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Agreed. Not having her friends there. The whole "survival" element is missing. The trailers literally show the movie's ending stinger scene, ruining any and all impact it could have had. The brutality is there, but only for one extended sequence that goes on too long, rather than scattered throughout the film. And don't get me started on the "Oh! It's a color puzzle!" line. It falls into all the trappings of a movie made by people who don't really understan...

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Actually, they didn't say that either. The direct quote is "Not interested in bad reviews." Both of you are ascribing meaning to it that isn't necessarily there based on how you want to interpret it to get across your unique point. The reviewer handled this in a passive-aggressive way, but so to did the devs. The whole thing is a sea of passive-aggressive attitudes passive-aggressively passive-aggressing at each other. Reviewer ought to be more constructive, but the develope...

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No, no it is not. The game isn't even out. You don't know the level of content that Destiny 2 OR the DLC are going to bring to the table, and speculative garbage like this hurts the industry, creating this false sense of entitlement among gamers when these strategies are so that developers can actually keep their living games alive and stay in business to make their next release.

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Costs nothing for them? Right, so it's no work whatsoever right? Nobody needs to ensure compatibility? Nobody needs to check the emulation on each and every game? That's not manpower and time? WHat is being said here is that the value is not there, because as much as it is demanded, it's not worth them implementing it because it realistically barely gets used. That's the reason they removed it from the PS3. People hem and haw about it, but when the feature is available it is a...

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Did the author even play Persona 5? So many mistakes and spoilers. Takemi is a her, not a him. The very first point is the very basics of battle. And all those spoilers for those that haven't finish the game yet, both in the text and screenshots? What a click bait and awful article capitalizing on the love people have for Persona, and yet any Persona fan would take one look at this and see a massive joke.

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I'd hardly call that an Easter Egg. Seems like a glitch to me.

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Umm it was playable at PSX, so everyone who was there has had a chance to try this out too...

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Japanese devs are killing it this year!

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Nice to see some sites give it a positive review. I like simple and fun classic rare-ware style platformers.

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So hype for Destiny 2! Maybe Xur can finally bring relevant stuff again.

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To be fair, this site runs an entire feature called "Everything Wrong With..." where they roast and look at what's wrong with every major release, whether it's bad or a 10 outta 10.

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Funny how much that hashtag and sub-line has been used. Maybe they're partnering with Turtle Rock to bring game capture to Evolve! /s Really excited for whatever they'll be showing though. Elgato has the capture game on lock.

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Visuals novels are great, even if they can tend to put a bunch of unnecessary filler dialogue.

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Clickbait article with controversial title that just ends up being about backlog issues.

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What a pile of horse garbage! Seriously N4G, take this clickbait bullsh down.

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Lies, this will not happen. Blizzard never said this.

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Clickbait. This is NOT what the reddit user meant. They clarified that it was only when the system goes to sleep itself with power save. If users put it into rest mode themselves, it does not require repair at all. It's a minor issue for a very small subset of users for a feature that many will not even utilize.

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Would love that External HD support, and better friends list management.

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I wish Skate were less simulation and more over the top. Why Tony Hawk 5 couldn't have just been basically what Tony Hawk 3 was is beyond me. Sad that it failed.

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This guy is clueless. Loads of people do. Prices for them are dropping drastically. This is the perfect time to upgrade consoles to match them.

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