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Never really got into Borderlands 1. Maybe I'll give it another go

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:\ I'm guessing you don't use YouTube much.

When a video gets a lot of views in a short amount of views, the views freeze as YouTube checks if the views are legitimate. This freezing occurs at around 300 views, and won't display the correct views for probably a day or so.

But likes, dislikes and favourites all update, giving that.

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Completely wrong about BG&E. It was planned as part one of a trilogy. It only never got a sequel due to poor sales

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Demetre you f*cking dumbass. The title of the video is OFFICIAL GTAV RELEASE DATE, but it's not official...

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You're the one that's crying over the fact that somebody said something bad about your site. Suck it up and move on like an adult, don't sulk and make worthless attacking comments - on your own submission at that.

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Nice logic.

Apart from the fact that, having ejected the disk, you'll need to get up to change it.

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You sir, are f*cking retarded. Arma II needs a LOT more processing power than current consoles would give.

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My god, it's like they're trying to make online as crap as possible? Not learnt from last gen at all.

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He's not saying WaW let him down, he's saying since WaW inclusive.


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Good god. I assumed this would be something partially plausible, like consoles getting maxed out.

But no! It's pointless drivel about smartphone gaming and Onlive again.

Bitch please, nobody that actually games is going to give up their consoles for that. Waste of time article, come back when you know anything about gaming.

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Not gonna lie. 4 hours for a modem retail game is appaling.

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You're going back to disk games AGAIN. Believe it or not, a lot of disk games have installs to speed them up too.

Well, regardless of your view on this, I still hold that 8GB is NOT enough memory to be adequate, and we should not have to have external HDD just to store any decent amount of stuff.

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Then why the flying f*ck did they not show that!?

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Well, from the small amount we've seen, I wouldn't say worse, but it isn't better that's for sure.

I need to see the game in motion to really decide, but so far it's just a straight port with a retardedly shiny suit

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You say the exact same thing every comment - do you have nothing better to do?

And why are you spouting off about 'Oh, but but but but.. Nintendo says the WiiU is more powerful than the *Wii*'

It better f*cking well be! Nobody's going to pay money to downgrade their console.

Face it, nothing shown so far about the WiiU is impressive - no need to keep defending it.

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Completely ignoring the fact the article, and my comment, was about digital download games.

Good luck playing those off a disk

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Wow, milking it for all it's worth. Well, good on them, but you hit the nail on the head when you said it doesn't deserve it.

Hardly any need for console Angry Birds.

In my honest opinion it's not even a very good game!

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Some impressive stuff shown

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Don't justify it with the external hard drives excuse. Running games off a USB hard drive is going to be much more sluggish than running off internal memory.

I'll be waiting for a later model with a decent amount of storage.

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