version of COD kill streaks. #22.1.2
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Apparently "old school mechanics" (aka mechanics that challenge the player, and don't hold your hand) aren't suitable for today's gamers.... SMFH #8.5
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Those nuclear explosions in the multiplayer.... so awesome! #5
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My samsung tv can convert any 2d source to 3d as well. Red Dead Redemption was a great game in converted 3d! #5.2.2
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Well i WAS excited.... I was ready to go buy an xboxone the day this came out!

That was until i saw that all the play modes are team based! The game is still a good value, but that kinda ruins the multiplayer for me...

I'm a lone wolf i need a FFA playlist to really enjoiy Halo. 343 seems to focus too much on teams, Halo 4 was the same way at launch it had no real FFA.

I love that feeling of you and your friends being thrown in a pit and... #14
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I was expecting to see info about input lag in this article because thats the only thing that really matters to gamers.

This article sucks, just says stuff like...

This tv has hdmi

this tv has HD

this tv is smart

this tv is bright

Pointless!!! #1.2.2
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Does it play like the old fallout games?

I was looking at it earlier and thought the game might be worth buying. Every user review said it was a great game some even said possible best game ever (which surprised me). #16.1
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If they were pushing technology forward than yes your right. However they are NOT pushing technology forward, i would even argue that they are holding technology back by providing proprietary solutions.

Nvidia is making proprietary technology that do the same exact things that existing technology does except their proprietary tech makes games run crappy on their competitors cards. Example, PhysX isnt any better than other physics engines, its just proprietary tech that hurts... #16.1
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I'm excited for this but would LOVE to see Unreal Championship 3, the 2nd one was AWESOME! #21
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The API in a console is either low level or its not. Forza did not use some secret magic sauce programming. The xbox1 does currently use a low level API, its a fact. The DX12 is only an update, it may increase performance some but its just not going to be the same as those benchmarks you posted for pc.

Im really not trying to bash the xbox1, its a great console with or without dx12. I just want people to understand why dx12 is not going to dramatical... #7.1.3
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To clarify and make things simple...

PC = had no low level API before dx12 and mantle / dx12 and mantle low level API's are new tech for PC's which give a great performance increase.

XBOX1/PS4 = already currently have a low level API, the xbox1 is getting an update (dx12) to its already existing low level API which will not yield the same performance increase the PC is getting. #7.1.1
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The PS3 did have more power... Its only multi-platform games that looked the same or better on a 360.

Pretty much all PS3 exclusives visually rape anything on the 360.

To the disagree's name one game that looks better than God of War 3 (released in 2010 BTW) on the 360?

I owned both consoles last gen and i never saw the quality of any 360 game surpass ps3 exclusives. #10.1
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On a pc, yeah.

Consoles already have programming close to the metal. What dx12 does for pc is emulate how consoles operate. Consoles can get great graphics with lesser hardware because of the way the programming speaks to the hardware. Dx12 is basically a PC announcement that lets PC's have a low level API much like what both consoles ALREADY HAVE! In a PC this lets the software have fewer barriers to the hardware resulting in much better performance for the PC.
... #7.1
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Its definitely possible that a meteor could strike earth tomorrow ending all life, doesnt mean its going to happen! #5
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That pic looks A LOT like Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings!

http://www.bubblews.com/ass... #24
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I thought the Darksiders IP was bought up by Crytek? Regardless i'm happy if they are indeed making a new Darksiders game! #9
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