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Loot boxes are a cancer to the gaming industry.

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So if i make a slot machine that every time rewards you with at least 1 cent than it is no longer considered gambling by your logic...

Its gambling plain and simple.

The only way it wouldn't be gambling is if every prize you received in the box had an equal value however this is not the case with loot boxes as most have "tiers" such as common, rare, epic, legendary and you are not guaranteed to receive any of the higher tiered loot.

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One thing i do know is it better have multiplayer couch co-op and split screen online multiplayer or i will not buy it just like i did not buy Halo 5.

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Just as I expected... It will be nothing more than a Microsoft branded steam machine.

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There are good deals out there. I found a 512 GB class 10 SDXC card for $59.00 and it even comes with a bonus 64 GB card for free with purchase!

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Just a heads up to all, when i clicked "read full story" i got a malware warning.

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A mobile GPU for a mobile console.... who would have thunk it??? LOL

I guess you want them to fit a GTX1080 in the tablet eh? A GTX 1080 alone is bigger than the entire console...

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Cryengine seems like its capable of producing the best graphics though, even if its not the easiest to use. Its far from a "terrible game engine".

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Mario kart 8 is confirmed 1080p 60fps docked.

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I agree with this article. I plan to get the switch mainly because I have a very powerful PC and I wouldn't mind having a portable console to play Nintendo exclusives ( I haven't owned a Nintendo system since my old gameboy color!) If it can also play other AAA games on the go that's just another plus.

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I hate that they given randomly at the end of the match. I still haven't even received one and i have a friend that still hasn't received one... Guess we are just unlucky.

They should at least give you some as rank up reward at certain ranks.

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Why does this guy get quoted so often on this site? 90% of this websites user base would be a better analyst than him lol. Might as well ask my grandma this question, it would be just as reliable.

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I'm kinda shocked at the negativity this game generates.

Its a good game if all you want to do is explore, i dumped over 50 hours into it the first week or so. If the people had done more research and really followed the game since its announcement then they should damn well know that the main objective of the game was to explore in a procedurally generated galaxy. They accomplished that quite well minus a few giant worms, lol. Maybe added in a free future patch?

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The makers of the game already stated there will be a day one patch to fix some exploits. It may take longer to beat than the media is saying because the media is getting their information from a dude who played the game before the day 1 patch and used exploits to beat it quickly. When the game actually releases it may be impossible to beat it in 10 hours.

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I think its so successful because a lot of people that grew up with Pokemon are now in their 30's. So the game appeals to both young kids and grownups alike. I don't think Digimon or any other game like it can compete with the Pokemon name and nostalgia that goes along with it.

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No, its the consistent flow of remasters and barely improved sequels that are killing the industry.

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Scorpio will be a powerful windows 10 steam box.

Neo will be a powerful console with exclusive games.

Games win

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So in other words the Scorpio is more like a Steambox that can only play Xbox games...

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This article is wrong, It comes out October 2016. Or at least that's what every other source iv seen today said.

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Its possible he could get his chain blades sometime later in the game and this is just an intro scene with a camera angle meant to be more cinematic to introduce you to the game.

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