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Hope you can cross buy like portal2

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IF you ran a shop wouldn't you hold more stock of the best selling console?

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I'll leave this here http://www.metacritic.com/u...
GTA XB1 10

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The grass is always greener on Playstation

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Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

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they have its called the internet

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Happend to me, think its to do with the dlc that is not available yet

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PS4 & XB1 are current gen not next

Why anyone would need to justify there preference is beyond me.

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They didn't buy Mojang for xbox they want it for there flagging Mobile & PC devisions

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link to XB1 code discovery please

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O 1 Line
X 2 Lines
Δ 3 Lines
□ 4 Lines

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After playing the Alpha I'll be waiting for Steam sales before buying.

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"MAYBE" Sales are not so good for SSO, spread the word your giving a free game away with it to increase sales.

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PS4 & XB owners get the same for the DLC the only difference is Sony giving the extra content away FREE to PS+ owners who buy the DLC.

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"They're paying the same amount of money as PlayStation players, yet getting less stuff."

Look at it from a different perspective Sony paid for the extra missions so we don't have too.

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sorry misread "haven't" as "have" for some awkwardly strange reason.

I may need glasses

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no immediate plans to bring game to PC

"no immediate" could mean anything from a week to a few months

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Gaminrealm: Salt of the Year Edition

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From @Neil_Druckmann
@ibjade Congrats, Jade! Looking forward to whatever you're up to next.

reply from @ibjade
@Neil_Druckmann thanks Neil! I'm so happy that you came to visit us at the Toronto Studio. Can't wait to share some drinks again soon!

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People who get excited over new apps really need to upgrade there TV's.

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