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Don't bite the hand that feeds you. It's as simple as that. It has nothing to do with respect--many of these so called "fans" don't even respect themselves. #7
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I remember the day that SEGA announced they were going third party. It sucked.

I can't wait for the day that Sony makes the same announcement. They deserve it. #34
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No they don't "kill" everywhere else. Japan yes, but that's like here in the states where Sony is getting their ass kicked. #9.1
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They have the best games in your opinion. I find Sony's games to be overrated-and by a lot. That's why I sold mine.

Secondly, Sony rose to the top on the backs of third party. Now third party doesn't count? Fail. Either that or you're too young to remember when Sony came into the industry and what that was like. A lot of the shit you Sony fantards harp on Sony was doing years ago. They have exclusives but most of them are average at best. Not only that but MS... #3.4.2
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Resistance 4 artist "disappointed" that his game sucks. There, fixed. #8
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Based off of what we've seen, no I don't agree. I don't find anything frightening from what they've shown or talked about. The only thing I think of is, "Why is Nathan Drake in this game?" #5
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And for me, it has been $600 well spent. I’ve been on XBL since it was in beta, I’ve seen the service grow and change. I don’t see it as paying to play online-I only hear fan boys make that argument.

The fact is it’s the quality of the service that I am paying for. I never have problems, it’s smooth and very well integrated. It doesn’t feel or function like a free, tacked on afterthought. This was designed from the beginning to function the way i... #1.1.17
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I loved Killzone on the PS2, it was a major accomplishment for them to pull that off with what they had.

Sony has really been stepping it up in terms of value for your dollar. I think I might have to buy another PS3. I’m not really a Sony fan, I much prefer my 360, but these are good deals. Play station + with some good games to rent (no, you don’t own them) and now these collections? I’m down. #29
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They're not fans, they're angry nerds. Ignore them, especially if they have some obscure anime reference as an avatar.

The old Dante was annoying to me and I'm glad they're trying something different. Let the game speak for itself, screw the haters. #21
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I skipped the surely monumental Sony circle jerk of comments above me because this is N4G and I know what to expect.

OT: I'd have to agree with this articles title, "Sony is creating amazing value for Playstation gamers." That is absolutely true-for Playstation gamers.

No need to beat a deadhorse but I'm not a Sony gamer, I sold my PS3 about a year ago. I much prefer my 360, XBL and their 1st party games and 3rd party support, but even I rea... #18
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I love my career and my job. The trick is to be sucessful doing what makes you happy. #2.2.1
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Cool story bro.

Toy Story graphics. #1.2
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This article is horribly written, you guys will lap up anything.

"Once Sony's hugely beefed-up online security department had confirmed that those claims were false, Anonymous's churlish attempts at thunder-stealing merely added to the prevailing conviction that Sony was the most impressive player at Gamescom."

Lol, what? #6
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Yeah, I guess they should just close Rare, kind of like Sony did with Sony Liverpool.

OT: Rare is doing fine, I like their work on XBL and Kinect not to mention games like Kameo, Perfect Dark and Viva Piniata. Somebody had/has to do it and it has to be an internal developer. Rare was the best choice.

That doesn't mean they won't do other games in the future that aren't Kinect related. You're just hating because it's Microsoft. If it was Mo... #15
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Look at all the Sony fanboys crawling out of the toilet to comment on a 360 article, typical N4G bullshit.


What planet do you idiot drama queens come from? In a world where global economies are near total collapse, you fools keep talking about companies spending millions to make games that won't recoup the losses. You wonder why there aren't new consoles, yet you fail to see the obvious because you're either too young, naive or stupid.... #30
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"That's what happens when you make any game part 9."

Says the guy with a Mario avatar. #2.1
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Agreed. #2
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And out of all these games announced, how many are you actually going to purchase? What about that of the average PS3 owner? They are going to buy third party games in masse, just like they always have.

And some how, some way, a member here will figure out a way to blame Microsoft for poor or less than expected sales figures. And the hilarious thing about it is, Sony wouldn't exist in the gameing space without thrid party support. They didn't start off making hits on... #3.2.1
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Wonderbook is new content, you're comment doesn't make any sense at all.

You should've just said, new content for "hardcore gamers," who think they're the only ones that exist in the gaming ecosystem even though we're vastly outnumbered.

I understand your sentiment, believe me, I do. However, Wonderbook may not be for you but there are other gamers who would like to have it. Sales numbers aren't important to PS3 gamers remem... #4.1
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No, what's "pretty sad" is that the nearly bankrupt company has "more original games" that get out sold by third party ones-even the much hated CoD. That's what's sad.

This generation started with the 360 being loaded with games, Sony wasn't doing that. Now that Sony is releasing more games (re: exclusives) towards the end, now 360 "doesn't have games?" How does that work? We know, we know: kinect... #2.2.1
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