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The makers of the game already stated there will be a day one patch to fix some exploits. It may take longer to beat than the media is saying because the media is getting their information from a dude who played the game before the day 1 patch and used exploits to beat it quickly. When the game actually releases it may be impossible to beat it in 10 hours.

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I think its so successful because a lot of people that grew up with Pokemon are now in their 30's. So the game appeals to both young kids and grownups alike. I don't think Digimon or any other game like it can compete with the Pokemon name and nostalgia that goes along with it.

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No, its the consistent flow of remasters and barely improved sequels that are killing the industry.

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Scorpio will be a powerful windows 10 steam box.

Neo will be a powerful console with exclusive games.

Games win

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So in other words the Scorpio is more like a Steambox that can only play Xbox games...

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This article is wrong, It comes out October 2016. Or at least that's what every other source iv seen today said.

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Its possible he could get his chain blades sometime later in the game and this is just an intro scene with a camera angle meant to be more cinematic to introduce you to the game.

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Forget remakes and give me a new elder scrolls game!

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Wow, came here to say they need to add Plastic Man and to my surprise someone beat me to it!
(I work in the plastics industry)

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Its the same reason as to why AMD ran VR better than nvidia for a while. AMD had something called asynchronous compute built in at a hardware level with their CGN architecture. This feature allows graphics processes and compute processes to run simultaneously.

I believe the answer to much better VR performance of the 1000 series is due to the recent inclusion of async compute at a hardware level in nvidias 1000 series cards. The 900 series did not have async compute built i...

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Hydrophobia: Prophecy should be on this list.

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Add official PC support and i'm 100% buying one!

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If they did this i would be 100% sold on buying a PSVR

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Lol at 1:25 he gets intimate and touches her mouth and chin ever so gently before molesting her further...

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And this is why women are the top gaming demographic now...

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There was no deal with Sony...

They released it on PC and PS4 1st so that they could ensure a large player base since PS4 and PC play together on the same servers.

Xbox would not allow them to use those servers so they were a lower priority due to small dev team.

Simple as that.

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If i was looking for single player game experiences only then maybe i understand where your coming from but Rocket League is a better multiplayer game than every game you just listed...

I kinda felt the same way at 1st. A soccer game with cars... DUMB! But it really isn't, its one of the most fun competitive games that you can play split screen with a friend in a loooooong time. You don't even have to enjoy soccer to enjoy this game. It truely is a gem and worth every...

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Awesome game! If i could change anything i would add the ability to turbo in reverse.

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Uncharted 4 for sure!

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Kind of a steep investment to save on electricity, the holo lens currently goes for about $3,000!

You could probably rig your house to run on solar panels for the same price or cheaper.

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