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Toy Story graphics.

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This is the full quote:

"“I think the Sony team has executed exceptionally well – and they did not execute particularly well on PS3, whereas last time around Microsoft executed perfectly,” he told Edge in a recent interview. “This time, Microsoft has run into some challenges, some leadership changes, but they’re a very resilient organization, and if you look at their counter punches on any setbacks, they’ve done a pretty good job of getting back on track.”

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Look at the first few comments. Typical.

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I'm not surprised at all. This is typical behavior from the playstation crowd.

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How did this get approved?

Oh, wait, it's N4G.

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Four pages of angry European playstation fanboys.

Another day on N4G.

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Who cares. Fuck Sony.

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Good article with some great points. Unfortunately, it will be overlooked and dismissed here because it's a Sony fanboy haven.

Toy Story graphics people...don't believe the hype.

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As usual, the SDF sycophants are circle jerking eachother. It's like a religion for you.

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I thought it was a great trailer and the game looks like a lot of fun. Count me in.

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I didn't know N4G had so many software experts. This site is a fucking joke.

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This site is so predictable. The same old tired ass trolls in every article. A bunch of childish,European Sony fanboys run this site. If it was a PS4 article you'd all be circling jerking eachother like you always do.

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What he said is absolutely correct.

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That is a really ignorant comment. Don't be an ass.

OT: Sony can taunt all they want, I'm still spending my money on their competitor. I'll have an X1 next to my Wii U very soon. Maybe after they're done running their mouths and release something I'm interested in I'll pay attention.

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It's typical of SONY and their fans. They're petty and act like children so why expect the object of their affection to be any different.

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If you're 10.

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His point isn't moot because he never said that Microsoft didn't offer free consoles with a PC purchase. His point was that if MS is desperate, so is Sony. Way to miss the point.

OT: Consoles used to come with games, so I'm glad that they are doing this. Them saying it's a major title is very interesting though. I can't wait to find out what it is

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It reminds me of N4G.

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You've gotta love Sony hypocrites.

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