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Its free.
First-come basis

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Kinect would have been mass produced so they would have to wait until they offloaded the majority of them first before announcing the removal.
Not to mention sales compared to the PS4

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It will be about what 3rd party developer(s) they have thrown money at this time.

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Bad AI & Mech's must have used Titanfalls code.

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To boost power would mean disabling kinect on the xb1 owners who bought into there vision. A big FU to there fans

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Amazon UK has XB1 for £379 with kinect and £349 without.
Kinect only worth £30?

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If it were to come to PS4 "IF"
EA clause may have been that MS would need to guarantee either larger install base or a specific number of consoles sold in the first 12 months.
I got it on PC so I don't care

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Maybe they didn't want to be confused with daylight after the poor reviews it received.

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Cloud "maybe" a Trojan horse to bring back there original plan of always connected and it will need drm

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New story based in the same world hopefully

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So gaming websites need a reason to buy an xb1 now?

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last of us

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So its 9 PS4 games in the top 40 compared to only 6 for XB1

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Nice room but like what everyone else is thinking

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I think its great XBL subs pay for the servers for PC gamers.

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Pushing games out doesn't always end well

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Titanfall has the emperor's new clothes effect, its not a polished as reviews make it out to be.

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If Titanfall is successful and MS make the franchise exclusive expect clone versions being developed by other studios and cashing in on the PS4.
Even Sony could develop a similar game at one of its studios
Me I got it on PC.

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So Titanfall needs the cloud except in Australia where they have magic XB1's that can play Titanfall without it.

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