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It takes the pressure off the studio and cast so they don't need to hide there movements.

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The one you can afford.

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So its a only handheld system and its only competition is the PSP Go thanks for clearing that up.

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The only down side to Switch if someone goes out and takes the tablet with them anybody left at home is screwed.

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I wouldn't supprise me if Sony & MS together pay RS to keep it off PC

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Looks like something that would have competed well against the PS3 or 360 just a generation to late.

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They should just release the same disc but with a disclaimer saying some demos are in English only and leave it up to the player to choose.

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Took a whole day typing in a game from a magazine once, I had more fun looking for my mistakes than playing the game.

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There will never be a PS5 or XB2 just upgraded current consoles that is why they both moved to x86

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I agree psvr needs numbers as well I'm not delusional like all who gave me disagrees.
Without actual numbers things selling out articles are pointless.

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I'll try to put this into context they had 100 of each.
Without actual numbers this is not that impressive.

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The real reason was EA thought XB1 was going to kill PS4 in sales

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between $100 and $200, price is important too.

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Looks like Sony has the marketing on this with MS opting for BF1.

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Until I actually see game-play or try the games I do not trust either.

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I'll wait for actual game-play or the beta's before deciding which is better

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SO failed because Insomniacs fan-base is on PS simple as that.

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I should hope so.
So how may consoles had they sold when the last new IP was released.
A ratio of consoles sold and sales it would be interesting.

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So pirates get exclusive content now, wow!

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