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Sony seems to be keeping some huge games undercover. Maybe for a huge e3? But some game play for the order, uncharted, Sony santimonica game and yes the last guardian would be so nice right now.

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I love GTA5... A lot, but the last of us was GOTY in my opinion. With out a doubt. I also agree that titan fall was a weak choice for most anticipated considering what else is coming in 2014 and that titan fall is an online multiplayer only game.

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What a waste of time. One real surprise maybe two. Three hours long.

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Tried PS3, PS4 and vita..... Many times. Nothing works.

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Why is the ps plus price not changing ?

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My console is acting up too. This sucks. Had red ring on the 360 launch and now this. Disappointing. Not to be a dick but thank god I have a ps4 and Zelda on 3ds to play.

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Watch dogs!

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All the games are free if you own them on ps3 or vita.

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Canada is where the best games are made and now finally where the best deals are found.

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What about the 64 cards? When are those coming out? Japan has them already. That's what I've been waiting for before I buy another 32 card.

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2 great ps4 games and still getting drive club. Plus knack in the future no doubt. Sounds good to me.

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Beyond a 5? That's just wrong. It's not a game as much as an experience. Not for everyone no doubt but it deserves more from the gaming community. Every game can't be an fps or third person adventure.

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I'm still super pumped. After killzone on vita I'm really looking forward to what's next with the franchise. I think this game will be its break though. Black flag and BF4 are awesome as well. Plus nothing better then knowing more games are just around the corner. Also lots to play on PSN. I think it will be the best " first six months" in history as far as console launches go.

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Lost my level 30 with cars, weapons, property and all.... Fix this shit rockstar. Fuck. Why can't I just save on my console.

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Sony hook us up with vita TV then we can have ps4 on every TV for the win.

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Played single player all day trying to get 100%. It saves your progress no problem but the rockstar social network isn't updating at all as you complete missions.

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Well with all the recent news it just makes me feel like I made the right decision this gen....PS4. Xbone has to prove it self and can only do that by playing the games yourself. Too much has been done and said. I don't trust in Microsoft the way I do in Sony right now.

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I doubt vita sales have anything to do with it. There are more iOS and android devices out there then all consoles and handhelds combined. They are doing it for the money. What a shame. I'd love this on my vita.... Hope they do an hd remake and include vita in their plans especially with the vita tv coming.

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They make things fast in china

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