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Just got platinum selling it to a friend half price.

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Probably a Nvidias new $1000 graphics card

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The Order Backlash: Proof that the minority who complain seem to get more noticed than those looking forward to the game.

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This is MS only problem

Pre-orders & New Releases

PlayStation 4 (61)

Xbox One (28)

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People who buy an Xbox One often sick by it.

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Maybe Sony told Square when U4 was aiming for release, so not to step on each other they conned MS into paying for a timed release.

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NEVER going to happen just think of the money MS will lose when people cancel their Live account and buy COD on steam cheaper. All the multiplat titles being cheaper on steam too.

It would force MS into price matching the Steam Store

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Its publishers a lot of those are developers

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Looks great for Augmented Reality but not very immersive for games like Adrift or The Deep. Will still probably buy it though.

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Why stop short, dispose of the XB1 and stream directly from MS cloud its only one more step.

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One off payment of $60 vs $54 + $4.99 per month

You win /s

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This is bad for EA because if it sucks and gets bad press just think how many pre orders will be cancelled. On the other hand if its great.....

I call this a win for PC & PS4 owners.

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So people moan about guns in air-drops but if you could call in an air-drop in real life for survival the first things you would ask for is food & weapons.

Why not take them out altogether for the cry baby's.

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They should use there resources on what 100% of there customers can use and not the 50% that have kinnect

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God always gives a second chance.

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Story needs a new title "I bought an XB1 and need to justify my purchase"

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People need to update there TV's, having to turn your console on for media is so 00's

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