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You predicted a game that got released at the end of a month was not that month's number 1 selling game??? Wow... you must be psychic.

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But having old games lying around your house that you never play... well that's worth it...

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I love delusional apple fanboys :)

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Speaking of crybabies... How about Crosby? The C on his shirt stands for crybaby.

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Pirating is no worse than buying a used game... the dev will get $0 from it.

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Disagree all you want...

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What's with the car's shadow... that looked terrible, but other than that it looked great, can't wait til November.

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Meh... they both look like crap.

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I looked it up just now, there were talks, looks like I was wrong.

If apple would have gone CDMA in US and GSM in Europe everyone would just order their phones from Europe and use them on AT&T and other GSM carriers. Then everyone could use the iPhone... might have been best for them haha.

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I'm not from the US but as I understand Verizon is CDMA. Apple would have been really dumb if they released a CDMA only phone. That would mean that they could sell it only in North America and nowhere else. So I highly doubt that what you are saying is true.

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lol that card can run crysis maxed without a problem... what are some of those favorite games of yours?

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Yes so many games... can you count how many? I have both ATI and nVidia cards. They both have problems at times but nVidia definitely got the most fanboys and you are clearly one of them.

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dude there are countless beta keys available... here some links

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I remember racing lines in a formula one game I played around 98 on the ps1... so I guess forza stole it from them...

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I am not sure what you are seeing, but it says it needs a "custom install" which is a clean install.

It says it right underneath the chart.

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"Most modern games require quad cores"
What modern game requires a quad core? Hell, what game is designed for a quad core?

edit: oops supposed to be @3.1

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wow... They're really milking this one, huh...

Doesn't really matter to me though, this will be the first call of duty I am skipping. Not that the game itself is bad, but I need to take a break from FPS games.

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Yeah I was pretty worried about my konami ID the other day when I decided to play MGO again. But to my surprise I did not even see a log-in screen.

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Oh yeah... well Raiden cut off his own hand, then got his other hand crushed by a giant submarine, and still fraught with his sword in his mouth! Lets see what masterchief could do without his hands... lol :P

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