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Can you provide links showing that xbl is hacked all the time? That's news to me if true.

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This is a very good read.

Is that really called for? Age not shoe size.

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Pidgeon’s feelings are echoed by Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, who also mentioned that, “a cut to this price range would almost certainly prompt a response from Microsoft, and if both of them are significantly cheaper than the Wii U, they will impact sales.”

So all you Pachter haters, do you still believe this theory?

OT: If true, it might make a difference in some parts of Europe, but not in America. Not to mention Microsoft would counter.

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I would have to say that the very use of the word "job" is something where a wage is made, i.e., money. If this is the metric we are using then not only are they winning, but they're doing it better than their competition.

Secondly, all of those exclusives haven't added up to much. They are great in your opinon-and millions of others like you-and then there are those of us-like me-who find the majority of this much vaunted library of exclusives to be mediocr...

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For crying out loud, take a journalism class.

Is this supposed to be a hard news piece or an opinion piece, because it's loaded with suggestive language and the autor's opinions. Let the man's words speak for itself. If it's as blatant as you think that it is; it will show.

Either that or you think your audience is too ignorant to be able to tell.

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Congratulations man, that is a good thing. Turning your life around and doing what you need to do. A step in the positive direction is just that, positive.

Once again, congrats.

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What's a Vita?

OT: That shit is dead in the states and it's not coming back. I give it 6 more months and that's a wrap.

Nave you seen the NPD's this month? It's brutal, they're combining PSV/PSP sales so it won't look so bad and the PS3 isn't even mentioned. Get in where you fit in but at least over here, no one cares.

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You post is 100% spot on. Most of the people here now are too young to rememer all that and the biggest single factor is not having the net around so people could complain like they do today about the 360.

It was one of the reasons I waited a couple of years to pick up a PS3 (when I had one, sold it long ago) in the first place. I remember saving forever to get the PS1 and having it break on me-having to turn it upside down to play; it was a freaking n...

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Not only do most of you not know how the markets work (dante112) but then you have commments like these.

This site is hilarious.

@Forza is king/Dcbronco, exactly! bubbs for you both.

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There's a difference betweein "keepin it real" and being cooth. You can say whatever you want-it's how you say it that counts. He's too foul for me, pass.

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If you read the article, you'll see they are very serious about this:

"Key to that ambition, the filmmakers said, was using computer effects as little as possible. All the “Halo” hardware — from Master Chief’s armor to the “MA5” gun, Warthog vehicle, and Pelican drop ship — was made with real materials.

“Our hope is that nobody will look at a frame of this and go, ‘Oh, that’s a green screen,’” said producer Josh Feldman. “We built a disproportionate ...

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Yeah they are.

I don't understand hating something so much that you have to troll everything about it, it's kinda sad really. Just have fun playing what you like.

OT: I didn't care for Blops 1 but I really like MW3. This trailer changed my mind about a purchase. Congrats Activision, you're getting my money. Halo is still "my game," and I can't wait for H4 but this is going right along with it in my collection.

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You're absolutely right.

Many of the people here have no cooth, let alone intelligence, just mindless hate and drivel. They don't understand his job at all-they just worship plastic.

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I won't be getting a PS4 until a few years after release, if at all.

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I think it boils down to two things: where you live in the world and your gaming tastes.

Here in the U.S., XBL is fully featured, there are lot of things that we have access to that Europeans and other countries don't have. Sometimes it takes a long time (if ever) for those features to reach other places. So if I lived in Europe or Asia for example, of course I'm not going to think XBL is better.

I won't sit here and pretend that I know exactly w...

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What will they say?

They'll say that it's a better service that isn't tacked on and is well integrated. Just because it's free doesn't mean it's good. You can get Aids for free, does that make it good?

XBL pisses on PSN, plain and simple. It's a more reliable service that's actually part of the consoles experience. Sony can't charge for PSN because it's crap, that's why they have plus for you fools that think you&...

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Really dude? "morally sound support?" Get real. Great games that don't sell=people with families that don't have jobs. Microsoft provided them with an avenue to keep making money to feed themeselves, that's morally correct.

What a pretentious, unrealistic and stupid thing to say. The world is more than a f-ing videogame.

@parralax-You sure are a drama queen, whatever. MS paid a boat load of money to buy them; ...

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I live in California and I have yet to see a Vita in the wild. It's not dead, it never existed.

And all the CoD haters now thing it's going to do huge numbers and push hardware?

Not so much.

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A republican and a conservative are NOT the same thing. Take a poli sci class and actually learn something before spouting off, it makes you look stupid.

N4G is full of America hating Europeans, just ignore them.

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Because blu-ray made Resistance 1-3 and Killzone 1-3 sooo awesome. And all those limited pc games on dvd...

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