Back in the P.S.L.S.S.R.!


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Hopefully these remasters do him justice!

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Wow, can't believe it's been 21 years.

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I agree with this for the most part. I like to get views from all around, because if I'm reading a Call of Duty review from someone who has played every Call of Duty, that's going to be vastly different than someone who just played CoD for the first time this year, for example. That's why the industry has a swath of reviewers. To get a broad oversight.

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What if you already have an original PS4? Seems like it's not much worth upgrading in either direction quite yet.

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Much like VR it seems, you need to see it to believe it. And at this point, I haven't seen it.

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Love this. Very well thought out and had some great points to consider, instead of just being rabidly negative.

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Get over it. The game will be better for it. I'd rather wait than get a crappy game.

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Love these flash sales so much.

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Love the downvotes you get for simply enjoying games... Oh internet...

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Highly disagree. These seem like Move nitpicks, almost like you were trying to hate it. I've never had a problem with the move tracking on PSVR. And if it's such "old tech," why are they using the exact same technology with the lightbar on the DS4, the light nodules on the VR headset, and the bulb on the end of the PS Aim controller? Because it works. The calibration in Arkham VR had nothing to do with the Moves. It had to do with the fact that by actually requiring precis...

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Easy answer. No contest at all.

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I love dynamics in games like this. Makes it more exciting.

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Seems like they might do something else though. Wouldn't make sense to have new subclasses at this point.

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Sound great to me. Fast release

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I'm stoked for Rise of Iron, it'll be good to be back.

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Good list!

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That's good, they ought to take damage realistically like that.

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Indies are really the gems of the show anymore, given that those are mostly the only playables on the floor.

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New games. That's my bet.

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Tough to compare these games, but I think Destiny got better, where it appears that The Division is getting worse. Sadly, with as buggy as it is...

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