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I'm down for 30fps and shadows on max then too. Only because this game has some amazing gameplay moments set in areas where the shadow details are almost part of the experience and add to the immersion. #1.6
Agreed. Found a site called postedbygamers.com but I can't get into the closed beta. Like how they straight up diss gamestop about trade ins. Selling my stuff there instead of trading it in when it launches. Then I'll just buy off there or a mom and pop place near me. #1.2.2
Deep Down is coming for sure. That's obviously going to happen. No way it doesn't. It's an exclusive and it's a big budget title that needs a North American release to make any real money. #1.1.3
Omg people complain about everything. Even free stuff. Between plus and now postedbygamers.com hitting beta I am never buying a $65-$70 dollar game again. Unless it's a major must play it day one game. #1.10
I was joking, 3 disagrees. You guys are lame. #9.1.1
Uncharted Pod Racing or Wipeout StarWars #9
Agreed, this game is going to be special and he is making the game he always wanted to play which is a great for us because they seem to have something genuinely exciting to play. NO MANs SKY + MORPHEOUS = Game Changer. #1.3
I agree not a bad trailer or screen shot yet from these guys. Can't wait for this game. We need another innovative game changer. I'd say this is the biggest one since Minecraft. #1.3
They had the new rift at E3, 1080p with a camera set up for tracking. It's a huge improvement over the older rift versions. The only thing I didn't like about Morpheus was that it felt loose due to the way it's worn and rift is just simple like goggles for snow boarding. Morpheus is my choice because of PS4 and the games but I hope they change the design. Will still get a Rift for pc but I hope Morpheus will work on pc so I dint need to buy 2. Need one for Star Citizen. #7.1
I played both at E3 and on the same game (EVE) for a perfect comparison.

I'd say Morpheus has design issues to work out, the head set needed to be messed around with before it was clear and even then I would have liked to adjust it more but they put it on you and do the adjustments. The Rift just worked perfect right away and it's funny because it's just so simple in design, like goggles for snow boarding. Morpheus was a little complicated with all the adjustment... #1.1.9
I could tell this would happen. At E3 the Sega rep said only a handful of people made it to the end of the demo and this was on day 3. I died in like 10 minutes but beat it the second time. People had a hard time with it. You have to hide and be very patient so I can see people getting frustrated. I came out of hiding because I was tired of waiting and died almost right away lol. He said there is only the one alien the whole game and you can't kill it. You get a flame thrower but it'... #1.5
Vita had a ton of games on the show floor at e3. This article is bull shit. #1.6
@realplaya..... I never said Sony dominated I just said Nintendo didn't. I don't think anyone dominated. But if you were actually at E3 then the Sony booth had the most games to play by far. I'm not saying they are the best just telling it like it is. I wasn't watching whatever was being broadcasted online because I was there so I'm just catching up now...on N4G. Where I usually do. Realplaya or realplaya hater/obvious Nintendo fan boy lol. E3 is about the games not trail... #15
K pm me and I'll send it when I unpack #19.1.1
Ya I know but E3 is north american so ya like I said they killed it at E3 and a lot of people in line at the booth were surprised WB had such a strong line up considering years ago they had nothing much at all compared to the big publishers. #12.1.1
No Mans Sky is a PS4 PC game. Check it out its pretty awesome. #13.1
There wasn't a single quick time event in the E3 demo. #6.6
I have extra PS NOW beta codes from E3 if anyone wants one. Its for PS4 only tho. #19
WB wins best surprise with 4 awesome demos at E3 in their booth! Had no idea they got the publishing deal for witcher.

Mortal Kombat X
Shadows of Mordor
Batman Arkham Knight
Witcher 3 #12
Deep Silver
Take Two
Square Enix
Activision #10
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