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"Kill 4 Fun"


This is the worst milking i have ever seen...

One game a year is bad but AC Unity and AC Rouge were both released last year, within about a month of each other! #6.7
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I bet she's playing Tetris, even non gamers like Tetris for some reason.

I remember my Mom borrowing my old school gameboy for Tetris all the time and she never played any other videogames except maybe the occasional Dr. Robotnics Mean Bean Machine on my sega genesis! #8
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Cant wait to try this out, best survival game by far and a shining example of what early access gaming should be like!

Go play this game, NOW!

Would be nice if the article showed some before and after pics though. #1
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Its basically the same thing as rendering 3D which sony has already done on previous gen hardware. Really graphically demanding games will be slightly downgraded when switched to VR mode much like they are when a game is switched to 3D mode on the PS3.

Its a fair trade to sacrifice some graphics for the unique experience. #3.5.2
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Doesnt have to be a solo experience as we can play together online!

Its not like adding a controller.I dont think the ps4 has the horsepower to utilize 2 VR devices at the same time on one console. #3.3.1
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But seriously, Diablo 2. I would be an all powerful necromancer, cursing demons and slaying them with poison spells and summons. #40
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Reviews are just opinions from people who played a game outside of their preferred genre. #10.1
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Well games like Diablo and MMO's sometimes do have beta tests for patch releases but this is a bit different as these are usually content patches that alter skills and address balance issues.

For MCC the patch is to fix a broken game, not exactly the same thing which is why i assume you got the disagrees. #6.2.3
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And if you use that $10 sony put in our wallets for the Christmas PSN outage, you get this game for free! #5.2
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Infinity ward has gone downhill and most of the peeps that made those games no longer work there, I personally think IW most recent releases have been the worst in the franchise.

Also that's bull about treyarch not being innovative, they brought the hugely successful zombie mode which was very innovative at the time. Hell they even brought tanks to the mp in w@w, something other cod have not tried. #1.4.1
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This article would MAYBE have some merit some years ago when interplay still owned the rights to Fallout Online and Fallout 1 & 2 (the last bit of the fallout series they still owned after selling fallout to Bethesda). But according to Interplays wiki...

"Bethesda Softworks sued Interplay in 2009, regarding the Fallout Online license and selling of Fallout Trilogy and sought an injunction to stop development of Fallout Online and sales of Fallout Trilogy. After sever... #3.1
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While I agree that no PC game should have a locked 30 fps the article is about the best PC games, not the best running PC games. The stick of truth is a great game on any platform. #1.1
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A lot of games don't even use dedicated servers though. Many games still use peer to peer online connections which should not be behind a paywall. If all games used dedicated servers then paying for mutiplayer would be somewhat justified, but they dont. #1.3.9
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When i got my PS2 for Christmas, i wasnt expecting one due to low supply. Played Dynasty Warriors 2 all day! #5
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The game deserves a C or worse... I say this because games should not be released when they are broken.

Halo 2 basically invented console online matchmaking, for them to release Halo 2 multiplayer that is this broken is a complete disgrace to the franchise!

Many people bought an xbox one just to play these games online. If the problem only lasted a week due to server overload then that's fine but for it to remain broken a month after release is a slap to... #1.1
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Hearthstone this month! "soon"... #4
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Doubtful, the Wii U is just starting to gain traction. #8.1
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I'm trying to get in a game right now and can't findfind one.... Been stuck at searching for 10 min. #1.2.1
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Halo pioneered online matchmaking, for MCC to be this screwed up is a massive failure! #4.2
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90% of the games i join start with uneven teams...

Its funny i bet the Halo 5 BETA works better than this full release game... #3.2
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