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Was thinking the same thing

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Hope it comes to NA. Love this anime.

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Can't wait for this game and now because of it oculus rift. I would love to see them both on ps4 but star citizen won't happen unless its 3 to 5 years from now. Oculus rift will be on ps4 a lot sooner I hope.

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Persona 5 on PS4 announcement at TGS would be amazing. Hope it happens. It's been such a long wait. Can't believe there hasn't been any gameplay shown or even an announcement. Crazy that they have been able to keep this game a secret for this long. If Sony shows and talks about the last guardian and Altus shows persona 5 at TGS then I will scream like a little girl lolz.

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If Xbox one was a hundred dollars cheaper it would cost $399.99
So ya.....who cares its $499.99 and people that want it are getting it.
Wouldn't change everything else that has been done or said. Think we should just move on.... Pick your side or chose both. Just pumped next gen is almost here.

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Ya they did at E3. They also said there will be streaming available. So this article is pointless no.

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Stealth inc on vita, maybe some shadowrun as well.

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Make better games with it! Simple. Be more creative. Take some risks. Reach for the stars lol.

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Lots of great PSN games this summer. My vita needs another memory card! This Stealth inc games looks really promising.

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Persona 5 has been in development for a long time. No doubt for playstation. Personally I would like to see it stay that way. Persona belongs on playstation. What would happen to it if Nintendo bought them? I hope Sony buys them or at least the persona team and the IP. Nintendo should buy the rest.

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Who is namco bandai? I joke.

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TV on PS4!! Lmao. Hope it's a new Santa Monica game or steam on ps4 via cloud gaming.

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What about GTA V? Wait sell 10 million copies to break even, that's nuts.

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I gotta get in on this action. So many choices. Hmmmm.

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This game looks amazing! I've wanted a game like this since having fun with star fox 64 but always thinking it would be so nice if my ship and the universe looked real. And my pilot wasn't a fox. Do a barrel roll!

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I'm not excited for Titanfall, I keep trying to be but I think my gaming preferences have changed over the last couple years. No single player actually bothers me now. I use to just jump online and never play campaigns but I think I have online multiplayer fatigue from all the shooters every year.

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New consoles can bring some fresh takes on current IP's. especially from a team like ND. I don't mind another uncharted on ps4 since we know ND has two teams now and something else is in the works. I hope it's a new ip first and then UC4.

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They have to do an uncharted for ps4 simply because fans want it. Sony is good like that. Naughty dog has two teams now so we will still see another game along side uncharted 4. Even though I personally would like a new IP for a new console I can't help but be excited to see what uncharted will be like on PS4. Either way a great game is coming with more great games in the future from Sony/ND.

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Ya IGN had one that was just a shell running on batteries for the light bar. Just gives them something to hold and show to fans. Very cool of Sony to do that. We now know exactly what were getting as far as size and ports.

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