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There was nothing wrong with the new DMC title. #10
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Be ashamed of yourself for not being man enough to be an American. It's open season on the US and nothing says pussy like a turncoat. #5.2
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I can only speak for myself but as an American I prefer the 360 for several reasons.

1) XBL is better than PSN (or whatever it’s called now) in every way. Paying $50’s once a year is pocket change here in California. Not only that but feature quality isn’t the same as feature parity.

2) The games are better imo. When I had my PS3 I supported it vehemently but truth be told their games are mostly sub-par when compared to others in the same genre. PS3 has a lo... #45
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-- Reported by the community --
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Spartans are remembered not because of where they're from but their legendary training practices. In this way they are both Spartans. If you read the books they follow a very similar training practice albeit with technology on their side. #2.1
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The white knight comments in support of this are going to be epic. #4
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Here's three more: Call of Duty. You guys say the same lame crap everytime. It's too predictable at this point.

The Vita is lame and it's not going to leave any signifcant mark. Just like the psps go.

And to you fools who say "Sony won't leave us!" get real. Sony has to save face that's why they would continue to support when no one else cares. #1.6.1
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He must not be that big of a fan if you don't know anything about the Didact. Greg Bear gets into it with Cryptum but the author is such a fan I shouldn't have to tell him that. #6
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Articles like this get approved over and over again because this site is run by fanatical European PS3 fan boys. Every single one of you crazy. If the shoe doesn’t fit then I’m not talking to you but for the rest of you it stands.

Far and away XBL is a better service than PSN or whatever the hell they’re calling it now. Saying “The Vita has chat…” doesn’t mean jack shit, especially since no one cares to buy one. I have yet to see anyone in public with one let alone talk about... #62
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Feature parity and feature quality are two completely different things. I give Sony credit for vastly improving their network but it’s not equal to XBL in performance at all, it’s not even close in my opinion.

PEN+ is a great buy if you don’t have those games and you’re new to PS3 but most of the what they have worth downloading I had already purchased. I’ve been PS3-less for a while now and don’t really miss anything but the blu-ray player. To each their own though.
... #42
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Wastedcells is a great name for you. #2.6.1
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I don't know any Sony fans that are PS3 owners that aren't screaming for the next console. I say more power too them. I won't be buying it but I want my fellow gamers to get their desired product. #6
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Edit: My apologies. I re-read what you stated and I was wrong. #13
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What a stupid, hyperbolic comment. Stop being a dramaqueen because that's not the point being made here. It's the quality of the writing, the actual review that is being questioned, not a pesons 'right' to like/not like Halo 4. #1.7.1
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Not Nintendo but reality.

If Sony want's to stay in business they'll wisen up. For all the talk of the PS3's technical prowess (and it is indeed impressive) we're not talking leaps and bounds by any means.

It will be powerful but not the campfire song epic console that the SDF wants it to be. #58
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Best comment in this entire thread. #5.1
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Here you go DUSK:

Destructoid - 10
Machinima - 10
MondoXbox - 10
Game Revolution - 10
NZGamer - 10
Gaming Age - A
Joystiq - 5/5 Stars
IGN - 9.8
Gaming Trend - 9.6
Polygon- 9.5
OXM - 9.5
Game Informer - 9.3
Canadian Online Gamers - 9.3
Gamespot - 9
Xbox 360 Achievements - 9
GameReactor Sweden - 9
GameReactor Denmark - 9
Halo Council - 9
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I'm so glad you said that MattS.

We hear the same claims from other gamers like Soldierone all the time and it's nothing new. Some of you just don't get it. The videogame industry isn't the altruistic world of fan obsessions. I love gaming too and want new IP's but companies have to make money so people that work for them can eat. Have fun in the real world. #5.1.1
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You would have a point if Sony wasn't billing the Vita as providing console gaming on the go. Furthermore you're acting upon the assumption that he didn't take those "factors" into consideration. Unless you have proof the contrary that's your best guess. #1.1.3
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"WHY.... was this approved? "

Because this site is run by fanatical fanboys. Raw meat gets hits and they fall for it everytime because they're stupid.

All the same broken record complaints you hear everytime something like this gets approved. CoD will be worked into the conversation as well as casual gamers. Things will ultimately end in a list of PS3 exclusives being posted. #37.1
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