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My bad lol. Glad it's been resolved.

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I downloaded it fine on PS4? Is this article fake? Or old.

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Another month goes to PS4, I'm looking forward to child of light, transistor and watch dogs. Wolfenstine might be a sleeper, well I hope it is anyway because summer is coming and there will be nothing to play. It's really going under the radar and nobody I know gives a shit about wolfenstine as a franchise but I'll never forget playing the first one that's for sure.

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Priest is for noobs and pussies. Such an unbalanced character.

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Ah ya that's who it was insomniac. I remeber now.

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Wasn't there first playstation game an fps called distruptor or something. Maybe they are making a PS4 game built off that? I doubt they ever go back to crash or jak unless it's a reimagining of jak and it's all mature and next gen awesomeness. I don't see them doing anything childish or cartoony again. They made two of the best games of last gen and they were mature with great game play and story telling. Going back to crash or jak would be a step backwards ...... They are wa...

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Needs a Vita port!

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Fez is awesome. I would buy fez 2. He can talk all the crap he wants as long as his game is great.

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I don't even care anymore about this topic. They can't all look like exclusives do. Perfect example is Metal Gear, I thought it would be the best looking ps4 game to date but infamous looks much better. These early multi platforms are getting shafted due to the need to create ps3/360 versions too. Once they go full next gen we will see the quality we are seeing from exclusives or next gen only engines and games.

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Minecraft is already out lmfao. Markus posted that he dropped out because facebook.

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I just hope Sony VR will be pc compatible. I can't help but worry knowing facebook is involved and their focus is not games that's for sure. It's obvious the world sees many applications for VR and I don't blame them because some really cool stuff can be done with the technology but I want it for games. Sony is all about gamers so I really hope Sony VR comes to pc and star citizen.

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Man this is a first gen game. People need to enjoy it. It's great. The second one will be way better due to time and getting the hang of a new system. Same thing happened with uncharted. The first one was their first game on ps3 and they nailed the second one. Same with resistance. I loved the first one but there was so many haters. It was a launch game. Infamous was supposed to be a launch game don't forget. It just had a delay. Why pick it at.

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Sony isn't stupid. They are selling consoles and know they need games. Just because a couple get cancelled isn't any reason to worry. They just probably want to focus on the big picture. Putting out solid games on a regular bases. Cut the fat. Get rid of the projects that are not working out and refocus the team or what's left of them on the ones that are looking great. Plus they need to get games out ASAP. I don't blame them for shifting focus on the games that can be release...

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I have a xbone ps4 and pc. I passed on Titanfall. Southpark, infamous and hearthstone have my time this month.

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Infamous!'!! Finally. MGS too. Still playing South Park thanks to Hearthstone. Never thought I'd get into a card game but damn it's addictive and free.

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Going next gen would be a start. Allow for some new ideas that wasn't possible before.

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Ya I'm in the same boat paid for live for years. Never again. I've got so much money back in discounts and free games on ps plus that I don't even see it as paying a fee. It's really like a special club. Plus I actually really like and played the free games as they are never old and usually nice pics such as games you wanted to play but passed on. I don't like that they keep giving away high profile games like tomb raider or bio shock infinite now because I've actually...

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Did the same. I got plus for $30 no tax so I am good until 2018

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The division is next gen only so it won't be the same kinda fuct up this is.

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I agree it doesn't look bad by any means. On PS4 anyway. But I do agree in that delay they must have figured the game would just run better if they turned the graphics down. They delayed it like a month before release. They must have had frame rate issues or something because a delay that late in the game and the fact that they couldn't change anything at this point without major delays leads to the obvious. Less characters on screen. Removing effects. Basically playing with the engin...

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