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"Sony was doing this."

Sony is a cult and n4g is the church. You people are pathetic.

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Play what you want, who cares?

I had a ps3, traded it in a while ago and haven't looked back. Doesn't make me hate it though, I just find the 360 better. It's preferences people, not an actual war.

Grow up.

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It was said up above but PS3 fanboys WAY overhype their exclusives and under support them at retail. I sold my PS3 almost a year ago and haven't looked back. I only miss the blu-ray player.

I bought into the "PS3 is so awesome" line back when Killzone 2 came out. When I did have my PS3, I bought a ton of games (almost all exclusives) and outside of a few of them, they're overhyped. PSN is still tacked on and plus doesn't give you free games, it lets yo...

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They're talking about Tomb Raider, not Uncharted.

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The only company stupid enough to try that price point (again) would be Sony.

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Yeah because they should stick to doing things that don't work--that's why fanboys don't run anything, you're just cheerleaders.

And all the people complaining about games journalists; stop reading them then. You all comment on how you're not going to give any clicks--isn't that kind of stupid? Better yet, if you hate it so much, change it. All talk, no action.

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Here in Nor Cal, I haven't seen a Vita in public--no one cares what it is, no one is buying them. I think I've seen one commercial but mostly it's dead over here. You can release CoD or whaterever else you want but it's not going to happen.

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Speak up for yourself.

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Microsoft has exclusives, people don't like to include them because they introduce caveats to validate their point.

XBLA and Kinect exclusives count, as well as 360 games that make it to PC. Why shouldn't they? Can I play it on my PS3? No? than it's an exclusive.

Furthermore, having a bunch of exclusives doesn't make them good. Sony is just like MS in that regard: they have about four, core franchises that are their heavy hitters. MS just cho...

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I'm tracking with you, this is a very big deal, especially with the glasses. But this is N4G so the most you'll get are militant Sony trolls.

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You're laughing because he's a Sony artist but if that's the case shouldn't he be representing their popular motion...oh that's right.

OT: All of you missed what Edonus said: "You must not know anything about marketing at all.

You are probably thinking, Usher that sing and dancing guy dancing in a room full of gaming journalist early in the morning to a damn kinect game...or something like that.

The reality is Usher...

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The document has been pulled:

"This content was removed at the request of Covington & Burling LLP"

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I thank you for saying that, it's the truth. I would expound upon your points further but it would be a waste of time.

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It's not lack of exclusives or any of that other nonsense. I had plenty to play on my 360 this year and for me, those games were better.

I think it's incredibly lame to say that it's because there are less games to choose from on the 360. That just isn't true. They have less first party exclusives, true but that doesn't mean they have less games. With better online, better multiplat, and imo first party games that are more fun. I loved UC 1 and 2 but as a ...

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I know right.

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It's amazing how many of you just parrot eachother, each one missing the point. You sound like a bunch of Twilight fans.

Uncharted 1 and 2 in particular I found to be gaming masterpieces. I didn't like 3 at all. Gears 3 too me, was a much better game. Epic got screwed at the VGA's. A game that released broken gets GOTY and UC3 gets picked but Gears didn't.

I don't see how anyone is going nuts over the Last of Us. The only thing it has goi...

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Are you deliberately ignoring the fact that Sony started this generation off running their mouths? Their hubris, pride and ego didn't go unnoticed and they paid for it.

To sit here and say that Microsoft has been the one doing it and not Sony is a lie.

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You know what gaga, I'm really sick if you anti-American, European PS3 elitisit douchebags. You can always count on some jackass with an obscure anime avatar to come out with the "americans think they are the world" crap.

It's funny how as an American I've never thought that way about another country. But on N4G it's open season on Americans and it's played out. Look at world history first and then talk. Some of the same crap that's always be...

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I'm surprised UC3 is 4th.

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So what you're saying is that it takes the rest of the world combined to match America in the gaming world?

Now that you've made that clear I can care even less what someone in Europe thinks about NPD numbers. It's funny how it's people like you who complain about this every freaking month, yet no one here in the states seems to care.


You're exactly right. That's what it boils down to. ...

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