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Narrowing the gap world wide isn't the same as getting your ass handed to you in the most important market.

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The problem is there is no such thing as a games journalist.

Most of these people have never taken any type of journalism class. I'm wrapping up my BA in journalism now and there is a lot of stuff that you learn in actual study and practice (working in a newsroom really gives you an idea) that is obviously lacking in most coverage.

People have it backwards. I see myself as a journalist first, my beat is games. That's what I wanted to do so I went to ...

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That list is crap, most of those are playstation games and that's just not right. I'm not the biggest PS fan but that's not fair no matter what console you prefer.

Cybermorph isn't on the list, that's all you need to know about the valiidity of this article, nuff said.

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No it won't. The people who think it will highlight the gross misunderstanding of todays market. Sony is in a vastly different situation than they were before. I'm not saying that they'll kill it off outright, but don't expect to relive the past. Things have changed.

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This entire two page thread is filled with nothing but Sony fanboys. The vast majority of the comments are bad IGN jokes and repeated comments aimed at throwing red meat at the peanut gallerie. Your biases couldn't be more obvious.

You offer no constructive comments, just hate and disrespect others opinions. Most of you aren't fit to call yourselves gamers and are an insult to the lifestyle.

I purchased almost every PS3 exclusive this year and having ...

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Damage control much?

Stop with the bullshit "ps3 can do more" crap, it's old. Face it, the 360 can hang with the PS3 any day of the week and they did it with DVD9 game that's multi-plat.

Sucks to be a card carrying SDF clown right about now.

psn:BookofJob for you haters out there.

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Bubbs for you hoops, you know it's true.

I love my PS3 exclusives but I picked this up on 360 and I've got to say it is the best looking console game out. I never again want to hear some fanboy tell me that the 360 "can't hang" with the PS3. On top of that it's a multi-plat.

A certain group of people just got owned by Crytek.

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The mighty Euro trash once again proclaiming their greatness.

It's not our taste that is off, it's just that we're allergic to overrated bullshit. No worries tho. I'm sure Sony will release another $500 console and claim it's made by God as well.

Third place sucks doesn't it. So much for "working an extra job" to get one.

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I think some of you get high...a lot.

Crysis 2 on consoles and pc looks better than KZ3, and yes I have the game (psn: BookofJob)KZ3 looks amazing but Crysis2 looks that much better.

Haters gonna hate (i.e., SDF)

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Can you imagine if that had been somebody who worked primarily on the 360, pc or wii?

Heavy Rain is good but don't push it dude.

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Cocaine is a powerful drug.

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Yes, yes we know. No games blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile you have "20 exclusives" that may or may not be good. You have 20 exclusives of which most people will purchase two or three. You have 20 exclusives that still have you at a massive loss in mind share. From first to third.

Because you know, all those AWESOME (awesome meaning WAY overrated) exclusives have you in first place around the world in the minds of gamers and sales. PS3 fanboys are amazingly delusiona...

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Since the PS3 came out.

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No you're right. As usual, N4G's PS3 phuktards are on the prowl. What else is new.

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You're joking right?

Halo's story and universe are WAY deeper than that of KZ. And yes, I've read the whole backstory for KZ online. I enjoy KZ3 as I did KZ2 but KZ3 is not as good as any of the Halo games. The only real thing it has going for it are the graphics.

Even if you don't read the Halo novels (which are excellent I might add) the story told within the games is just better. The characters are memorable and you care about what it i...

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That has a picture of Obama isn't anyone I care to hear from. A picture of a man who's full of shite combined with shitty comments. Poetic isn't it?

How do you figure that? Because you can't imagine it doing core games? The move has it easy. It only has to do what the Wii does but better. Kinect isn't in the same boat. It will take some time for dev's to catch on but they will. Hell, knowing that 'Steel Battalion' is coming ...

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Would the sdf try and say that a game that has been pushed back for years because it was afraid...I mean "giving it their all" the the competition, is a good thing.

No, but a game that has been delayed as many times as GT5? Are you REALLY going to attempt to reason that thought out? Really?

Critical thinking should be a required class for the sdf.

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Is absolutely correct. I live in California. I don't know any Move owners. I don't see or hear any ads for it. All the stores (and I mean all of them) in my area either have full shelves or aren't selling it. These numbers are horrid and it proves that people don't want another Wii.

I love how some people (harris) always have some lame conspiracy excuse for Sony, no matter what the case is. VGChartz is only valid when it's favorable to Sony but when it&#...

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Like a naive child?

They are the enemy. You respect your enemy. You never underestimate your enemy. But you're not supposed to give a damn how they feel. It's called a war for a reason and obviously you don't get that. I'm all for having a choice to play as who you want but not being forced into it. I had the same problem with CoD.

History has proven time and time again how the nature of violence and conflict works. How you "feel"...

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Meaning he's actually funny or relevant now? It's nice on n4g where the sdf runs shit but in reality, no one is talking about him and those who are can't stand him or "STEP YA GAME UP!" ass hat Marcus. Sony's ads suck and it's kinda freaky watching Sony fanboys fall all over themselves over this dude.

Must be a Euro thing. Easily impressed and delusional...with exceptions.

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