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"Back in the P.S.L.S.S.R.!"


Fantastic, more things to spend my money on that I have to use time to work for and can't instead use that time to play things that I buy using my money earned during that time. Awh, I'm sad.... #5
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"NDAs or business rules don't overwrite all legal rights." Ummm, NDA's are legally binding contracts written by the legal departments of these game companies. Also, Check the EULA of both Xbox Live and PSN. Both explicitly state that they can render your console unusable if you violate the agreement. Again, legally binding, and has a LOT more legal weight in a court situation than some gamer whining that he wanted to pirate or leak games because he b... #29.1.2
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Ironically, Microsoft's original plan would have allowed you to share digital game licenses with up to 10 people. DIGITAL! Their announcement was all wonky about it, but they were trying to set a precedent for digital content not necessarily being locked to one account.

Also, none of this stuff about Elder Scrolls is true. Bethesda clarified it. #14
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Unless you signed an agreement stating that the use of your own vehicle for the company could be remanded to the company in question if illegal action was perpetrated through the use of said vehicle. There's legal backing behind it. Also, read the EULA. It specifically states that they have the right to render the console unusable. PS4 has the same verbiage in theirs. Break the rules, get the punishment. Simple as that. #29.1
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Sure they do. Legalese included. That's why it's legalese. If they did it without legalese, then you might have a lawsuit for them. Thing is, they are doing this as a punishment. If you're not breaking the rules, why are you worried. People can shoot you or run you over with their car, but just because they can doesn't mean it's going to be the new normal. #15.4
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They use their own consoles for the testing. The NDA likely detailed what would happen if those consoles were used to leak anything. When you use your personal property for a crime, it can now be confiscated or impounded. This is just Microsoft trying to protect their assets and following up on a legal contract. #14.3
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I guess I just don't get it. "deception" "blame" -- as if it somehow massively affects gamers because Conan held up an XBox One box, but then showed footage from the PC version... Who's to "blame?" The people that make far too big of a deal out of something that hardly affects anything. #21
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Such an awesome duo of characters. Love these little guys. #1
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We've heard plenty about it since it's initial reveal. In fact, it was just about 5 months ago that they were eagerly talking about it at PSX. Personally, I'm glad they aren't overselling it and overhyping it. Not hearing about a game is not a bad thing. It's called tempering our expectations rather than oversaturating us with information. #20
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Games cost a lot to make. Development is getting more intensive, yet we haven't seen prices rise for base games. Why? Because publishers thought of this awesome idea of portioning out the content, so that those who just want to pay $60 can, and those who want to increase their experience can pay a premium to get more. If it weren't for season passes and DLC, games would be in the $80 - $100 price range just to pay for development. I'm glad I get the opportunity to choose. #21
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I'm open to season passes. The value implied is certainly different for everyone, depending on if you even like the game or not, so there's no universal answer to the question of "Is it worth it?" #3
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Please no. Let him go. Joker needs to be dead. Unless there is a really good and valid twist like Joker was actually wearing the Batman suit and killed Batman dressed as the Joker or something absolutely insane. It has to be effin' crazy to be worth it though. #14
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Can't say I've heard of this, but seems pretty cool. #6
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Nostalgia at its finest. #3
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Hard to say for sure. Double edged sword. Or perhaps more like a super spiky mace. Damage from all sides. #1
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Some of the Specialists in the multiplayer are female, so yup. #7.1
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The actual article has more from the interview about a narrative perspective. #5.1
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Players ARE the fish!
#BlackOps3Swimming #7.1
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What do you mean you won't see women in combat? Like in real life? One: Yes, there are definitely women in combat in real life. Two: Yup, it's a game, which is a fantastical world full of augemented tech and neural interfaces and they can do what they want with their fictional story, despite what someone may erroneously believe about gender roles in the real world. #1.1
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Now is the time to buy! People ought to get in on this awesome generation. #1
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