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got mine today :)

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A new way to play for some is called the real world.

With the NX you get to control yourself in daily life activities.

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This just encourages piracy
You now it will get cracked and running on earlier Windows.

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The area of a square is equal to the product of two of its sides

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No Halo in the top ten, Kinect Sports Rivals out sold Halo

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Numbers don't lie

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Its a chart based on weekly numbers not total sales.

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In other news PS4 has 2 bundles in the top 5

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Unlike another platform Sony was releasing AAA first party games right until PS4 released. The other platform had a 2 year drought and still had to buy exclusives.

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Why Resolution-gate is Ridiculous by xboxenthusiast

Nuff said

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Doesn't the Elite Controller give unfair advantage to those who buy it?

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Yes 2 days ago on Twitter

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Maybe someone asked if there next game had legs

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@Rookie_Monster Given that XB has 8 bundles can I have your numbers for the difference between 1 and 2.

For all you know 1 sold 100,00 and 2 sold 10,000 without numbers your list is meaningless.

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If its an App for W10 and W10 Apps are going to be on XB1 does that mean.......

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So they know Sony's plan, maybe they will put another free game or two up over Christmas as a surprise. Wait untill the month is over then complain at the moment I admit the games are average this month.

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If it was digital only, console game prices would plummet to compete with PC so No.

Digital prices on consoles are high to appease retail.

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Another SJW website

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So you call your mom "that old lady" you are a disrespectful troll that needs to grow-up.

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