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"He left on his own accord? Says who?"

Um... says the man that left.

"I have in fact made the decision to leave Naughty Dog," Richmond told IGN. "I love the company and the people and know that they will continue to create awesome games going forward. On a happier note, after careful consideration and exploration I have joined Riot Games. There is some really innovative stuff going on here that I can't wait to... #13.1.3
I don't disagree with you, Sony has always brought its "A" game when it comes to games. I just think sites should wait to call it "the perfect console" (or anything else really) until the console has defined itself. #3.1.1
These console reviews are stupid. The systems don't reach critical mass for a few years so all they are reviewing is potential. The funny thing about potential is that it isn't always fulfilled. #3
I really think you're going to be very disappointed with the external HDD option when it comes. First of all there is NO WAY they are going to let you install games to them. It would just make it way too simple to load roms. Second, even if they did let you install games the transfer speed through the usb would be too slow to run the game properly. I can't see an external being allowed for anything other than game saves, movies, music and what not. #1.5.1
I really doubt that. Since about a week after the Wii U released I've been basically tripping over the things at stores. I don't wish ill on Nintendo but I've never seen such a weak demand for a newly launched console. I really do hope it improves because the system has potential and I do like Nintendo but I can't go along with saying it sold millions when evidence around me says otherwise #5.5.1
No, it means if you switch to a different account on your vita you will need to reformat the card or not be able to use any of the content on it. You'll be fine if you only have one account and you can have as many cards as you want on any account. This is just to keep people from swapping cards to share games. If you have more than one card but one account,no problem. If you have accounts in more than on region but only one card... that'll be a problem. #11.1
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it also asks for GAMERTAG not PSN ID and ask about achievements not trophies... looks pretty fake to me #1.2.1
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I really love it when people around here use that argument because it shows just how little they really know about how business works. Does Chevy make money on used cars? You bet your @$$ they do. They make money in the inherent cost of ownership and franchised dealerships. I can't just start making parts for a car and cut the original manufacturer out of the loop. I have to pay to use the designs to make parts for their cars. The majority of dealerships are franchise... #6.9
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this is crap. digitimes is wrong most of the time.
http://www.macnewsworld.com... #1.4.3
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@kingdoms Dude a lot of these comments aren't about fanboys going off the handle. Mark Rein said something that was beyond stupid and untrue. I've been gaming for decades and I've played the mass majority of note worthy releases and I got to tell ya, uncharted and MGS4 take the cake as far as cinematics go this gen. I'm not saying Gears is a bad game by any stretch (can't wait for 3) but to say it has the best cinematics is just laughable. #1.12.8
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You're right its not the same... but I'd bet every dime I have they called it quits because they know it's close and wanted to leave on their terms to save face. Anon members have been dropping like flies, one of their little buddies got caught, one group doxed them all, they have been getting DDOS attacked, and several blackhats have declared war on them. They had been talking of plans for next week so I doubt there is any truth to their story that this was planned. They abandone... #14.1.1
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I kinda laughed at the region free thing. Its cool and all but I doubt any hardcore gamer doesn't have DUAL ANALOG STICKS as the number one reason they'll be picking Vita. #11.1
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Really, dude? #25.1
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Dust 514 is a new one, but yes not much in the way of new games. I think they wanted to just let the Vita take the spotlight. I would expect to see more for the PS3 at TGS. #2.2.2
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Did they announce the price on this yet? If its under $30 I'll have to buy. #2
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Hmmm... this might be interesting, but from the description here it sounds pretty over complicated. Can't wait to get my hands on it to make a proper judgement. It just seems like its trying to do too much from all I've heard but we will see tomorrow. #8
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Yeah I was really surprised by that too. With the awesome specs, great line up, and equal price, I think Nintendo has a real fight on on their hands in the handheld market. This should keep both sides on their toes... so we all win! #7.1
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@xxLuckyStrike I wouldn't count chickens before they hatch with Nintendo. They refuse to use a loss leader strategy (not necessarily bad) so their new console could be very dated from day one. If it doesn't have very improved graphics over Ps3 360, a good online strategy, and a larger storage media than dvd, it could very easily be a swing and a miss. Nintendo has to make this console for the future and not today because if they don't they might as well pack it in and go home once... #8
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exactly gaden_malak. The multiplat pissing match is retarded. On the topic of of so many high end multiplats... all I can say is that I own both systems and if MS doesn't start making with the goods then the 360 will be on the way out of my home. If I can get all the same games and great exclusives on my PS3 then why even have a 360? I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not hoping that they don't bring anything. I really want MS to give me a reason to justify keeping it around... it... #8.2
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I agree, doing a multiplat is fine but a 360 exclusive wouldn't be a smart move. Just like it wouldn't be smart for bungie to do one for the PS3. They would have to remember to have some loyalty to the fans that made them the names they are today. #1.11.2
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