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Can't wait for this game.

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Great list!

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Ya I've been on all week?

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Sony spent some serious cash on this event. Why go to all this trouble without dropping some big news. We are going to get some surprises, I Believe.

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I get audio glitches a lot. Plus some freezing and missing dialog wheel during cut scenes. I definitely have very little chatter from npc so I'm thinking I have this issue. Kinda sucks but I was hoping a patch would fix it soon. Great game.

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Ya Rockstar dosent fack around. So awesome that they actually gave us something to look forward to even though we played the game already. FPS mode, new cars, better graphics and more npc/cars plus whatever other surprises and updates. Made me hyped for a game I've already played and not even that long ago. Smart. Going with the ps4 version even tho I have an xone too. Only because I don't have live cause I'd rather pay for ps plus due to all the free games.

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Far cry 1 was made by Crytek and at the time it was graphically amazing. First game with amazing outdoor graphics and water, trees and so on were amazing. It was also open world and a PC exclusive. Put Crytek on the map and was a great game. It's older now and not worth playing.

Then they sold the IP to ubisoft who made far cry 2 which was great but just had something that held it back from being amazing. Probably the pacing and stupid pills you needed to take for malari...

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Are any of these games actually good? lol. Must be all PC games.

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Ya I'm thinking Titan Fall 2 PS4 now that I think about it.

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Oh snap maybe it's......... Titan Fall 2 for PS4

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Last Guardian would be nice but it's probably a third party game that was an Xbox exclusive or a new game by Epic Games for playstation. Something from rockstar would be awesome just because their games are always amazing and any news is good news.

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It's only $99 why are people complaining lol.

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I just watched the drive club launch trailer and it looks like it's really come a long way. I'm not sure if it's just me but I think drive club looks a lot better in comparison. Same can probably be said about forza if your an x1 owner.

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I think there is a translation issue here. Something's are meant to be taken different ways in other languages and it doesn't translate well. This I think is one of them.

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Oh nice your lucky. Great value. See these re releases make sense but people complain a lot. My friend never played the last of us and picked it up on PS4 and he is just speechless. I grabbed both metro games during a steam sale and haven't played them for more then a couple hours each but they were good games.

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Who would disagree with these comments lmfao.

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I'm down. About time someone did this.

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SAO is two games in one!

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Man SAO came out of nowhere with the psp game hd remastered bundled in with the new vita game. Im all over that. What a deal for $40.

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