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more the merrier! #8.2.1
Stuttering?....LOL, ok bad joke! #5.1
LOL @ Pinch me I'm Streaming!. Nice ring to it! #2
To me biggest Difference is PC's have Mods and theoretically NO Limitations of any kind. #19.4.1
Most PC's are MS based...It'll look bad for Sony if ND made a game for Windows. ;) #19.2.1
I'm thinking Canceled...I hope I'm wrong but this game has been in Development a very long time. #21
That wasn't free. Many of us Lost time and vehicles, in game cash etc....They just paid us back. #10.1.1
That'll be awesome! #8.1.1
I'll buy it for the PS4, even though I already passed it on the PS3. The world will be more Filled and GTA Online will be better to. #3.3
Hope there are animals in GTA Online, and even Hunting contests etc. #2.3.6
Bloodborne exclusive for PS4, win's it for sony by itself...Just speaking truth here. #74
PS4 might see more than 16 players per server to!...hope so and hope there are Animals in online and no Vacant streets! #13.3
You can transfer only Online progress over to PS4, xbone and PC. #7.3
He said "Sony" not MS...but yeah Neither could get GTA as exclusive not even timed. #3.2.1
@ Oner

Actually some said It wouldn't but many said it would...there were even Articles that claimed it was in the source code and proved it. Also R* always brings their family jewels to other platforms...It's their biggest seller and they even said GTA online would be around for a very long why Limit GTA V and GTA Online to dated current generation?

You are not the only one predicting this. #1.4.5
I Just hope there is no Side effects. Like after having it on for a few hours you get Headaches or Dizzy. #4
@ DonDon

I don't think It'll split the market...The Headset will just be another addon for the PS4...maybe games will have an on off feature to use the Headset? if that happens then no way will this split the market. #1.4.2
I Agree, R* is getting greedy. #2.1.1
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I Don't mind the Driving mechanics but All of the other Issues to many to even name. #2.2
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Even a PC Release can't save GTA Online. #2
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