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You pretty much summed it up with your responses. They don't want to hear about overhyped games and ip's that don't get supported by their own supporters.

I sold my PS3 about a year ago now and haven't looked back. It was fun while it lasted but I ultimately ended up with a blu-ray player with overhyped games.

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“We’re having a more difficult time than we had anticipated in terms of getting support from third-party publishers, but that’s our job,” Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida told PlayStation: The Official Magazine in a recent interview.

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At that price, I'm not paying for potential. Call me when potential turns into a reality.

Of course this is just a general statement because I'm not buying one anyway.

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What if it's a coup?

The popular assumption seems to be that it's a PS announcement, what if it isn't?

What if Microsoft plans to steal whatever thunder Sony was planning or, if it's Nintendo with some amaznig Wii U news? It did say publisher so I'm thinkng maybe it's Bungies new game or something equally as suprising.

Then again, it's probably all hype-kind of like the Uncharted 3 news.

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That is a smart strategy. Take out backwards compatability, re-release as HD collection.

Play beyond, lol.

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He's right.

Their comments (both him and Kim) will be blasted on sites like N4G as you can see. No discussion really about what was said just Jar-Jar jokes and justifications that are irrelevant to the point. Not to mention The Last of Us was mentioned and you can't say anytying bad about that, especially on N4G.

The Star Wars 1313 trailer was far more interesting and impressive than all the examples they talked about imo. I have my eye on that but I ...

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It's amazing the hoops that people will jump thru to try and make a point.

How anyone can sit there with a straight face and say this isn't a blatant rip off is beyond me. Do I care? No, because I wasn't going to buy it anyway and I bet most of you won't either. We see it time and time again-you'll talk about buying the games and then you don't back them up.

Bringing up DOOM or someother game/genre and then saying "are other FPS&...

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Plus is cool if you have a PS3 and not that many games. I had a three month deal back when it first started but I sold my PS3 well before they added this new incentive.

Most of the games they offer for renting (I refuse to call them free because they're not) are games I had already purchased-some of which I liked, others not so much-but if you haven't played them it's a good deal. I just prefer my 360 and XBL so I really don't think about it that much. If I de...

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I guess people don't care about violating NDA agreements. You're not supposed to be writing/blogging/reporting on the beta if you're in it. Rules are rules and it doesn't matter that others may have done it, you signed the NDA.

I can't stand it when people do that kind of stuff.

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Like almost every hyperbolic favorite of the internet, hate is an overused word that seriously has lost its meaning when you're applying it to a freaking video game. Hating an inanimate object is stupid.

The intense dislike comes from "gamers" that call other people sheeple, stupid, ignorant...all because they think they are wasting their money on a game they don't like. It has become the calling card of todays gamer: be as negative, condescending and entitl...

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I don't know why anyone is surprised by this.

The American market is the most important market for gaming. Sony lost that the moment the 360 was launched. Nintendo has sold more than both, but, out of the main two "HD consoles," ie., the real heavy hitters, Sony lost big time. Market share and mindshare mean something in reality.

Their market share has been sucked up by Microsoft: a company they dismmissed and didn't take seriously, and now ...

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That is one of the best comments I've read on the internet. Bravo (especially about the beer and pizza.)

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Rare as it used to be, was "dead" well before Microsoft bought them. All (if not most) of the staff that created the Rare of old, left long ago and are doing other things. I personally think Rare is fine, they're just filling a different role now.

What they have done with avatars and the like are a key part of the Xbox brand. And the games they have done I enjoyed, Viva Pinata comes to mind, but, to each his own.

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Announce games years ahead of time so you can brag about exclusives, then, don't release them.

Playstation. It only does b.s.

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I can't read it because the link is broken but I don't want this to happen. If I wanted the Sony gaming experience, I would buy another PS3.

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Yeah, I'll pass. I play games to be entertained, not to deal with complex life issues-that's what reality is for. Heavy Rain was cool, but, it's not much of a game in the traditional sense.

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I love the Pachter haters who appear in any thread with his name in it, just to spit out the same talking points they say in every other Pachter thread. I liken in to the "list guy" and "caveat" guy...

Most of you don't don't have a freaking clue what an analyst does and you'll never have his money. That's what makes it so funny.

But hey, you have the same lame jokes you've been telling all this time so go for it. This ...

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I don't think it's for the new console. Normally they'd do something like this 3 months or so out from a launch. I'm thinking it's their new Surface pc/laptop/tablet that they showed a few months ago.

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People have been breaking the NDA since it started, gaf is on fire.

OT: I'm loving it so far. IE is amazingly good. Very fast, intuitive and it looks fantastic. Just as good/easy to use as it is on a laptop or pc or phone. And the pin option is great. Kudos to MS.

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