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What you said is not true. At least part of it anyway.

It loads far faster than before. Maybe it's slower for you for some reason, I can't despute that. But you're wrong on the serach options. Once you hit games and go to either arcade, on demand etc., they have a dedicated tab that says "A-Z." Don't know how you missed that.

OT: There are sooooo many hypocrites commmenting in here right now. You woulnd't and don't afford th...

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That's well and good Cupid but the bottom line is the gamer makes the ultimate decision to buy or not.

Back in the 80's as a young gamer we spread the news about games by word of mouth. Sure we had magazines, there was no internet as we know it, but they weren't cheap and it's always better to talk about gamges face to face with your friends. If you bought a stinker that was your fault. Personal responsibility. Sure reviews account for something but the way &q...

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Man I wish you people would get over Call of Duty...

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This is highly unprofessional. How does this type of stuff get approved?

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Sterling is right in his response. The guy questioning him is being rather sophomoric is his usage of hypocrite.

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They look the same.

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There's no such thing as a "games" journalist. You are a journalist that covers games, like it's your beat. I tell that to the guys on my feature writing team that cover games/entertainment that all the time. My issue is that many of these people have zero training in actual journalism. Some mass comm training would be nice but journalism requires trainging and loads of experience.

There is a huge difference between working in a newsroom with actual journali...

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Whatever. Let me know when the PS3 gets an FPS that looks as good, plays as good and that offers as much content. Vast open worlds with vehicles...keep dreaming.

OT: There's always room for improvement but Halo 4 looks amazing and I look forward to the series future.

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Because it's a PR stunt. Book a small venue knowing it's too small, make headlines.

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No, people complain about the ads because they are ignorant and in some cases stupid.

Almost everything you buy or pay for has ads. Do you pay for cable? Your phone, it doesn't have ads? When you pay for a movie, you don't see ads?

Furthermore most of the ads deal with gaming or entertainment. Most of the time I don't even notice them and it's not a big deal considering the quality of the service. PSN has some of the...

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I don't remember anyone saying GG said that, rather Sony and their more "vocal" fans. It's just like any other Sony exclusive; it got hyped to the sky.

Sony was fully aware how their game was being pegged and they let it ride because they needed to generate the hype. Halo was on everyone's mouth and Sony didn't have an answer. It's not like they had people were coming out of the wood work to refute the claims either. Can you provide links to prov...

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Yes, and Microsoft has been good at it with voice commands, gestures commands via kinect.

Not to mention the countless other uses for kinect outside of gaming that medical, engineering and students are using everyday.

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I have a couple of friends who own PS3's and the only game they've mentioned wanting that's an exclusive is FFV13, that's it. I'm not saying I want it to bomb, I don't care because I'm not buying it but I don't want them to fail.

That being said here in my part of California it's a non-issue. Sony with the PS3 (or the vita for that matter, I haven't even seen one of those outside a game store) has no where near the pull it did last gene...

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Get off it src. Microsoft should be proud. Sony forgot one of the most imorant rules of combat, never underestimate ones opponent and they went from dominant for two generations to struggling to stay in second. They've totally lost their hold on N.America.

You guys need some new material.

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It proves that everyone cheering this but has bashed Microsoft in the past for 360 exclusives on PC for example, is a hypocrite.

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Some of the people saying how awesome this is are the same ones who said that mobil gaming sucks and isn't really gaming. You said it would fail that real gamers don't play them.

These people also say 360 games that are playble anywhere else are not really exclusives, ie the PC. If true isn't this the same? You don't have to answer that because any answer given won't work.

lol,what a joke.

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I can't believe there are four pages on this article. You guys are soooo predictable.

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Worst console ever? (hardware wise)

You obviously are too young to remember the horrible issues the PS1 and PS2 had. The difference is there wasn't an internet and Sony made you pay.

Talk about inflated numbers, how many PS2's were purchased to replace broken ones? I know I had three of them and at least as many PS1's.

Many of you may have started gaming this generation but as far as hardware history goes, it's not even close....

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The general consensus is that Pres.Obama got his ass handed to him. The numbers that came back were brutal. "Style" meet substance. Getting rid of Tim Pawlenty(sp?) was the best thing he could've done. I can't wait to see Ryan smack VP Bidden around.

OT: I watched it on XBL and my connection dropped once. I like watching the debates via 360 because they're interactive.

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I had to struggle finishing UC3, I couldn't stand it--especially compared to 1 and 2. That was the last straw for me and the PS3. I finished UC3 and traded it in.

However the best part of the video is him mentioning N4G. Known around the internet gaming sites as a premiere bastion for Sony cult members, someone finally called the freaks out. He knew that the horde would jump on this and as usual, Sony fanboys rise to the occasion. Bravo.

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