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You Sony fan boys are corney man.
You try to brag like you accomplished something haha.

Remember how POWERFULZZZ the ps3 was supposed to be?

Get a grip.

Yeah. Tlou looked good. Great. Took 8 year

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Man look at all those exclusives...

Sarcasm in case u didn't realize it

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Like gaikai ?

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It's comical that's the first place your mind went. Defend your beloved company.

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What's funny about that?

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Cough idiot cough

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Your. The worst out of all of them!

Your dellisional to the point of defending a COMPANY.

Get help man. Or get a different hobby

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That's what I'm hoping. I have 4 preorders looking for good homes. At a premium of course

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They act like children. And it's all over the Internet. It's borderline insane.

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that's scary when they say a game called mass effect is mass effect-y

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Playstation fanboys at their best. Lord knows they always start the dumbest sh*t

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Why did you need to throw that last part in?

Honest question.

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Honestly. What is wrong with you? Are you a 10 year old girl?

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Wasn't the ps3 supposed to be a powerhouse to? I remember playing all the multiplats on Xbox because they looked better.

Does anyone else realize we just keep hanging the same comments and same arguments on every single article for the past 8 years? It has accomplished NOTHING.

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Take off the tinfoil hat kid. It's a toy. It will be successful despite your hate.

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Is this a. Joke?

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I don't care what they look like I Just want the games

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Your really complaining about what it looks like?
That's rediculous

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Your still a joke.

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Your a joke dude.

Someone has hurt feelins over a toy huh :(

I don't even care your gonna report this Asa personal attack. I just want you to know how stupid you look ALL the time.

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